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Our New Committee for Incoming Year 2022 to 2023
President Uschi Greiner
President Elect Ava Miller
Past President Troy Abromatis
Sargent at  Arms  David Torrance
Public Relations  Yoyoe Lu
Service Projects  Ravi Pasricha
Website Administration Dr Aniz Khalfan
Welcome to our newest and youngest Member Ava Miller!
Ava is a Licensed Residential & Commercial REALTOR ®, Business Broker, and M&A Advisor.
Born in beautiful Montrose, British Columbia, Ava attended the prestigious UBC Sauder School of Business where she received her Residential & Commercial Real Estate Licenses.
Ava has always had a creative and entrepreneurial spirit. Having developed an interest in marketing and advertising, Ava started her own event coordinating company and grew it to a staff of 65.
From food and hospitality, marketing, advertising, banking, law, finance, to real estate, Ava found various opportunities in these different industries in the last 20 years – which further gave her insight to various businesses.
After years as a Real Estate Agent for industry-leading firms in Vancouver, Ava developed a passion for business brokering and moved to Pacific M&A and Business Brokers where she is busy helping sellers and buyers achieve their goals.
Ava’s personal and professional experience have honed and fine tuned her interpersonal skills such that she has become skilled at “hearing behind the words.” This enables her to understand and anticipate the needs of her clients.
Her personal mandate is to go above and beyond thereby exceeding the expectations of those she works with. 
President Troy Abromaitis was installed at our Gala Installation Night on July 28th
Single handed he spearheaded a fundraiser that raised over $10,000 as he works towards other projects
This was for The Rotary Club of West Vancouver Lytton Fundraiser.
A GoFundMe,
 Donations help Rotary Club of West Vancouver reach their fundraising goal. 
Troys vision and strategic planning include building the club up to its glory days 
The days when the vision of building a Tower for accommodation that stands majestically today in the heart of West Vancouver providing housing to Seniors in the local Community
Picture here President Troy with Chief Janet Webster of Lytton First Nation
Capilano Towers in the heart of West Vancouver provides housing to Seniors in West Vancouver
Our Club supports this housing and is the pride and joy of what our club has achieved over the years
Past President David Torrance has worked tirelessly on the Board to make the multi million dollar renovation project materialize
David Torrance in one of the Senior Suites
the amazing views and rooms
Club Zoom Meeting 7pm Wednesday April 28th
Picture Pre Covid Pandemic
Agenda :
1) Interesting and inspiring presentation about a children’s Orphanage in Lesotho. Supported by the North Shore Rotary Clubs
2) Update on recent progress towards comprehensive upgrading of the Capilano Seniors Building
3) Ongoing process of the design and documentation by President David Torrance and Dieter Greiner
3) Polio plus Whip round
4) Fundraiser raffle 

In a special interview, PolioNews (PN) talk


President Knaack, thank you for taking the time to speak to us. A little more than a year into the global COVID-19 pandemic, what is your take on the current situation, also with a view of the global effort to eradicate polio?

HK: There are many interesting lessons we learned over the past 12 months. The first is the value of strong health systems, which perhaps in countries like mine – Germany – we have over the past decades taken for granted. But we have seen how important strong health systems are to a functional society, and how fragile that society is if those systems are at risk of collapse. In terms of PolioPlus, of course, the reality is that it is precisely children who live in areas with poor health systems who are most at risk of contracting diseases such as polio. So everything must be done to strengthen health systems systematically, everywhere, to help prevent any disease.

