Posted by Aniz Khalfan on Oct 27, 2018
New Members Priscilla Zhou  and Yin Zhao
In order to give the children a better education and to provide the family with a fairer and healthier social environment, Yin ZHAO and Priscilla ZHOU immigrated to Canada from China on 2008. Yin received the academic certificate (Financial EMBA and Real Estate EMBA) from a well-known Chinese University—Shanghai Fudan University. After moving to Vancouver in 2009, they quickly fell in love with this free and beautiful country and began to integrate into this new community. Mr. ZHAO gradually ended his business and dealt with the assets in China with the hope of establishing a new life and career in Canada.
They have 2 children, the big son is at University of Toronto and the little girl is Grade 3 in Collingwood School at West Vancouver. 
Whether in China or after coming to Canada, Mr. Zhao has actively encouraged the family to get involved in social activities. They actively participate in community volunteer activities. They participated in and organized many fund-raising activities at both the Vancouver Children`s hospital and the Richmond Hospital,  the Canadian Red Cross……. After joining the West Vancouver Rotary Club, they involved in club charity events and learn to organize charitable activities from old members. They organized a charity party at their own house. They invited many guests to let them to learn more about “Rotary International”, and raised donations for the Rotary Polio Plus. .
They are very grateful to the Rotary Club for having more opportunities to help the people in need. They also hope to infect more people with their enthusiasm to invest in charity.