Support for the Homeless
For the past twenty or so years volunteers from the Rotary Club of North Atlanta have provided service for the homeless men downtown at the downtown shelter.  This year was no different.
At our recent Club meeting we created 100 goodie bags for the men at the shelter.  Each bag included zip lock bags, pairs of socks, hand warmers, hand wipes, masks, and a note from the Rotary club.  We distributed these goodies at the shelter on Thursday, February 24th when we also deliver 100 dinners and 100 bag lunches we made that day.
A couple of our volunteers stayed over night as chaperones for those lucky few homeless that were able to stay indoors this year.  Rotarians Don and Mike were on duty throughout the night.  Other homeless men stay in some 70 tents assembled on the grounds.
Club members and guests after packing up the 100 Goodie Bags.  Thank you!
Goodie bag contents:  two pairs of socks, two sets of hand warmers, 3 zip lock gallon bags, two black masks, a package of 20 wet ones and a note from the Rotary Club. 
Don Millen, our tireless project leader who procured fried chicken, apple sauce, potato salad,
and dessert for dinner and all the makings for lunch -- two sandwiches, fruit, cookies and water.
Jim Greco packing up lunch bags
Jon Yaeger helping to make 100 lunches
Starr Millen and Mary Frances Richardson making 100 dinners
Club President Christopher Drew lending a hand packing lunches
Our volunteer lunch and dinner crew -- Thank you for your service!
front row: Starr, Mary Frances, Christopher
back row: Don, Jim, Nathan and Mike
(missing from photo Jon and Barbara)