Speaker Date Topic
Loretta Michaelsen Sep 06, 2018
Club Webpage - ClubRunner, club communication made easy.
Club Webpage - ClubRunner, club communication made easy.

Everything you ever wanted to know about Clubrunner but were afraid to ask. Jenny E made a pitch to members to come along to the September meeting to find out how to have fun with Clubrunner.  Especially now that our numbers are increasing, being able to access an up to date photo directory of members will be a great aid to help jog our memories, avoid potential embarrassment and help social interaction.  At the meeting, Loretta will outline some of the key things to note about using Clubrunner. Philip will be available to take 'head shots' and show you how to upload those, and there will be some 'surprises' as well. So come prepared have your photo taken and have some fun.



Abdi Aden Oct 04, 2018
Shining - the storey of a Lucky Man

Despite what he has gone through, Abdi is a most inspiring man, who is constantly thankful for his life and what he has. Everything he has endured and achieved is testament to his quiet strength and courage, his relilience and his shining and enduring optimism.

Adbi grew up in Mogadishu until the outbreak of Somalia's devasting civil war separated him from his family and home. He fled Mogadishu with 300 others and headed for the Kenyan border. On the way, death squads hunted them. Abdi and a group of other boys were caught and lined up to be executed. Miraculously the bullets missed Abdi but he fell to the ground and feigned death.  Of the 300 who set out from Mogadishu, only five survived to reach Kenya. He was just sixteen years old when he arrived in Melbourne.  He had no English, no family or frineds, no money, no home. Yet, against the odds, he not only survived, he thrived. Abdi went on to complete secondary education and later university. Abdi's work revolves around community development.

Tony Atkinson Nov 01, 2018
A Prescribed Life, Royalty, Romance and Medicine

Footman to royalty Tony Atkinson saw plenty going on behind palace doors when he waited on members of the monarchy!

Tony Atkinson was born in London in 1929. He worked as a casual footman for the Royal family and as a waiter in London while he was training to be a doctor at Guy's Hospital. Tony and his wife, Terry, brought their young family to Australia in 1962, and they settled in the northern suburbs of Melbourne where he practised as a specialist anaesthetist until 2014.

Although Tony eventually settled into a medical career, one would never really say he settled down. His specialty was anaesthesia but his greatest gift may be for telling rousing tales.