Service Above Self

We meet In Person
Thursdays at 12:00 PM
Highliner Plaza Hotel
815 1st Ave West, Prince Rupert, BC
Mailing Address = P.O. Box 225
Prince Rupert, BC V8J 3P6
Our speaker for the September 15th meeting was Farah Murphy from Mission Health and Wellness.  Farah gave us an update on the store's move to McBride Street (the old Spero's store) and some of the exciting new additions to the store, including a smoothie bar and a bring your own bottle refill station for cleaning & health products. I highly recommend going and checking her store out, in addition to vitamins and health products there's many interesting food and environmentally conscious products, including the Tru Earth laundry strips - made in Canada with no plastic involved and the miso paste in the fridge.
At our August 18th Meeting we had Brendan Eshom as our guest speaker.  Brendan, while still a teenager, developed an App with a "word of the day" in Sm'algyax, the language of the Ts'msyen people. Brendan spoke about the development of his App and of the culture of his mothers people who are from Hartley Bay. Brendan is a very accomplished young man with an impressive resume and he's an excellent public speaker - he joined Toastmasters while still in his teens.  Among his accomplishments, he is a recipient of the BC Reconciliation Award, which is for "individuals, groups and organizations who have demonstrated exceptional leadership, integrity, respect and commitment to furthering reconciliation or inspired others to continue reconciliation efforts".  Brendan's app can be found on most app stores - just search "sm'algyax word".
You never know what you might learn when you come to a Rotary Lunch Meeting.  On August 4th we had Anne Dopson and Echo as our speakers.  Anne has a business "Calm Dog" in Prince George, and she spoke a bit about therapy dogs and the value of them for people/children in stressful situations.  She also gave some tips on dog training and walking my dogs has not been the same as I try to incorporate some of her tips. Echo was also a lovely speaker who charmed the room and was extremely calm and patient in unfamiliar surroundings with many people around, a walking advertisement for "Calm Dog".
It's that time of year again, when the kettles are out and they need cheerful volunteers like these!  Anyone can volunteer for a shift by calling or emailing Lt. Dawn Butt at 778-884-1752 or Dawn.butt@salvationarmy.ca  Many shifts need to be covered - many volunteers make the load lighter for all.

Youth Programs

Bob Killbery updated club members about all of the opportunities our club provides through its' Youth Programs.  From International Exchanges to Rotary Youth Leadership Adventures our club sponsors and offers many programs for youth.  

Chris Armstrong - CityWest

Chris Armstrong spoke to the Club about CityWest's most recent acquisitions and Connected Coast.  When making acquisitions like West Island Cable, Banfield they look for companies that share their same values, especially when it comes to customer service and connectedness in community. 
CityWest now employees up to 86 employees under the direction of a new CEO who joined CityWest one year ago 
The pandemic has really outlined the need for services in all the communities CityWest Serves.
AND look for big news in the coming weeks…….

Naila Bedford, Community Services Manager, Northern Health

Naila was the volunteer coordinator for the vaccine clinics held in Prince Rupert.  She reports that in Prince Rupert, of those eligible for the vaccine, 80% have received the first vaccination.  The take-up on the second dose is lower at 68%. 
Every Friday from 9:00-3:30 there is a vaccination clinic at the Prince Rupert Community Health Centre located in the Ocean Centre Mall.  You can register on-line and drop-ins are also welcome.

Meeting in Person Again!

Rotarians were all smiles as they were welcomed back to weekly in person lunch meetings last week.
Caitlin Birdsall representing North Coast Ecology Centre Society.  See information following regarding work of the society and information on the Pop-up Aquarium and Education Centre located at the Northland Cruise Terminal.
Crystal is busy explaining the ins and outs of the new Auction format to Richard.


We are very proud of the local Rainmakers Interact Club, who have secured funding from a number of partners to purchase Sea Bins.  Their project involves the procurement of six (6) “Sea Bins” which are essentially floating garbage cans that capture surface debris and allow it to be removed from the marine environment.  They have received commitments from the Cow Bay Marina, the Port Edward Harbour Authority and the Prince Rupert Rowing and Yachting Club, to install, operate and maintain the Sea Bins once purchased.
Great Work Rainmakers Interact Club!

Celebrating 100 Years of Rotary in Prince Rupert

The Rotary Club of Prince Rupert received their Charter on May 1, 1921!  
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