The Rotary Club of Vancouver, Welcomes you!

The Rotary Club of Vancouver is a service club dedicated to improving the lives of others both in our community and around the world. Established in 1913 as the 1st club in British Columbia, and the 2nd in Canada, our Club has a long history of service. 

Projects like the annual Bike-A-Thon in its 35th year in 2019, has provided over $2 Million dollars in support of the Rotary Hearing Foundation which has seen the establishment of the Rotary Hearing Clinic at St. Paul's Hospital, the Rotary Hearing Center at the University of British Columbia.

The Rotary World Help Network of which we are a founding member, has brought together over 38 other Rotary Clubs in BC has seen the shipment of over 400 containers full of medical equipment and computers to third-world countries amounting to over $89 Million dollars.

In addition to all of the very good community efforts we do as a club - we also have a lot of fun!

Our Club meets every Tuesday at 12 noon at the Terminal City Club, 837 West Hastings Street. Meetings end promptly at 1:30 p.m.

Guests are always welcome; prior to becoming a Rotarian member, we kindly ask that you be responsible for the cost of your buffet lunch provided by the world class service of The Terminal City Club.

If you would like to attend one of our Luncheons, please contact one of our Membership Committee Co-Chairs who will let our club President know to welcome you personally:

Jason Boudreau -

Franz Gehriger -

Rotary Club of Vancouver  -  Membership Objectives

In 2019, the Rotary Club of Vancouver has 115 members who are representative of the diversity of our community.

Our members value giving back to their community, and are active in support of Rotary goals.

There is continued support for the corporate membership program.

Retention and mentorship are active and have improved member retention rates.

A family membership plan has been introduced.

Future considerations:

  • Committee plan for future year is done
  • Challenge each member to invite 3 prospects / year
  • Follow through on prospects, assure contact info, include the Sgt. at Arms to assure this follow through is done
  • Grow the committee with new participants, raise profile
  • Track member statistics re average age / % under certain age etc. as well as total members
  • Committee budget to be established / increased
  • Consider E club


  • Grow active RCV membership to a club total of 120.
  • Present membership as a topic at regular Rotary meetings, full meeting in September membership moments and reminders as year progresses.
  • Grow the new Corporate Membership category.
  • Explore other new membership categories, with family memberships as the suggested next way to look for new members and growth.
  • Develop strategies for increasing the involvement of our younger members and Rotary Alumni with the club as a means of future membership development.
  • Continue to focus on the formal membership retention plan following the guidelines in the Club Leadership Plan. Hold two new membership / mentorship events; follow the Club Leadership Plan guidelines on retention.
  • Hold 20 member bios / informational moments at Rotary meetings (and on website?), both new members and longer time members.
  • Review club by-laws for appropriateness of criteria for membership and the fit with our community today.