Posted by B Bush
On August 14th we welcomed our new GRSP Student Daniela Ochoa Garro from Medellin, Columbia!  
Daniela arriving at Harstfield Jackson International Airport being welcomed by Rotarians and family members of her three host Rotary Clubs:  North Atlanta, Brookhaven and Tucker.

Daniela is sponsored by the Rotary Club of Medellin where her father is a Rotarian. Daniela is currently in her third year of Industrial Engineering studies at the Unversidad de Los Andes.  Once she completes her degree she will work toward her Master degree in Industrial Engineering or Finance.  She will attend Oglethorpe University while in Georgia.


Daniela being welcomed by GRSP Trustee Nick Spates, Ann Miller, Kay Emanuele, Renie Hallford and Charlie Patterson.

Ann Patterson, Bryan & Ella Katz, Renie Hallford, Charlie Patterson, Daniela Ochoa Garro, Ann Miller, Ralph Peeler, Mike Emanuel Nick Spates and Garry Guan welcoming Daniela to Georgia!

On Thursday, August 18th Daniel was welcomed at our Club social by Rotarians, District Dignitaries and guests.  

Rooman Ahmed from Bangledash, Brookhaven Club Host Parent Bryan Katz, DG Raymond Ray, AG Candace Klein, Daniela, GRSP Trustee Nick Spas, and AG Lou Alvarado.


Daniela, and North Atlanta Rotarians Ralph Sims, Mike Emanuele and Mary Frances Richardson

We look forward to an exciting year with Daniel and wish her all the best in school, her travels and throughout her time here in Georgia!

Welcome Daniela!