The second lesson is the value of scientific knowledge. COVID-19 is of course a new pathogen affecting the world, and there remain many unanswered questions. How does it really transmit? Who and where are the primary transmitters? How significant and widespread are asymptomatic (meaning undetected) infections and what role do they play in the pandemic? And most importantly, how best to protect our populations, with a minimum impact on everyday life? These are precisely the same questions that were posed about polio in the 1950s. People felt the same fear back then about polio, as we do now about COVID. Polio would indiscriminately hit communities, seemingly without rhyme or reason. Parents would send their children to school in the morning, and they would be stricken by polio later that same day. Lack of knowledge is what is so terrifying about the COVID-19 pandemic. It also means we are to a large degree unable to really target strategies in the most effective way. What polio has shown us is the true value of scientific knowledge. We know how polio transmits, where it is circulating, who is most at risk, and most importantly, we have the tools and the knowledge to protect our populations. This knowledge enables us to target our eradication strategies in the most effective manner, and the result is that the disease has been beaten back over the past few decades to just two endemic countries worldwide. Most recently, Africa was certified as free of all wild polioviruses, a tremendous achievement which could not have been possible without scientific knowledge guiding us. So while we grapple for answers with COVID, for polio eradication, we must now focus entirely on operational implementation. If we optimize implementation, success will follow.
Incoming Rotary International President Shekhar Mehta urged members to become more involved in service projects, saying that caring for and serving others is the best way to live because it changes not only other people’s lives, but also our own. Watch the theme address Mehta, a member of the Rotary Club of Calcutta-Mahanagar, West Bengal, India, revealed the 2021-22 presidential theme, Serve to Change Lives, to incoming district governors on 1 February during the Rotary International Assembly. The assembly, a yearly training event for district governors-elect, was originally set to take place in Orlando, Florida, USA, but was held virtually because of the COVID-19 pandemic. Mehta spoke about how participating in service projects through Rotary changed him as a person and made him empathize more with the needs of others. Soon after joining his club, he helped carry out projects that benefited rural communities in India. Some of the poor conditions he saw in those communities strengthened his commitment to service. “I truly understood the plight of my brethren,” he said. Mehta participated in initiatives that brought artificial limbs to children, clean water and sanitation to homes, and better health care facilities to communities. “Rotary kindled the spark within me to look beyond myself and embrace humanity,” he said. “Service became a way of life for me and I, like many others, adopted the guiding philosophy that ‘Service is the rent I pay for the space I occupy on this earth, and I want to be a good tenant of this earth.’”
Pictures from Pre Pandemic Times
One of our biggest fundraisers for the Rotary Club of  West Vancouver was held at the Beautiful home of Priscilla Zhau and Yin Zhao
We gathered together and were so very graciously hosted by Priscilla and Yin as our Rotary Family enjoyed the evening with our families and friends 
Our gracious host, hostess and family
Our pictures from that very memorable day!
Pictures from Pre Pandemic Times
Our Club is very proud of our Paul Harris Fellows
Some of our Recipients 
Priscilla Yin
Linda Hagenson
Uschi Griener 7 Paul Harris
David Torrance
Dieter Griener 5 Paul Harris
Don Chamberlin
Oscar Pinto
Glenn Southan
Today is Family Day Canada and our Rotary Family West Vancouver we give special thanks to Don Chamberlin.
Over the years Don has worked tirelessly toward the running of  our club 
Don is Manager at Capilano Towers the complex that our club supports for seniors with housing in the heart of West Vancouver
These have been incredibly challenging times with the pandemic ensuring the safety and well being of our community and Don has as always been central toward working toward this
Don is a Paul Harris Fellow!
Thank You Don from your Rotary Family
Pictures from Pre Pandemic Times 
In keeping with the times our Leadership Committee had a Zoom meeting to finalize our plan for the next half of the Rotary Year.
Among the discussion the 8 million dollar project for renovation of Capilano Tower with BC Hosing
Our club is proud to be working with this as we provide housing to Seniors in the heart of our community of West Vancouver
At the meeting President David Torrance, President Elect Tory Abromatis and Dr Aniz Khalfan 
Under the leadership of President David Torrance our club has continued with the ongoing support to  providing accomodation to seniors in West Vancouver at CAPILANO TOWERS 1475 Esquimalt Ave., West Vancouver
