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We meet Tuesdays at 12:15 PM
Coast Inn of the North
770 Brunswick St
Prince George, BC  V2L4V1
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Les Durets
489 rue des choseaux, Sallanches
So far I got a cold, my whole family got sick. I missed one day of school because of this and then I was fine. Other then that, its been pretty good, besides being tired all the time.
Me and another exchange student joined the local boxing club, which is really fun . I will also be going to some rugby practices every once and a while.  My host family took me to a wedding in Italy, this was super cool even though I didn't understand anything, the food at the wedding was amaizing. At school I have lots of breaks so me and the other exchange student at my school went to this lake which was really pretty.
School in France is so different then Canada and it is so much harder but I made some friends and the people are all really cool. Some teachers don't make me do anything which is nice but others make me take tests and I don't understand anything (this is in math). All my money goes to croissants…only In France lol. The food here is sooooo good and my host family cooks so well! Its very true about what they said about gaining weight on exchange because I can't stop eating.
Mayor Lyn Hall, Kathleen Soltis & others from the City Staff presented to the club today the reasoning behind the building of a new firehouse downtown and a new Aquatic Centre to replace the 4 Seasons Pool. The members listened intently to the details and after the presentation many questions were asked. Go to the website for more information: Hall/Pages/Referendum.aspx
New breakfast room with washer/dryer, dishwasher and stove. Thanks to the Westwood PAC, Principal Steve Della Lana, The Sinclair Group and the Rotary Club of Prince George.
Hannah recently returned from an amazing 11 months in Flers France where she lived with host families and experienced the French culture by being totally immersed. She did a presentation to our club showing us many of the places she had seen, families she was hosted by and stories of her experience. Welcome home Hannah but I know as with the thousands of students who go out into the world through the Rotary Youth Exchange, your eyes are so wide open that you will not be able to close them again and the rest of the world is yours to experience.
The College Heights Secondary School Interact Club raised $3,000 for the Wildfire Evacuees and following is their letter explaining what happened:
The forest fires in the Cariboo and the evacuees plight has been sitting heavily on all our minds for the past few weeks. As a result, last week a small group of us from the College Heights Interact Club decided to do something about it and raise some money for the Red Cross who seemed the go to group for the evacuees.
After connecting with the Red Cross and our local Save On in College Heights, we set up a card table out front of Save On with the idea of asking for change as donations to help those forced out of their homes in the Cariboo. With the help of friends from school, we were able to man the table for eight hours a day, finishing off the drive on Monday evening.
We had set a target of maybe $100 with it coming from pocket change from people going to Save On. We thought if we could get $20 a day it would be worth it, but we were not prepared for what happened. At the end of the first day we had over $600!!! It kind of got away on us, but the ice cream bucket kept filling up on day two three and four. We have collected almost $3,000 for the Red Cross and very proud of it.
The reason for this letter though is not about us and what we were available to accomplish, but about Rotary. One of the reasons we did what we did is from watching and learning about Rotary through Interact and other community events through out the years. Our schooling taught us how to plan, organize and deliver a successful event. But Rotary taught us how to think outside the box, which is what we did.
So we are thinking outside the box by inviting your club to participate in raising money to help the evacuees once they settle back into their home towns. We want you to become partners with us in this community venture, but not the Red Cross. We understand that there has been a Rotary BC Wildlife Recovery Fund established.
The fund will make a difference to those in wildfire-stricken communities as they return home and start recovery and rebuild.
If we had known about this we would have donated to that cause, but that is water under the bridge today.
Please join us.
Shamitha Aravind and Sarah Ash
District governor Don Evans visited our club and spoke to us about his vision for our district. He also presented Rotarian Matt Thomson with a Paul Harris Fellow and the Rotary Exchange student Nadine Finch a Canadian jacket to wear when she does Rotary meetings and other Rotary events in her sponsoring club in Thailand. Group photo with all the members in attendance.
Last day of the boat raffle in the park on Canada Day 150th. Last picture Boat Raffle chair Rod Holmes draws the winning ticket and it is Barbara Kaytor of Prince George. The raffle was a tremendous success thanks to all the dedicated people who participated and to all those who bought tickets. Thank you!
Presidents Ball was a well attended fun filled event. Great food, great people and lots of laughs. Excellent job by Past-President John Kason to prepare. Some great videos of Rotarians and friends performing Karaoke to come as well as incoming President Kevin's speech.
Our exchange student Gabriela (Gabi) wearing her grad outfit for her grad of course. Congratulations Gabi!
Mike Morris came to our club and shared with us the state of the proposed Marijuana legalization by the Federal Liberals. His insight was very good and we learned that there are still issues that are expected with this controversial issue such as driving under the influence. Secretary Martin Myer thanked the speaker.
Prez Ross had the pleasure of inducting our newest member today. Luis Gonzalez from Diversified Transport. Welcome Luis!

As Rotarians we believe in Service Above Self and this can be measured by the projects the Rotary Club of Prince George has contributed to. These include the following:

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