District  Governor  John Anderson, Wife Claire, Assistant Governor Liz Kelly, Invited Guests, my Husband Karim, my Son Adam, Honorary Members and Members of our Club.
Thank you for being here tonight for this installation ceremony.
It is indeed a very great Honour for me to be standing here in front of you as the 64th president of the Rotary Club of West Vancouver.
I would like to start of by reminiscing about our club. 
About its incredible history, about its various community projects as well as it service projects worldwide
Our club was inaugurated in 1953..
In 1954 it got for for West Vancouver its very first ambulance. 
There was no one to man the ambulance.
Members of the club took it upon themselves to get first aid certification and they manned the ambulance.
I am sure you will agree that where we are today, in the lounge of Capilano Towers is indeed the finest achievement by our club.
This Towers is a seniors housing complex in the heart of West Vancouver that has 71 units.
It was our club that was instrumental in raising the funds to make this building possible
What an immense achievement, an achievement that it even more important today with the economic and housing situation at the present time
Let's take a brief moment to remember and honour the members that made this dream possible.
A dream that we could not even begin to dream of today
This service continues to the present day.
5 members of our club are on the board of Capilano Towers.
As we speak there are renovations happening in this buildinr and to this end I would particularly like to single out Dave Torrrence to thank him for his incredible service that is an inspiration to us all.
Let us continue then in this fine tradition.
My vision for our club in the upcoming year is 3 fold:
Reconnecting with the Community.
Membership and
Polio plus
Firstly I would like to continue with the work that was started by Past President Uschi in reconnecting with the community.
We will do so by increasing our presence in the community.
We will continue to  harnessing the power of social media including our website, facebook  twitter as well as add other social media as recommended by Rotary International.
We hope to increase our presence in the local newspapaer as well as the North Shore Magazine and to this end I will share with the board the process I have started toward this
We should also look at setting up booths at various places in the community including the west Vancouver library.
As we increase our presence in the community it will help us in increasing our membership.
We will do so in a way that continues to foster  the incredible fellowship we have in this club.
A fellowship that makes us come back week in and week out to our friends at capilano towers
To increase our presence and increase membership we should also look to having a Rotary Day that will also honor the centennial celebration of the Rotary Foundation
My 3rd vision for the upcoming year is the one that I would most like to focus on: polio plus 
Growing up in Africa and working in the medical field, this is very dear to me.
Rotarys goal is to eliminate polio worldwide.
Rotary started working toward this in 1988.
We were very fortunate to get the support of the gates foundation that helped increased awareness of this as well as contributing a huge amount if funding.
Ths year to date we have had 14 new Cases which have been in the 2 endemic countries of Pakistan and Afganistan
There may be complacency setting in with the feeling that not much can be done about this due to the political and social situation in these countries.
However the WHO has just relese it's landmark paper on this and has given a date of complete irradiation of polio in Pakistan by 2017 and worldwide by 2019.
This would be a tremendous achievement.
So far in the history of humanity we have eliminated only one virus and that is smallpox.
Similarly Rinderpest has been eliminated in the animal world.
What rotary started in 1988 to work toward is within our reach
As president Ravi said : Let us be a gift to the world.
With President Elect Green : Rotary for Humanity.
To complete this work however a huge sum of money is needed.Rotary needs some 2 billion dollars.
Let us in our small way work toward this

To this end I would like to dedicate my year to working with our club toward polio plus
I would like us to revisit our clubs goal for funds for polio plus, to consider increasing it and even surpassing it.
To start this of I would like to match dollar for dollar all contributions by our club to polio plus.
I will jump start this process by giving treasurer Riet a cheque towards it.
Last but not least I would like to Thank Past President Uschi for all she has done for our club during the  past year and especially Uschi  for galvanising our club toward what will be our biggest fundraiser for the upcoming year A Taste of India. 
Ushi I hope you will accept this small token of Thanks
I would also like to Thank the members of the Board for your ongoing support that so many of you have personally shared with me.
To this end Nels and Linda lets have a round of cheer
Members of the club and Invited guests I humbly accept the position of President of the Rotary Club of West Vancouver