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We are meeting in person at the 57th Restaurant. If you are interested in attending please send an email to:
On Saturday, March 26th volunteers from the Rotary Club of North Atlanta and the Chamblee Charter High school Interact Club  came together with volunteers from the broader community to join in the Chattahoochee Riverkeeper's "Sweep the Hooch" cleanup event.  Rotarians and family members, Interactors and community members gathered at two local cleanup sites:  Murphy-Candler Park and Lake site and the Peachtree Greenway site.  With the generous hours of service given, the waterways, trails and parks are more pristine and beautiful for Spring!
Volunteers from CCHS Interact Club ready to clean up at Murphy Candler Park & Lake
Interactors cleaning up in the park (above) and along the stream bed (below)
Peachtree Greenway site 
Stacy and Cassidy Drew gearing up for the cleanup at Peachtree Greenway.
Thank you to our Rotary, family and Interact volunteers for your efforts!  Special thanks to Amanda Stewart for organizing us!
These periodic cleanups held all over the greater Atlanta area are organized by the Chattahoochee Riverkeeper.  For more information or to volunteer for future "Sweep the Hooch" events go to Chattahoochee Riverkeeper at:
These cleanup efforts are always so needed and very productive.  Please join in the fun next time!
At the DeKalb Rotary Council's Annual Breakfast where educators and rotarians are honored, the Rotary Club of North Atlanta chose to honor 2nd Grade teacher Jodie Cohen of the Doraville United Elementary School.  Ms Cohen was recognized for her extraordinary service and dedication to her students.  Congratulations Ms Cohen, and thank you for all you do for education and the students!
L to R:  rotarian Cynthia Edwards, Jodie Cohen (honoree), Dr Jesse Berger, principal Doraville United Elementary, Christopher Drew, president North Atlanta Rotary Club
Support for the Homeless
For the past twenty or so years volunteers from the Rotary Club of North Atlanta have provided service for the homeless men downtown at the downtown shelter.  This year was no different.
At our recent Club meeting we created 100 goodie bags for the men at the shelter.  Each bag included zip lock bags, pairs of socks, hand warmers, hand wipes, masks, and a note from the Rotary club.  We distributed these goodies at the shelter on Thursday, February 24th when we also deliver 100 dinners and 100 bag lunches we made that day.
A couple of our volunteers stayed over night as chaperones for those lucky few homeless that were able to stay indoors this year.  Rotarians Don and Mike were on duty throughout the night.  Other homeless men stay in some 70 tents assembled on the grounds.
Club members and guests after packing up the 100 Goodie Bags.  Thank you!
Goodie bag contents:  two pairs of socks, two sets of hand warmers, 3 zip lock gallon bags, two black masks, a package of 20 wet ones and a note from the Rotary Club. 
Don Millen, our tireless project leader who procured fried chicken, apple sauce, potato salad,
and dessert for dinner and all the makings for lunch -- two sandwiches, fruit, cookies and water.
Jim Greco packing up lunch bags
Jon Yaeger helping to make 100 lunches
Starr Millen and Mary Frances Richardson making 100 dinners
Club President Christopher Drew lending a hand packing lunches
Our volunteer lunch and dinner crew -- Thank you for your service!
front row: Starr, Mary Frances, Christopher
back row: Don, Jim, Nathan and Mike
(missing from photo Jon and Barbara) 
Helping out those in Need this holiday season!
Once again North Atlanta Rotary served our community in various ways this holiday season.  Here's a couple of examples from service done on Saturday, December 18, 2021.
With the help of family and the CCHS Interact Club, rotarians volunteered to "Ring the Bell" for the Salvation Army in front of the Chamblee WalMart.  We had young and old represented with grandkids, CCHS Interactors, to grandparents!
the youngest:  Jack and Emmy
these two sang the whole time they were out front bell ringing and garnered much praise!
Grateful to have Leslie and Mark in their special Christmas sweaters to support the efforts!
Rotarian Dick Michell checking in with Anika, Harper and Andrew, three of the several CCHS Interactors that came out to support NARotary and the Salvation Army. 
Juliet and rotarian Lance Reising showed up in festive colors!
Rotarian Jim Hobbs with his welcoming smile supporting the Salvation Army!
Rotarians Pat Thomas, Nathan Aberson and Barbara Bush were also present to greet the shoppers!
Apologies to all of the volunteers I didn't get photos of including CCHS Interactors Riasha, Journee, Mehezabin, and NAR Club President Christopher Drew and family, and our project volunteer coordinator President elect Mike Emanuele.  THANK YOU everyone!
