NAR PP Ralph Peeler inducting the 2021-22 Interact Club Officers w/advisor Ms Andriano (far right)
Representing the NAR Club, PPs Ralph Peeler and Barbara Bush attended the induction ceremony of the Chamblee High School Interact Club. PP Ralph had the honor of installing the officers in front of approximately 80 of the Interact Club members.  NAR provided the well received pizza and refreshments after the ceremony.
Pizza Party after the 2021-22 Induction Ceremony
Once again, Chamblee Interact appears to be the "it" Club - with an aggregate membership of approximately 100+ members. Here is a link to their accomplishments in the 2020-2021 academic year - .  With creativity they were able to provide stellar service during the year of COVID and distance learning.  It's amazing what these students have accomplished!
This year, we as a Club are sponsoring a Rotary Region/District initiative called Youth Peace in Action ( This is a student lead initiative. The students will learn about peace initiatives and strategies during the Fall Semester, and then bring them to life in their respective schools during the Spring Semester.  We look forward to hearing about their accomplishments in this program and all their other service projects, some of which we hope to partner in with volunteers and/or funding.