Joyce is the new Federal Liberal candidate for Quadra. Joyce was the Provincial Environment Minister for 4 years in the Liberal Provincial government. Joyce Murray immigrated to Canada in 1961 and settled with her family in West Point Grey. She graduated from Lord Byng High School and went on to raise three children with her husband, Dirk Brinkman. Together they founded Brinkman & Associates Reforestation Ltd, which is now one of the largest forest restoration companies in the world, with 1200 employees and over 850 million trees planted to date, in Canada and overseas. Joyce planted over half a million trees herself in the wilderness of BC. Reforestation is important not just the logging of the land. El Salvador was 80% forested and is now reduced to less than 4% today. That was done over a period of just 40 years. By reforestation we clean the air and leave a legacy for our children. We now own Burns Bog provincially which was bought during her tenure as minister for $76 million dollars. If we don't reforest then the water table rises and we have swamp land. Trees mean jobs and a health economy. It is our backbone. Trees are better then steel or concrete for the environment. Before 1987 the government was responsible for replanting. Industry is now responsible so the job gets done properly with follow through to ensure that we have a sustainable forest. Pine beetle damage will affect 90 million cubic feet of timber. There is no cure in site. We could have seen it coming. Trees absorb carbon. Many areas of the world still don't require replanting. Currently the supply of dead pine tress are in excess of demand. Our task now is to find things to do with pinewood. Pellets and using them for fuel is one answer. Chipped and pressed for use as a fuel to generate electricity is one. Kathryn Hurwitz thanked our speaker. Notes taken this week by Bill Bourlet