We were able to get together in person this year to celebrate President Fazle Khan and our strange COVID Rotary year, and to induct our incoming President Christopher Drew and Pres-Elect Mike Emanuele.  It was wonderful to see so many friends, some for the first time in a very long time, and to catch up.
Special thanks to AG Ceasar Gaiters for coming and inducting our 2021-2022 Rotary leadership.
Don Millen, Juliet Reising and Mary Frances Richardson
Catherine Bernard and Kay Emanuele
Ann Bowers Miller and Ralph Peeler
Alex Johnson, Awal Khan and AG Ceasar Gaiters
Pres-elect Christopher with daughter Cassidy Drew
Jim Hobbs and Lance Reising
Kay and Mike Emanuele
Eva with farther Pat Thomas
Jim Greco, President Fazle, and Ralph Sims
Paulina and Garry Guan
Marty Michell, Masarrat & Durshi Husain, Don Millen and Dick Michell
Jim and Kathy Hobbs and Cassidy Drew
Mike Emanuele and Fazle Khan
Bill McLaughlin and Jon Yaeger
President Fazle Khan thanking Don Millen for his service
Mike presenting the President's plaque and congratulating Pres Fazle Khan 
Fazle and the President's Plaque
AG Ceasar Gaiters inducting 2021-22 President Christopher Drew and Pres-elect Mike Emanuele
Time to look forward!  Congratulations President Christopher and Pres-elect Mike!