The Rotary Club of West Vancouver was instumentel in the building of this facility and it is with immense pride that we regard this  to be the jewel in our crown
Housing type: rental apartment for independent living
We hosted our District Governor Bala Naidoo and Assistant DG Ardath Paxton Mann who shared with us the New Vision for Rotary
Picture With President David Torrance
It was a night of the Best of so much!
As DG Bala said " it was a night where the highest number of Paul Harris awards he had given out at a club"
Amongst the recipients were Linda Hagenson,  Salvatoren,  Uschie and Dieter Greiner.
A night to be remembered as we enjoyed  the best of the worst meals at the Club!
There was a lot of joviality around this that made us appreciate the joy and fun we have at the club and TOGETHER WE CONNECT!
District Governor 5040 Bala Naidoo was ackowledged in a ceremony by the Mayor of North Vancouver for Rotary's support of The North Shore Search and Rescue
The West Vancouver Rotary Clubs have supported the North Shore Search and Rescue over many years
This organisation is a a volunteer organization that helps keep the community safe
Those Present at the ceremony were President Dave Torrance of the West Vancouver Club  as well as President of the West Vancouver Sunrise  Club President Matt Gul
Past President Dr Aniz Khalfan presenting our contribution to the North Shore Search and Rescue in a ceremony at the Rotary Club of West Vancouver
With our new vision for Rotary we are looking to enhance the cooperation between the various clubs
In West Vancouver we have 4 rotary clubs
1)  The Rotary club of West Vancouver meets 
      meetings Wednesdays at 5:30 PM
                        Capilano Tower
                       1475 Esquimalt Ave, West Vancouver, BC
                       Top Floor - Lounge
                        West Vancouver, BC  V7W 2L9
2) The Rotary Club of West Vancouver Sunrise
       meetings Thursdays at 7:00 AM
                        Capilano Golf and Country Club
                        420 Southborough Drive
                         West Vancouver, BC  V7S 1M2
3)  The Rotary club of Lions Gate
Meeting The North Shore Winter Club 1st, 2nd and 3rd Friday.
                1325 E Keith Rd,
                North Vancouver
4) Rotary club of Bowen Island
    meetings: Thursdays at 7:30 PM
                       Collins Hall
                       1120 Miller Road
                        Bowen Island, BC  V0N 1G1
Rotary District 5040 Governor Bala Naidoo to visit Rotary Club of West Vancouver on the 13th of November
We are honoured to have The Rotary International District 5040 Governor representing 55 clubs and 1,384 Rotarians in B.C. visit the rotary club of West Vancouver in an effort to grow the volunteer service organization.
District Governor Bala Naidoo, is a member of the Rotary Club of Burnaby – Metrotown  
“We are in a period of rapid change where an organization that started in 1905 needs to become relevant to our next generation,” says Naidoo.
“We have accomplished a lot to integrate youth from high schools and 19 – 30 year-olds, university and young professionals to join us to ensure a succession plan for the organization.
“We are becoming more flexible and giving our young professionals an opportunity to design a workable model in our communities to best suit their specific needs and preferences.”
Rotary District 5040 is an area that spans south of Prince George to 100 Mile House, north to Mackenzie, west to Burns Lake, Smithers, Terrace, Prince Rupert and Kitimat.
It also includes clubs along the Sunshine Coast and Lillooet, Whistler, Squamish, Vancouver, New Westminster, Burnaby, Richmond, Ladner and Tsawwassen.
District Governors are selected from a pool of candidates from across the District and serve a one year term.
Lorne Calder, a Rotarian from the Rotary Club of Prince George, is the District Governor Nominee and will serve his one-year term beginning in July 2021 until June 2022.
During his time in the Sea-to Sky Region, Bala Naidoo, a senior financial consultant with Investors will focus on the Youth programs such as (INTERACT) a Rotary Youth group, (RYLA) Rotary Youth Leadership Awards camps, scholarships and bursaries,
Rotary clubs connect professionals in our communities who take action to create lasting change locally, regionally and internationally. Rotarians connect diverse perspectives, and apply their leadership and expertise to solve social issues.
Through Rotary’s Youth Services program, they help develop ethics, and better communication and leadership skills in youth through youth exchange and the Rotary Youth Leadership Awards. Rotary International represents 1.2 million volunteer members in 35,000 clubs around the world.
About Rotary Rotary brings together a global network of volunteer leaders dedicated to tackling the world’s most pressing humanitarian challenges.
There are Rotary clubs in more than 200 countries and geographical areas.
Their work impacts lives at both the local and international levels, from helping families in need in their own communities to working toward a polio-free world.
For more information, visit Contacts: Andrea Johnson District 5040 Public Relations Chair, Nechako Rotary PR Chair 
New Member: Ravi Pasricha

