Our service club has become very concerned
about the environmental health of Hawaii Island

and we want to know what we can do to help.

We hear about the problems every day: coral bleaching, sharks moving closer to shore, wildfires,plastic pollution…the list goes on. Frankly, the problems seem so big that itʻs tempting to shrug our shoulders and accept the inevitable.

However, Rotary Club of North Hawaii has been around a long time and we aren’t about to give up.
There must be things we can all do to help. We just don’t know what they are!
That’s where you come in. To find out what we can do, Rotary is planning an event called “ISLAND RESCUE,” which will bring experts like you to Waimea to tell us and the Big Island community at large what we can do right now...practical changes that we can make immediately and carry forward. And for those who come to learn, we hope you will tell us about your projects and if you could use more helping hands.
ISLAND RESCUE will host organizations like yours that are working directly to solve environmental problems on Hawaii Island, such as dry land forest restoration, reef and ocean health, wildfire prevention, shoreline clean-up, wildlife rescue, invasive pests and other critical issues.
OUR GOALS for Island Rescue
We want to:
  • Understand in plain English the most urgent environmental problems Hawaii Island faces
  • Have your experts “show and tell” specific changes we can make immediately in our own behavior
  • Invite attendees to help with these projects
  • Engage residents and visitors in your work and help kids understand what they can do
  • Know where to go for answers and work together to improve our Island’s health
Weʻll keep the format for ISLAND RESCUE simple. The event will be admission-free and open to the public. Parking will be free. We hope to have food available for purchase from nearby food trucks, if permitted, and Rotary will provide event promotion, insurance and electrical hook-up for presenters who need it. As part of Rotary’s promotion for the event, we will include a link from the Rotary website to your website for details about your work and how to volunteer.
We plan to hold ISLAND RESCUE on a Saturday during the day so that families can attend, and we will ask each group to set up some activities that are child-oriented. Donations can be accepted.
The Rotary Club of North Hawaii
We’ll supply sign-up sheet forms for each presenterʻs station. That will let us capture contact information for attendees who are signaling their interest just by being there. From that, Rotary will build an ISLAND RESCUE data base to share with you after the event, which will make information broadcasting much easier.
And, of course, there will be opportunities for those attending to join the groups, including Rotary.
Clearly, there will be a lot going on at ISLAND RESCUE.
Island Rescuers -- thatʻs you -- will be responsible for providing your own pop-up shelter, table, chairs,displays, hand-outs and any equipment you need for your presentations. (Please make sure your site is free from rubbish when the event is over.) Best of all, there is no fee for participation. We just want your manao (knowledge/wisdom).
Rotary will provide onsite rubbish collection and clean-up, Porta-Potties, signage, parking control, event insurance and electric generator(s) as required. If there are other requirements from Island Rescuers, we will try to meet them or work out an alternative solution.
We hope you will plan to take part in this first-of-its-kind gathering on our Island.
To reserve your space, simply complete the application form and email to us.
  • Your groupʻs official name
  • Your non-profit status (501C3 or other)
  • Your email, postal address and physical location
  • Your website address (URL)
  • Your contact personʻs name, phone and email address
  • Your specific environmental focus
  • Any support you will need at the event (electricity, etc.)
  • What month(s) would be best for your organizationʻs participation? (February to May, 2020)
    The date for ISLAND RESCUE has not been set yet because we want to find out from each group which month you prefer. Also please note any dates that you have already scheduled. We will try to work around those.
CLICK HERE FOR THE ISLAND RESCUE RESERVATION FORM. Please fill it out online and hit SEND at the bottom of the form.
Questions? Give us a call: 808-895-1122 (Bill Sanborn, Rotary president)
808-313-0438 (Penny Pagliaro, event coordinator)
If the journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step, letʻs walk together.