Justin Kohlman, President Coast Mountain College

We had a great  session with Mr. Kohlman who used Kahoot.it to provide his presentation making it very interactive and fun!  One of their values is adventurous - and we were!  In first place: our President, Rosa Miller; second place went to executive secretary, Bev Killbery; and third place to club secretary, Ellen Witherly.  Hmmmm I sense a theme here!

CMTN uses experiential place based learning - a combination of in-face and online learning, and are teaching other colleges how to implement it successfully.

Of note:  High School graduations have decreased 25% in the last decade; and they have experienced a 22% decline in enrollment this fall at CMTN.

They have established new partnerships that allow them to provide It investments and free laptops to students.

They are also part of a pilot project Contact North BC - that will provide it and infrastructure to connect remote locations.  Haisla and Tahltan communities are two of the first with an expected January launch date.

You may be surprised to learn that the president's office is now located in Prince Rupert as CMTN wants to connect better with the community here.  Justin will soon be moving to Prince Rupert we look forward to welcoming him to our community.