After living in Hong Kong for over 6 years, Ravi migrated to Canada in 1995 to continue his career in merchant shipping. In 2008, he returned to Hong Kong as the Chief Technical Officer of a Hong-Kong based company, ultimately settling back in Vancouver as the Head of Technical / Manager in a Vancouver-based shipping company. He presently works with Transport Canada ( Marine Safety ) in Vancouver where he supports the department with compliance and enforcement.

Ravi, an avid learner, pursued graduate studies in Maritime Law and Marine Engineering in the United Kingdom. 

He has been married for over 30 years currently resides in West Vancouver with his wife. His two daughters live on the East Coast in the U.S. and enjoy visiting home often.
New Members Priscilla Zhou  and Yin Zhao
In order to give the children a better education and to provide the family with a fairer and healthier social environment, Yin ZHAO and Priscilla ZHOU immigrated to Canada from China on 2008. Yin received the academic certificate (Financial EMBA and Real Estate EMBA) from a well-known Chinese University—Shanghai Fudan University. After moving to Vancouver in 2009, they quickly fell in love with this free and beautiful country and began to integrate into this new community. Mr. ZHAO gradually ended his business and dealt with the assets in China with the hope of establishing a new life and career in Canada.
They have 2 children, the big son is at University of Toronto and the little girl is Grade 3 in Collingwood School at West Vancouver. 
Whether in China or after coming to Canada, Mr. Zhao has actively encouraged the family to get involved in social activities. They actively participate in community volunteer activities. They participated in and organized many fund-raising activities at both the Vancouver Children`s hospital and the Richmond Hospital,  the Canadian Red Cross……. After joining the West Vancouver Rotary Club, they involved in club charity events and learn to organize charitable activities from old members. They organized a charity party at their own house. They invited many guests to let them to learn more about “Rotary International”, and raised donations for the Rotary Polio Plus. .
They are very grateful to the Rotary Club for having more opportunities to help the people in need. They also hope to infect more people with their enthusiasm to invest in charity.
David was born into a construction family in Scotland. He studied Engineering in Glasgow and soon after  emigrated to Vancouver having explored Los Angeles and then Toronto. 
David has 4 children and 6 wonderful grandchildren.
It was from his parents that David learned the joy of volunteering and David's work with the Rotary Club of West Vancouver has inspired so many members to emulate.
He spends countless hours toward this especially in his hands on work with Capilano Towers, the Building built by the club which provides housing for Seniors in the heart of West Vancouver.

