Posted by Brandon Gliem

Human Trafficking

Speakers -Erika Staab, Carri Ann Pollard and Suzanne Fox
Human Trafficking Presentation
Four main types of trafficking
  • Pimp controlled, Gang Controlled, Familial Trafficking (most common in Rice County), Buyer perpetuated
Risk Factors
  • 80% of kids were kicked out of their homes because of sexual identity issues
  • Immigration status, sexual abuse, domestic abuse, substance abuse are also all factors
Audience watched 3-minute video from survivors
Local story about a girl named “Ella”
  • Homeless and received housing assistance at Ruth’s house
  • Was in relationship with older guy
  • Male was super controlling and started to pimp her out to his friends
Incarceration and Criminal Statutes for Traffickers
  • Brandon Gliem discussed the criminal statutes for traffickers and the need for State law enforcement resources to address the problem
Never Look away from People's pain.

Types of Trafficking