Posted by David Connelly
On a yet again cold Wednesday in April, Rotarians joined together at the Inn at Shattuck at roughly noon. In club announcements,
Dr. Murray Hanson announced the Annual Cash Raffle would be starting in two weeks on April 27th, and each Rotarian would be given a minimum of ten tickets to sell. As a club, we aimed to sell 1000 tickets.  

George Wickstrom read the Virtue of Faithfulness, and Pastor Ciesluk gave our Passover week prayer.

Fellowship was conducted by Jessica Amundson with the theme of "best spring break memories" to share.
Dr. Huston shared that the city council approved a new community garden location.
Sara Rojas updated the club on her going back to Help Me Grow.
Katy Anderegg updated the club on the wind damage at River Bend in this week's wind storms. Many trees are down and causing hazardous conditions for the trails. Volunteers are very welcome, and don't hesitate to contact Riverbend to help out.