His Passion is his love of working with people and helping to try to improve life for others.
We look forward to the year with David at the Helm!
"Finding my way to Rotary was the perfect way to follow my motivations; the perfect example of the power of Synergy!" - David Torrance
Photo: David with former District Governor Don Evans.
Past President and Member: Dr Aniz Khalfan
Dr Aniz Khalfan is a Medical Specialist, a Fellow of the Royal College of Physician and Surgeons of Canada. Aniz grew up in Africa, obtained her Medical Degree in the United Kingdom and on emigrating to Vancouver with her family she completed her specialization as an Anaesthesiologist at the University of British Columbia. Dr Khalfan practices in Vancouver with a long career as an Anaesthesiologist at Providence Health she  presently has a focused  Chronic Pain Practice 
Dr Khalfan is very involved in teaching and in the community. She is an Examiner for the Medical Council of Canada and has held various Leadership Positions for the Rotary Club of West Vancouver, the Agakhan Health Board and is on the Medical Advisory Committee of the MEFM Society of British Columbia.
Aniz was President of the West Vancouver Rotary Club 2016-2017 and her focus and vision was toward elimination of Polio worldwide
Aniz and her husband Karim Rahemtulla have 2 children, a daughter also a Medical doctor and a son aspiring to be a  Physicist.
Aniz and her family are avid outdoor enthusiasts enjoying hiking, biking sailing and skiing 
It was growing up in a family and community that practiced the ethos of service, volunteering and philanthropy that was an inspiration for her.
Rotary's vision toward the elimination of polio worldwide drew Aniz to join the club.
As President of the Club 2016 to 2017 Aniz worked tirelessly toward this inspiring the club with matching all club donations toward Polioplus.
Photo: Aniz Khalfan and Family
The Rotary Club of West Vancouver will mark historic progress toward a polio-free world, while urging community support to end the paralyzing disease  
World Polio Day – 24 Oct 2018
West Vancouver Rotary Club Members are among millions reaching out on World Polio Day to raise awareness, funds and support to end polio – a vaccine preventable disease that still threatens children in parts of the world today.   
Since Rotary and its partners launched the Global Polio Eradication Initiative 30 years ago, the incidence of polio has plummeted by more than 99.9 percent, from about 350,000 cases a year to just 22 cases in 2017. To sustain this progress, and protect all children from polio, Rotary has committed to raising US$50 million per year in support of global polio eradication efforts. The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation will match Rotary’s commitment 2:1. Without full funding and political commitment, this paralyzing disease could return to previously polio-free countries, putting children everywhere at risk.  
Rotary has contributed more than US$1.8 billion to ending polio since 1985, including thousands contributed by the Rotary Club of West Vancouver
About Rotary
Rotary brings together a global network of volunteer leaders dedicated to tackling the world’s most pressing humanitarian challenges. Rotary connects 1.2 million members of more than 35,000 Rotary clubs in over 200 countries and geographical areas. Their work improves lives at both the local and international levels, from helping families in need in their own communities to working toward a polio-free world. Visit for more about Rotary and its efforts to eradicate polio. 
Dr Aniz Khalfan speech excerpt "What rotary started in 1988 to work toward is within our reach. To complete this work however a huge sum of money is still needed.
Let us in our own small way work toward this
photo Aniz Khalfan West Vancouver Rotary Club
Community Day is an annual event for the club.
Our Bratwurst Stall is a very popular stall at this community event at Ambleside beach.
This year we had a very successful fundraiser.
Harvey Hill almost single handed makes this event happen with the help from Dave Torrence and other members
The Rotary Club of West Vancouver is very proud and honoured to support The Royal Canadian Search and Rescue West Vancouver.
President Scotty Grubb shared with us the tremendous support for West Vancouver that is done by the volunteers.
it was impressive to hear of members clocking in over 400 hours a year in addition to their day time jobs.
We look forward to seeing President Scotty again as we work toward our next fundraiser 'A Taste of China'
At the start of her term President Aniz pledged to match all the contributions by our Club that were made to the Polio Fund.
With this match it means that this year the club will have made our highest contribution to that fund.
Thank you President Khalfan, the club is proud and honoured by this.
An amazing fundraiser for Poiliplus hosted by Past President Uschi at her beautiful home on the Sunshine Coast
Thank you to Past Presidents Uschi and Dieter Greiner for hosting the fundraiser at their beautiful home on the Sunshine Coast.
This is an annual event at the Greiner's.
This year the funds raised will be directed to Polio Plus.
The Rotary Club of West Vancouver sponsors students from Hastings school for summer Camp at Camp Elphinston.
This is an annual tradition which allows the children to enjoy a variety of activity that includes kayaking and various other summer activities at the residential camp.
As always the children shared their joy and excitement of the adventure experienced.

