Posted by Keaton Ginter
"Four Way Test" Essay
  • Is it the TRUTH?
  • Is it FAIR to all concerned?
  • Will it be BENEFICIAL to all concerned?
I play hockey and I am on the varsity team for Faribault and I'm a senior. I have been playing hockey since I was four years old and I love the game. I love going to watch hockey games from the Minnesota Wild to the Gophers to kids playing association hockey. Even though I love hockey and it is a important part of my life, I have been struggling lately and not having much fun. I don't get to play as much in games like I thought I would for my senior year and I'm on the last line for, our team. This has affected my confidence and how much I enjoy the games and my teammates.
I recently talked to my coach about this and he told me things would get better and he would be changing my line. We have played two times since then and nothing has really changed for me but more for other players around me. After reading the Four way test I have been trying to think about my feelings and this situation on my team using these questions. I think it is helping me look at things differently and not have such a negative mindset.
Is it the truth?
Sometimes it is hard to figure out what is the truth. I have been telling myself that I should be starting because I am a senior and because I am just as good as anyone else. have more experience and hockey knowledge that isn't being used. I have been feeling bad about myself for not starting and find myself having some negative thoughts that aren't the truth. I started to think that I wasn't good enough. That isn't the truth because I know I am good enough and I can play on any line and that doesn't change my value to the team. Our third line needs someone who can be a leader and score and pass and I am that player. I could do that on any line but maybe the younger players wouldn't be able to handle that kind of pressure of lifting up other players like I can.
Is it Fair to all concerned?
For me to feel like I have more value than anyone else is not fair to the others and all that they bring to the team. Hockey is not an individual sport and we all have a role to play. No one is more valuable than the other and if we win it is not because of me and if we lose it is also not because of me or anyone else.
Will it build Goodwill and better friendships?
When we are working hard together and bring out the best in each other then we build friendships and have fun and make memories. I try to build friendships with the guys by inviting them to do stuff outside of practice and that helps the team when we can be friends off the ice too.
Will it be beneficial to all concerned?
Not having fun or being down about playing time or what line I'm on isn't beneficial to anyone especially me. When someone is down, we all feel it and I don't want to be the one dragging others down. I want to do my best to help lift up others and you can only do that if you stay positive and work hard and be a leader for all concerned not just yourself.