Supporting Nicholas House Families
Also on Saturday we delivered $1300.00 worth of gifts to the Nicholas House for five children and their families who are in the NH transitional housing program.  Unfortunately we forgot to take any photos of the haul we delivered -- it included lots of clothing items, coats, boots and some fun things like nail polish, candy, a tablet, basketball hoop, crystal maze game, some developmental games, books, a bicycle and WalMart gift certificates for the Parents.  
We hope the families that received these gifts will have a very Merry Christmas this year!
THANK YOU to the many NAR rotarians who made this all possible with donations to the project, to Kathleen McKinley for organizing the shopping efforts and project coordinator Barbara Bush.
Another very successful Whiskies of the World (WOW) event was accomplished last evening with the help of our superb volunteers! By all accounts the participants had a great time and the volunteers were stellar. 
Special thanks go to NAR PPs Nathan Aberson and Ralph Sims for their outstanding organizing leadership and volunteer support.   
Pictured here are a few of our late evening crew with NAR Club President Christopher Drew (seated left) and PP Nathan Aberson, Event Coordinator (seated right).
THANK YOU everyone involved, you helped raise funds for the Rotary Club of North Atlanta Foundation. The Foundation will contribute these funds toward programs supporting the homeless, those with food insecurity, various literacy initiatives, people in need with disabilities, an international water well project as well as several local youth programs.  We couldn't do it without all of you!  THANK YOU!
Pictured here are some of our volunteers at the end of the evening.  We're sorry we were so busy we forgot to take photos throughout the event and missed capturing several of our earlier crew members. 
Many Thanks to ALL of our volunteers!
Once again NAR Club provided Dictionaries to the students of Cary Reynolds Elementary School in Doraville.  Because of COVID and remote learning we were not able to deliver the dictionaries to the 3rd graders in the 2020-21 school year, so this year we delivered dictionaries to the school for both the current 3rd and 4th graders.  Although the students were back in the classroom, due to COVID Delta variant concerns, we were not able to go into the classrooms to deliver the dictionaries as we have in the past.  
Victoria Reisch, Cary Reynolds Academic Coach and NAR PP Barbara Bush 
showing the donated Spanish English and English Dictionaries
Prior to delivering the dictionaries we gathered at one of our lunch meetings to insert into the front of each dictionary a sticker with the Four Way Test on it, along with a name plate for each student.
Bill McLaughlin (back), PP Jon Yaeger, Masarrat Husain, President Christopher Drew and PP Nathan Aberson are seen here during our club meeting mini service event inserting the stickers into each dictionary.
NAR PP Ralph Peeler inducting the 2021-22 Interact Club Officers w/advisor Ms Andriano (far right)
Representing the NAR Club, PPs Ralph Peeler and Barbara Bush attended the induction ceremony of the Chamblee High School Interact Club. PP Ralph had the honor of installing the officers in front of approximately 80 of the Interact Club members.  NAR provided the well received pizza and refreshments after the ceremony.
Pizza Party after the 2021-22 Induction Ceremony
Once again, Chamblee Interact appears to be the "it" Club - with an aggregate membership of approximately 100+ members. Here is a link to their accomplishments in the 2020-2021 academic year - .  With creativity they were able to provide stellar service during the year of COVID and distance learning.  It's amazing what these students have accomplished!
This year, we as a Club are sponsoring a Rotary Region/District initiative called Youth Peace in Action ( This is a student lead initiative. The students will learn about peace initiatives and strategies during the Fall Semester, and then bring them to life in their respective schools during the Spring Semester.  We look forward to hearing about their accomplishments in this program and all their other service projects, some of which we hope to partner in with volunteers and/or funding.
FODAC Collection Event -- a SMASHING SUCCESS!
On July 31st 2021 we held the 8th annual collection event for FODAC (Friends of Disabled Adults and Children) and it was a SMASHING success by any standards!  Rotarians and friends from North Atlanta, Dunwoody, Stone Mountain, Tucker, Emory Druid Hills, and Atlanta Metro Rotary Clubs, along side Atlanta Metro Rotaract Club and Atlanta Arirang Lion's Club members gathered for a light breakfast and organizing on the patio of the 57th Fighter Squadron Restaurant in Chamblee. 
After event coordinator and North Atlanta Rotary (NAR) Club Past President Ralph Sims divided us into our respective groups and gave us our maps of pick up locations, we disbursed into the community to collect an estimated $318,000 worth of medical equipment and supplies!  The largest haul yet for this event.
Many thanks go to our event coordinator Ralph Sims for his tireless efforts to organize us and all of the volunteers who worked so hard on this very hot day, and to the community members who so generously donated these items to FODAC for refurbishment and redistribution before being distributed back out to those in need.  Several motorized scooters, hospital beds, electric and manual wheel chairs, walkers, canes, and various medical supplies were among the items collected in all of the donated vans, trucks and trailers. Thank you to the 57th Fighter Squadron Restaurant for use of their patio for breakfast and their back parking lot for our staging area.  It truly took a village, and we are grateful to everyone who participated, and to the support of the communities from downtown Atlanta to Roswell, to Milton, to Lawrenceville to Stone Mountain.  THANK YOU!
