Mariah (2011-12) and Ari (2015-16)

Mariah graduated from university as a professional therapist in 2016.  She is currently working in public health at a Psycho Social Care Centre where they treat mental health and social issues with a multi professional team.She moved to Sao Paulo in 2017.  Mariah is a busy individual; working full time; studying professional Chinese medicine and volunteering in her field.  She is working on a seconde post grad in Health rehabilitation and child neurology.

Ari will graduate from law school this year.  She has interned at the course and is now interning with prosecuting attorney.  Her career goal is to practice law.  Like Mariah she is a busy person and is also teaching English to children.


What did Rotary Exchange give them?

They are both more open to new opportunities and have a desire to change things for the better. The year was a big step and a big change in their lives that they are both so thankful.  They have both promoted Rotary exchange in their communities. Now they say "Yes" to new things.

Both really hope to return to Canada some day.