On this the 149th Anniversary of Canada Day I would like to wish our Board and Members of our Club a very happy Canada Day!
Canada Day is also the start of our New Rotary Year.
It is a day that gives us the opportunity to reflect and recognise how very fortunate we are to have our home in this beautiful land.  Oh Canada our Home and Native land!
Let us look forward  to the New Year doing as Rotarians do Being a Service to Humanity.
With the bonds of Rotary Between us,
With our goals before us,
And no task beyond us
With a thirst for knowledge,
And a dream of a Polio Free World
We look forward to the New Year!
District  Governor  John Anderson, Wife Claire, Assistant Governor Liz Kelly, Invited Guests, my Husband Karim, my Son Adam, Honorary Members and Members of our Club.
Thank you for being here tonight for this installation ceremony.
It is indeed a very great Honour for me to be standing here in front of you as the 64th president of the Rotary Club of West Vancouver.
I would like to start of by reminiscing about our club. 
About its incredible history, about its various community projects as well as it service projects worldwide
Our club was inaugurated in 1953..
In 1954 it got for for West Vancouver its very first ambulance. 
There was no one to man the ambulance.
Members of the club took it upon themselves to get first aid certification and they manned the ambulance.
I am sure you will agree that where we are today, in the lounge of Capilano Towers is indeed the finest achievement by our club.
This Towers is a seniors housing complex in the heart of West Vancouver that has 71 units.
It was our club that was instrumental in raising the funds to make this building possible
What an immense achievement, an achievement that it even more important today with the economic and housing situation at the present time
Let's take a brief moment to remember and honour the members that made this dream possible.
A dream that we could not even begin to dream of today
This service continues to the present day.
5 members of our club are on the board of Capilano Towers.
As we speak there are renovations happening in this buildinr and to this end I would particularly like to single out Dave Torrrence to thank him for his incredible service that is an inspiration to us all.
Let us continue then in this fine tradition.
My vision for our club in the upcoming year is 3 fold:
Reconnecting with the Community.
Membership and
Polio plus
Firstly I would like to continue with the work that was started by Past President Uschi in reconnecting with the community.
We will do so by increasing our presence in the community.
We will continue to  harnessing the power of social media including our website, facebook  twitter as well as add other social media as recommended by Rotary International.
We hope to increase our presence in the local newspapaer as well as the North Shore Magazine and to this end I will share with the board the process I have started toward this
We should also look at setting up booths at various places in the community including the west Vancouver library.
As we increase our presence in the community it will help us in increasing our membership.
We will do so in a way that continues to foster  the incredible fellowship we have in this club.
A fellowship that makes us come back week in and week out to our friends at capilano towers
To increase our presence and increase membership we should also look to having a Rotary Day that will also honor the centennial celebration of the Rotary Foundation
My 3rd vision for the upcoming year is the one that I would most like to focus on: polio plus 
Growing up in Africa and working in the medical field, this is very dear to me.
Rotarys goal is to eliminate polio worldwide.
Rotary started working toward this in 1988.
We were very fortunate to get the support of the gates foundation that helped increased awareness of this as well as contributing a huge amount if funding.
Ths year to date we have had 14 new Cases which have been in the 2 endemic countries of Pakistan and Afganistan
There may be complacency setting in with the feeling that not much can be done about this due to the political and social situation in these countries.
However the WHO has just relese it's landmark paper on this and has given a date of complete irradiation of polio in Pakistan by 2017 and worldwide by 2019.
This would be a tremendous achievement.
So far in the history of humanity we have eliminated only one virus and that is smallpox.
Similarly Rinderpest has been eliminated in the animal world.
What rotary started in 1988 to work toward is within our reach
As president Ravi said : Let us be a gift to the world.
With President Elect Green : Rotary for Humanity.
To complete this work however a huge sum of money is needed.Rotary needs some 2 billion dollars.
Let us in our small way work toward this

