Although we were experiencing a COVID epidemic we decided to undertake an outdoor evening social hosted by President-elect Christopher Drew and his wife Stacy Dres at their business A-R-T & Associates.  We had a fun time simply seeing each other and catching up while staying safe.
Thank you to Christopher and Stacy for providing this opportunity for us to gather! 
Stacy and Cassidy Drew w/Puppy       Ralph Peeler and Ralph Sims
Catherine, Nathan and Christopher
President Fazle Khan, Nathan Aberson, Stacy and Christopher Drew
Don and Starr Millen
Alex Johnson, Nathan Aberson and Ralph Sims
Catherine Bernard, Cassidy, Stacy and Christopher Drew
Around the circle: Ralph Peeler, Jon Yaeger, Alex Johnson, Nathan Aberson, Ralph Sims, Garry Guan
and Mike Emanuele