Posted by Tom Leuenberger on Jul 21, 2021
For years, one of my favorite parts of being a Rotarian has been getting to hear from different people each week about the great things going on in our community. An invigorating speaker makes for a lively meeting. It makes for something to remember and talk about. And, from time to time, it makes for a call of action for us, as Rotarians, to get involved and help out when needed. But it can also sometimes be repetitive and a bit complacent, which is why we are changing up how we get our speakers this year.
     When I was President-Elect of the Downtown Club a decade ago, finding the speaker each week was solely my responsibility, which was a bit overwhelming. And when I was President-Elect of Founders last year, Speaker Duty was evenly distributed amongst Club Members. But we ran into some problems last year (and I'm told they happen every year) where people forget they have Speaker Duty, they get a hold of someone at the last minute, which makes for a boring presentation, or we get a lot of the same thing week in and week out. And I have heard for several years that all we have as speakers are people from non-profits. Obviously, the non-profit groups are an asset to our community, but those complaints have been correct in that we have so much more going on here in Racine.
     So, beginning this year, we have changed what we are doing to bring in speakers. The responsibility still lies on the President-Elect, currently Laura Degroot, but we have formed a committee of people who actively want to recruit speakers for our meetings. And, because of having a bit more oversite and control of the speakers, we can proactively bring in people each week to speak on a wide variety of topics. Don't get me wrong; we will have plenty of speakers this year from non-profit groups. But we will bring in a wide variety of others, as well. 
     So if any of you have anyone in mind to come speak to our Club, let Laura know and the Speaker Committee will look to see if that fits what we are looking for. And please don't be discouraged if we veto an idea for a speaker (we have already done so a couple times this year) because we are attempting to bring in programs that give you a reason to actively look forward to Friday mornings. Let's face it, you don't look forward to hearing me ramble weekly! And, if anyone wants to have a seat at the Speaker Committee table, please let Laura or myself know. Thank you and I'll see you Friday!


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