To this end I would like to dedicate my year to working with our club toward polio plus
I would like us to revisit our clubs goal for funds for polio plus, to consider increasing it and even surpassing it.
To start this of I would like to match dollar for dollar all contributions by our club to polio plus.
I will jump start this process by giving treasurer Riet a cheque towards it.
Last but not least I would like to Thank Past President Uschi for all she has done for our club during the  past year and especially Uschi  for galvanising our club toward what will be our biggest fundraiser for the upcoming year A Taste of India. 
Ushi I hope you will accept this small token of Thanks
I would also like to Thank the members of the Board for your ongoing support that so many of you have personally shared with me.
To this end Nels and Linda lets have a round of cheer
Members of the club and Invited guests I humbly accept the position of President of the Rotary Club of West Vancouver
We were graced by presence of Liz Kelly our ADG who performed the ceremony
This was followed with a delicious dinner hosted by Linda and Riet who were assisted by Nels rounding off the evening with some cheer!
A wonderful evening to remember
It has been a tradition over the years that The Rotary Club of West Vancouver has sponsored children from Hastings School to a summer camp, Camp Elphinstone.
This project is lead by Clarinda Kung our New Generations Chair. 
Clarinda Kung with Honorary Member Nels Hagenson and Linda Hagenson were at the school presenting the award. The students as always shared their joy and excitement of the adventures experienced.
Wonderful night of fellowship!
Beautiful evening with great food, wine and company.
We were graced by the presence of Ken Wilson, Governor Rotary 5040 and his wife Peggy.
Congratulations to the new committee as we start the year with our motto of 'be a gift to the world"
 History of the Rotary Club of West Vancouver (Author: Gillian Eades Telford, President 2010-2011) (Updated by Dieter Greiner, President 2012-2014) (Information collected from West Vancouver archives Boxes 1-9, clipping file and notes taken by Hugh Johnston in 2004)
Presidents of RCWV 1953-54 Rupert Harrison 1954-55 Russell Richards 1955-56 Jim Brown 1956-57 Don Millerd 1957-58 Stan Garrod 1958-59 Alex Stephen 1959-60 Art Langley 1960-61 Bob Hobson 1961-62 Ted Kirby 1962-63 Richard Gauthier 1963-64 M.B. MacBrayne 1964-65 Don Brister 1965-66 Art Taylor 1966-67 Cy Howard 1967-68 Jim MacDonald 1968-69 Frank Libby 1969-70 Al Staple 1970-71 Don Richardson 1971-72 Sam Merrifield 1072-73 Al Nicol 1973-74 Vic Murray 1974-75 Dave China 1975-76 Bob Mitchell 1976-77 Nelson Allen 1977-78 Jack Bowie 1978-79 Peter Dowling 1979-80 Brian Bannon 1980-81 Harvey Hill 1981-82 Clifford Parish 1982-83 Bernard Holt 1983-84 A.W. Stover 1984-85 Crawford E. Laing 1985-86 Mark Rutledge 1986-87 John Williams 1987-88 Ken Barker 1988-89 Ian Petrie 1989-90 Gary Muchula 1990-91 Al Hasley 1991-92 Ron Merritt 1992-93 Rhino Rohrs 1993-94 Jon Strom 1994-95 Mona Hubinette 1995-96 Jason Webber 1996-97 Bill Witte 1997-98 Jacci McTavish 1998-99 John Anderson 1999-00 Ken Wilson 2000-01 Glen Dodd 2001-02 Salvador Huerta 2002-03 Doris Lewis 2003-04 Kevin Conway 2004-05 Christopher Loat 2005-06 Stan Whittle 2006-07 Clarinda Kung 2007-08 Oscar de Gouveia Pinto 2008-09 Al Hasley 2009-10 Al Hasley 2010-11 Gillian Eades Telford 2011-12 Bill Witte 2012-13 Dieter Greiner (60th) 2013-14 Dieter Greiner (61st) 2014-15 Oscar de Gouveia Pinto (62nd) Future presidents: 2015-16 Ursula Greiner (63rd) 2016-17 Dr. Aniz Khalfan (64th) 2017-18 Dr. Fei Che (65th) Charter members 1953 Frank Barnard Art goods/retail  
March is Rotary Literacy Month
Pi Day March 14 th is celebrated in honor of Einstein's Birthday,
The Rotary Club of West Vancouver hd a very belated Pi Night on April 15 th. This was a fundraiser for Literacy
The event was sponsored by Dr Aniz Khalfan and was a hugh success with fellowship and cheer had by all.

