Posted by David Sauer

Thanks Sue!

Susan Garwood, Executive Director Rice County Historical Society, highlighted the meeting with her classification speech.  She stressed the importance of family, showing several photographs of her immediate family, her son, and even her as a very young child.  She pointed out a picture of her on a tricycle with bare feet to stress she had an idyllic childhood.  She credits her parents for instilling in her a love of history, saying although her father worked in advertising, he was a historian at heart.  In fact, she showed several photos of her extended family and showed an illustration of her family tree.  
Sue attended Saint Cloud State University earning a degree in American Studies as well as later earning a Degree in Library and Information Science.  She started working at the Northfield Historical Society in 1988 and through a confluence of events became the Director of the office when she was 23 years old.  She later worked at Carleton College until 2003 when she was invited to apply for the Executive Director position for the Rice County Historical Society. Sue was hired and has been at the Rice County Historical Society ever since.  After being engaged in the study of Rice County history for 35 years, Sue said she knows that she does not know everything about Rice County, but she does know who to ask to get more information.
Sue said her hobbies and interests include a passion for early photography, all things related to New Zealand, Rugby, Sled dog racing, quilting, gingerbread houses, agates, and gardening in small doses.   Highlighting her passion for early photography, she has her own website - - devoted to early photography.  The Club enjoyed her presentation and gave her a warm round of applause.