Virtue Reading
  • Cheerfulness
  • Self-reflection time
Special Guests
  • Gordy Kosfeld from KDHL radio
    • Honored by Dr. Huston for service to the Faribault community
  • Greg Spit (spelling?)
Cash Raffle
  • Delay in printing for cash raffle tickets, should be available next week
Youth Exchange
  • Looking for a host family for 3-4 months for German exchange student
  • Jessica’s offer for a house was accepted!
  • Kurt spoke about haunted houses………
Community Events
  • Veterans memorial dedication Saturday May 7th at the court house memorial
  • The 17th annual international festival will be held in Central Park in July
    • Get there early so you don’t miss anything
  • CLUE will be at the Paradise theater this weekend….
  • Community Garden has been plowed by Dr. Huston and is being prepared in its new location just north of the waterpark at Alexander Park