Posted by Suzanne Rook
Wednesday, April 18, 2022
Secretary: Suzy Rook
Following the Pledge of Allegiance and Rotary’s Four-Way Test, Briana Maland read a selected virtue. Greg Ciesluk gave the invocation.
George Wickstrom made an addendum to his presentation from the prior week, listing a number of facts to support his belief that ethanol is “not a clean fuel.” It’s more costly to make ethanol, he said, uses a three gallons of water to produce one gallon of ethanol and provides fewer miles per gallon than regular gasoline.
Ethanol, he said, “is very bad for the economy.”
Laura Bock reminded Rotarians about several opportunities to support club projects, including Meals on Wheels from May 31-June 3 and Adopt-a-Highway May 21. She also polled members and determined there is enough support for a float in the Memorial and Heritage Day parades. More information to come. She also reminded the membership that if no one takes over the Rotary Readers program for next year that she and David Connelly will take it on.
Todd Sesker issued a reminder that six families are needed to host two international students for portions of the 2022-23 school year.
Brent Peroutka announced Paul Harris fellow: Roger Koopmans, who previously received the award, and Brenda DeMars, Amy Amundson and Rebekah Freed.
Chad Koepke announced a 12% increase in pull tabs sales in March. Since Rotary took on pull tabs in November 2021, it has had $873,000 in sales with a profit of $70,000 (an 8% profit margin).
Koepke also listed the proposed contributions the club would like to make:
• $10,000 for the Little Falcons program which provides scholarships so youth can participate in sports and extracurriculars.
• $7,000 for the Rotary Youth Scholarship program
• $800 for American Legion Safety Camp scholarships
• $500 for Faribault Parks & Recreation
• $300 to sponsor an Eid celebration
The motion was unanimously approved.