Mashed potatoes, meatloaf, mixed veggies...198 times!


Under the Meals Delivery Program now operated by North Cariboo Seniors' Council (initially kicked off in Quesnel by Better at Home), upwards of 200 meals are prepared and delivered to local shut-in seniors.
A complementary service to Meals on Wheels, the Program aims to help address the issue of food security in this day and age of rising prices, as well as the issue of isolation.
On January 12th, 18 club members and spouses peeled, sliced, diced, chopped, and mixed what is becoming our famous meatloaf (can it be "famous" after only two previous preparations?!), with mashed potato and mixed veggies, all under the watchful eye of NCSC Meal Coordinator Nicole Audet who was also inducted into our club on the same day (along with Carol Mankowske).
All in all, an investment of $700 to sponsor along with rolling shifts from 9am til about 1pm and 198 containers were nestled in the North Star Church freezer awaiting delivery. And the really nice part is there's enough in each container for two meals...although our self-appointed Quality Control, Richard Palmer, had no problem polishing off some surplus ingredients!
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