On Saturday, August 29, 2020 we had a fun time volunteering for the 10th Annual Chatahoochee RiverKeeper's "Sweep the Hooch no trash Saturday" project at the Proctor Creek site.  We joined several other groups here making up a force of about 40 people and we picked up a ton of trash, it's sad to say.  Special thanks to Nathan Aberson for organizing us, and Fazle Khan, Don Millen, Susan Kalus, Barbara Bush and special guest star Joan McGowen for spending your Saturday morning in the creek!
This year the "Sweep the Hooch" event at all the many sties around Atlanta had a total of 1064 volunteers.  On this one Saturday morning we removed 54,358 lbs of trash and 19,288 lbs of recyclables.  Folks, that's a lot of trash in our creeks and rivers.  This was up 10,000 lbs from last years' haul. We can do better than this people -- STOP littering!
Barbara, Joan, Don and Susan taking a quick photo op break 
Fazle wading along the creek
Nathan and Susan bringing up their first bags of trash.  This much trash was collected by the group in the first hour.
Susan celebrating a find!
Nathan and Joan cleaning the creek
We were at just one of the many sites organized by the Chatahoochee Riverkeeper to keep the waterways in and around Atlanta clean.  Let's do better folks and stop throwing trash in the rivers and creeks.