We direct our efforts to Rotary's six areas of focus to enhance our local and global impact.

Sun City Rotary Club

Service Above Self

We meet Tuesdays at 12:00 PM
Cowan Creek Amenity Center (check website for "exceptions" to normal LOCATION and/or TIME)
1433 Cool Spring Way
Georgetown, TX  78633
United States of America
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August 2019
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Sun City Rotarians
Member Birthdays:
  • Don Mabray
    August 10
  • Steve Lucca
    August 10
  • Bill Blodgett
    August 19
  • Connie Clark
    September 2
  • Tom Minor
    September 12
  • Sam Smith
    October 14
  • Judith Stanfield
    October 18
  • Boyd Johnson
    October 28
  • Betty Bauer
    October 29
  • Ron Ferreri
    October 29
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Immediate Past President
Membership Director
Rotary Foundation Director
Club Administration Director
Youth Services Director
What's Rotary?

Rotary is an international membership organization made up of men and women who share a passion for and commitment to enhancing communities and improving lives across the world. Rotary clubs exist in almost every country. Our members help change lives locally and connect with other clubs to work on international projects that address today’s most pressing challenges. Membership provides an opportunity to take action and make a difference. Engaging in this kind of service is personally rewarding and creates lifelong friendships in the process.

Rotary was founded on principles that remain at the heart of the organization today. These principles reflect our core values — integrity, diversity, service, leadership, and fellowship, or friendship. #1DistrictStrong

Our NORMAL  TUESDAY  weekly meeting location is the
smiley Cowan Creek Amenity Center (at noon) smiley
>>>> Rotarians (past and present) and visitors with an interest in Rotary <<<<
(if this is your first time to visit our Club, lunch is on us)

"EXCEPTIONS" to our normal meeting location

are shown below (date highlighted in yellow):

(when we aren't at smileyCowan Creek Amenity Centersmiley)

⬇︎ ⬇︎ ⬇︎ ⬇︎ ⬇︎ ⬇︎ ⬇︎ ⬇︎ ⬇︎ ⬇︎ ⬇︎ ⬇︎ ⬇︎ ⬇︎ ⬇︎ ⬇︎ ⬇︎ ⬇︎ ⬇︎ ⬇︎ ⬇︎

⬇︎ ⬇︎ ⬇︎ ⬇︎ ⬇︎ ⬇︎ ⬇︎ ⬇︎ ⬇︎ ⬇︎ ⬇︎ ⬇︎ ⬇︎ ⬇︎ ⬇︎ ⬇︎ ⬇︎ ⬇︎ ⬇︎ ⬇︎ ⬇︎


smileyTuesday, August 20Cowan Creek Amenity Center (noon)smiley

smileyTuesday, August 27Cowan Creek Amenity Center (noon)smiley

smileyTuesday, September 3Cowan Creek Amenity Center (noon)smiley

Tuesday, September 10:  Sun City Social Center (noon)

smileyTuesday, September 17Cowan Creek Amenity Center (noon)smiley

smileyTuesday, September 24Cowan Creek Amenity Center (noon)smiley

Tuesday, October 1:  TO-BE-DETERMINED (TBA)

Tuesday, October 8:  TO-BE-DETERMINED (TBA)

smileyTuesday, October 15Cowan Creek Amenity Center (noon)smiley

Tuesday, October 22:  TO-BE-DETERMINED (TBA)

Tuesday, October 29:  Sun City Social Center (noon)

smileyTuesday, November 5Cowan Creek Amenity Center (noon)smiley

Tuesday, November 12:  TO-BE-DETERMINED (TBA)

Tuesday, November 19:  Sun City Social Center (noon)

smileyTuesday, November 26Cowan Creek Amenity Center (noon)smiley

smileyTuesday, December 3Cowan Creek Amenity Center (noon)smiley

Tuesday, December 10:  San Gabriel Community Center (noon)

smileyTuesday, December 17Cowan Creek Amenity Center (noon)smiley

Tuesday, December 24:  NO MEETING TODAY

Tuesday, December 31:  NO MEETING TODAY


Click on CALENDAR or SPEAKERS in the Menu Bar to confirm LOCATION and/or PROGRAM details

Placeholder:  The Delaney at Georgetown Village (noon)

Placeholder:  Sun City Social Center (noon)

smileyPlaceholder:  Cowan Creek Amenity Center (noon)smiley

Home Page News


 It's time to celebrate our Rotary club, our members, and the good we do in our community and around the world. 

Make the most of your membership. Here's a dozen ways to do it:

  1. Learn more about Rotary Global Rewards, a new member benefit program that offers discounts on products and services – travel, hotels, car rentals, dining, and entertainment. Visit the Member Center.
  2. Identify a need in our community and work with our club to design a hands-on project that addresses it.
  3. Learn how to apply for a grant to implement a project.
  4. Know a young leader? Tell him or her about Interact, Rotaract, Rotary Youth Leadership Awards (RYLA), and Rotary Youth Exchange.
  5. Explore other clubs. Did you know that you’re welcome to attend any club’s meeting, anywhere in the world? Use the Club Finder tool or download the Club Locator app to find a meeting when you travel.
  6. Try a new role. Our Club need leaders. Get involved and help our club by serving as an officer and/or committee member.
  7. Attend the next Rotary International Convention in Toronto, Canada. Enjoy inspiring talks from global leaders, celebrities, and activists. Meet members from around the world. It’s the ultimate way to understand the scope of Rotary.
  8. Be part of history and help eradicate polio. Find out how to support PolioPlus and join the movement to end polio.
  9. Use the resources in the Rotary Brand Center to help you communicate, inspire, and collaborate.
  10. Meet other members who share your interests and passions through a Rotary Fellowship or Rotarian Action Group. There are about 70 groups, catering to everyone from cooking enthusiasts to water and sanitation project experts.
  11. Connect on social media. Rotary has official pages on FacebookTwitter, LinkedIn, InstagramPinterest, Flickr, and more. Join the conversation.
  12. Support The Rotary Foundation. Contributions provide millions of dollars in grants that support our humanitarian service around the world. Learn more.

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RI President Mark Daniel Maloney’s theme for 2019-20, Rotary Connects the World, asks Rotarians to strengthen the many ways that Rotary Connects the World, building the connections that allow talented, thoughtful, and generous people to unite and take meaningful action through Rotary service.


The heartland of America—from Montana to Texas—has people who give from the heart. This rich land still has people who are homeless, but Rotarians help build houses. This breadbasket of America still has people with food insecurities, but Rotarians serve in soup kitchens, pack backpacks, and stock food pantries. There are people who are abused, or abuse drugs and alcohol, but Rotarians work in shelters, and educate with awareness and treatment campaigns. Rotary Has Heart. Rotarians serve their communities

ACHEIVED for Rotary Year 2018-19




Club Vision

The Rotary Club of Georgetown - Sun City consists of experienced, motivated members with time and resources available to provide leadership and service to the club, the local community, and the world in meaningful projects for youth, the elderly, the ill, the handicapped, and the needy. 
The club maintains focus on its priorities of service, fellowship, and club improvement while promoting growth, open communication, transparency, and coordination with other service clubs and organizations. 
The club endorses the Rotary International mission, core essence, core values, four-way test, and motto. 



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Rotary Club of Georgetown - Sun City

1530 Sun City Boulevard - Suite 120 - Box 441

Georgetown, TX  78633 


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