The North Shore Youth Safe House is a place where children between the ages of 13 and 18 can find a safe and comfortable place to stay if needed.

The Rotary Club of West Vancouver has just completed a service project that included amongst other things replacing the roof and installing new windows throughout the property.

This project was possible with funds from the club as well as our various supporters and sponsors.

We appreciate this support and would especially like to thank Starline Windows.Image



ImageOur annual Chinese New Year Fundraiser will be held at The Jade Garden Restaurant, 1195 Marine Drive, North Vancouver on Wednesday March 11th at 6:15pm.

The funds raised at this event will be used to support Eastside Elementary School.

We look forward to a fun evening for a good cause!

Once a month the members of The Rotary Club of West Vancouver prepare sandwiches for The Door is Open.

This is a drop in centre  that supports the needs of hundreds of people that are less fortunate in the downtown east side

This monthly event is supported by funds from the club and with the support of our valuable sponsors who make this event possible.


President: Ursula Greiner

​President Elect: Dr Aniz Khalfan

​President Elect Nominee:  Dr Fei Che

Secretary: Deiter Greiner

​Treasurer: Clarinda Kung

Projects Chair: Dave Torrance

Foundations Chair: Paul Kissack

Memberships Chair: Aniz Khalfan

​Public Relations Chair: Tony Breen

Club Administration: Oscar Pinto

New Generations Chair: Clarinda Kung

Past President: Oscar Pinto

2013-2014 Theme




Our weekly meetings are held on Wednesdays at 6:15 pm at Capilano Tower, 1475 Esquimalt Ave, West Vancouver

Top Floor Lounge.

we will be updating our website and plaque at the meeting site to reflect this as soon as we are able to..2011RIThemeLogo_Transp_150width

Members of the North Shore Rotary Clubs held a work party to clean up the garden in the middle of Rotary Circle at the north end of the Lions Gate Bridge.

The 6th annual Rotary Seawalk Run was held Sunday, May 29th.  It was a great day for running the timed and sanctioned 10 km course or enjoying the informal, untimed 5 km event.  Funds were raised for Rotary Charitable Projects and teams were also able to raise money for the charity of their choice.  A band from Sentinel Secondary played music while all participants enjoyed a healthy runner’s breakfast after completing the course.  The weather was great and all participants had a wonderful time.  The Rotary Club of West Vancouver would like to thank all of our sponsors, participants and volunteers for making the Seawalk Run a memorable event.


President Gillian Eades-Telford, Dieter Greiner and Clarinda Kung presenting check for Grade 7 Students to go to an outdoor camp at Camp Elphinstone.

 On Thursday, June 9th members of the club visited Hastings Elementary School. 

R otarians help provide service through fellowship, and social networking is one of the many ways Rotarians are connecting online. Visit Rotary International's official social networking pages and join the conversation.

 We are all excited to see how ClubRunner will revolutionize the way we manage our day to day club activities, as well as communicate more effectively.

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