We direct our efforts to Rotary's six areas of focus to enhance our local and global impact.

Sun City Rotary Club

Service Above Self

We meet Tuesdays at 12:00 PM
Cowan Creek Amenity Center (check website for "exceptions" to normal LOCATION and/or TIME)
1433 Cool Spring Way
Georgetown, TX  78633
United States of America
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December 2019
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Member Birthdays:
  • Gary Sandercock
    January 2
  • Bob Elam
    January 9
  • Dick Will
    January 13
  • Stephen Brown
    January 19
  • Allison Dickmann
    January 20
  • Lou Gibson
    February 19
  • Art Tragesser
    February 21
  • Michael Bell
    February 21
  • Pete Hackley
    February 24
  • Doug Lowe
    December 12
  • Bill Miller
    December 14
  • Karen Block
    December 15
  • Stan Brandenburg
    December 22
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What's Rotary?

Rotary is an international membership organization made up of men and women who share a passion for and commitment to enhancing communities and improving lives across the world. Rotary clubs exist in almost every country. Our members help change lives locally and connect with other clubs to work on international projects that address today’s most pressing challenges. Membership provides an opportunity to take action and make a difference. Engaging in this kind of service is personally rewarding and creates lifelong friendships in the process.

Rotary was founded on principles that remain at the heart of the organization today. These principles reflect our core values — integrity, diversity, service, leadership, and fellowship, or friendship. #1DistrictStrong

Our NORMAL  TUESDAY  weekly meeting location is the
smiley Cowan Creek Amenity Center (at noon) smiley
>>>> Rotarians (past and present) and visitors with an interest in Rotary <<<<
(if this is your first time to visit our Club, lunch is on us)

"EXCEPTIONS" to our normal meeting location

are shown below (date highlighted in yellow):

(when we aren't at smileyCowan Creek Amenity Centersmiley)

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⬇︎ ⬇︎ ⬇︎ ⬇︎ ⬇︎ ⬇︎ ⬇︎ ⬇︎ ⬇︎ ⬇︎ ⬇︎ ⬇︎ ⬇︎ ⬇︎ ⬇︎ ⬇︎ ⬇︎ ⬇︎ ⬇︎ ⬇︎ ⬇︎


Tuesday, December 17:  Mulligan's Restaurant-Sun City (noon)

Tuesday, December 24:  NO MEETING TODAY

Tuesday, December 31:  NO MEETING TODAY

********************  2020  ********************

Tuesday, January 7:  TO-BE-DETERMINED (TBA)

Tuesday, January 14:  TO-BE-DETERMINED (TBA)

Tuesday, January 21:  TO-BE-DETERMINED (TBA)

Tuesday, January 28:  TO-BE-DETERMINED (TBA)

Tuesday, February 4:  TO-BE-DETERMINED (TBA)


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Placeholder:  The Delaney at Georgetown Village (noon)

Placeholder:  Sun City Social Center (noon)

smileyPlaceholder:  Cowan Creek Amenity Center (noon)smiley

Home Page News
Saturday, December 14
(7:30am to 11:00am)
San Gabriel Community Center
(San Gabriel Park, Georgetown, TX)
$6.00 (12 and under eat FREE)
 Tickets Available at the Door 
Pancakes - Sausage - Juice - Coffee
FREE photo with Santa
Click HERE for more info
Proceeds from this 19th annual BREAKFAST and especially the generous financial support from the business community, individual friends/neighbors and Sun City Rotarians will enable "Breakfast with Santa" to help make Christmas a lot brighter for kids and teenagers in Georgetown as well as many kids and families in Jarrell served by that community's annual Christmas out-reach program. Thank you, if you have already provided support. Please contact the Sun City Rotary Club if you would like additional information about participating and/or providing financial support this year for BWS 2019: info@sctrotary.com
Recap (copy of newspaper ad) from BWS 2018
BWS 2019 Poster



Our health is everything. Yet 400 million people in the world can’t afford or don’t have access to basic health care.

This month, we celebrate the work Rotarians worldwide are doing to combat diseases through effective treatment and prevention. In 1985, Rotary pledged to eradicate polio, and look at the progress that has occurred! Today, Rotary International has partnered with the World Health Organization, the Center for Disease Control and Prevention, the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation and regional governments worldwide to complete this pledge.

Although infectious diseases continue to be a major cause of illness and death across the globe, they are not the major health concerns for most developed countries. Now many people are seeing their lives shortened by chronic diseases such as heart disease, diabetes and cancer. Many of these conditions are not caused by infectious agents but are rather due to certain health behaviors and social conditions. 

Rotary’s continued involvement in Disease Prevention and Treatment will thus need to be directed toward finding solutions to these social and behavioral determinants of health while continuing to fight against existing and emerging disease threats. You as a Rotarian have been enlisted as being a part of that fight. Thanks for all you do to support these important initiatives.

The Rotary Foundation is changing the world by providing grants for projects and activities around the globe.

Click HERE for more information


Home Page Stories
5 Reasons to Donate to The Rotary Foundation
  1. Accountability

  2. Impact

  3. A record of success

  4. Global reach

  5. Bringing about peace

Click HERE to read the article


RI President Mark Daniel Maloney’s theme for 2019-20, Rotary Connects the World, asks Rotarians to strengthen the many ways that Rotary Connects the World, building the connections that allow talented, thoughtful, and generous people to unite and take meaningful action through Rotary service.


The heartland of America—from Montana to Texas—has people who give from the heart. This rich land still has people who are homeless, but Rotarians help build houses. This breadbasket of America still has people with food insecurities, but Rotarians serve in soup kitchens, pack backpacks, and stock food pantries. There are people who are abused, or abuse drugs and alcohol, but Rotarians work in shelters, and educate with awareness and treatment campaigns. Rotary Has Heart. Rotarians serve their communities

ACHIEVED for Rotary Year 2018-19




Club Vision

The Rotary Club of Georgetown - Sun City consists of experienced, motivated members with time and resources available to provide leadership and service to the club, the local community, and the world in meaningful projects for youth, the elderly, the ill, the handicapped, and the needy. 
The club maintains focus on its priorities of service, fellowship, and club improvement while promoting growth, open communication, transparency, and coordination with other service clubs and organizations. 
The club endorses the Rotary International mission, core essence, core values, four-way test, and motto. 



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Rotary Club of Georgetown - Sun City

1530 Sun City Boulevard - Suite 120 - Box 441

Georgetown, TX  78633 


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