Volunteers representing 6 Rotary Clubs, 1 Rotaract Club and 1 Lion's Club gathered on the patio of the 57th Fighter Squadron Restaurant and prepared for a day of service!
Event coordinator and NAR PP Ralph Sims organizing and thanking the volunteers before dispatch into the community.
FODAC Executive Director Chris Brand thanking the volunteers for coming out and sharing FODAC's mission and accomplishments, all for the benefit of those in need.
North Atlanta Rotary event coordinator PP Ralph Sims thanking Natalie Barot of Emory Druid Hills Rotary Club who came through with several vehicles used for donation pickups, as well as thanking all volunteers for their generous donations of time, trucks, trailers and vans used to pick up medical equipment from the community-wide donors.  It took all of you!
Kay and NAR PP/PE Mike Emanuele, NAR PP Jon Yaeger, NAR President Christopher Drew and Jon's friend Chris Flowers enjoying fellowship at breakfast.
Ron Sato and other members of the Metro Atlanta Rotaract Club gathering at breakfast.
NAR PP/PE Mike Emanuele, Camille and NAR PP Kent Gipson
Dunwoody Rotary Club members enjoying breakfast and fellowship.
Rotaractor Alex West and others at the donation drop off site.
We are so very thankful for all the Rotaractors who participated with us this year! 
Kay and NAR PP/PE Mike Emanuel and Metro Atlanta Rotaract and Atlanta Arirang Lion's volunteers returning with a trailer and car full of donations!
Alex West and other volunteers in action unloading medical equipment and supplies.
NAR PP Kent Gipson, NAR PP Garry Guan, Metro Atlanta Rotaractors, family members and FODAC staff ready to unload a truck full.
Volunteers unloading a lift power chair and batteries, among other donated items.
Rotarians from Dunwoody and Emory Druid Hills, Rotaractors from Metro Atlanta, and Chris Brand and Ron of FODAC -- happy to return with a load of donated medical equipment.
Volunteers unloading donations of medical equipment, supplies & medical food, scooters and beds.
Rotarians from Emory Druid Hills and Rotaractors from Metro Atlanta were very well represented, shown here along with Chris Brand, FODAC Executive Director and PP of Stone Mountain Rotary Club.
FODAC is a non-profit organization located in Stone Mountain; it provides a place for collection and refurbishment, and then redistribution of used medical equipment and supplies to members of the local community as well as those in need across the country and internationally.  Their mission:  "With a strong network of volunteers and partners, FODAC provides refurbished equipment and services for adults and children with disabilities to improve their overall quality of life. Over the years, our model to assist individuals with disabilities has remained the same: to provide free or low-cost wheelchairs and other home medical equipment (HME), vehicle and home adaptations and more. Above all, our staff is like a family that works together to make every day a little easier, and a little more affordable, for people in need."
We came together for our first club social to celebrate the new Rotary Year.  The event, held at Southbound Restaurant in downtown Chamblee was a smashing success!  It was so wonderful to see people in person and share a laugh or two and all the delicious foods provided by Southbound.
Marty, Cassidy, Pres Christopher, Stacy and PP Lance sharing stories
PP Jon and Dick questioning the photographer
Stacy and PP Nathan sharing some laughs.
PE Mike, PP Ralph, Awal and Amanda  
Cassidy and Awal in deep discussion
Amanda and Marty
Bill, Dick, and PP Garry
Amanda, PP Ralph, Ann, Kay and PE Mike 
Bill, PP Don, Nathan and Masarrat
PP Fazle, Masarrat and Bill
We were able to get together in person this year to celebrate President Fazle Khan and our strange COVID Rotary year, and to induct our incoming President Christopher Drew and Pres-Elect Mike Emanuele.  It was wonderful to see so many friends, some for the first time in a very long time, and to catch up.
Special thanks to AG Ceasar Gaiters for coming and inducting our 2021-2022 Rotary leadership.
Don Millen, Juliet Reising and Mary Frances Richardson
Catherine Bernard and Kay Emanuele
Ann Bowers Miller and Ralph Peeler
Alex Johnson, Awal Khan and AG Ceasar Gaiters
Pres-elect Christopher with daughter Cassidy Drew
Jim Hobbs and Lance Reising
Kay and Mike Emanuele
Eva with farther Pat Thomas
Jim Greco, President Fazle, and Ralph Sims
Paulina and Garry Guan
Marty Michell, Masarrat & Durshi Husain, Don Millen and Dick Michell
Jim and Kathy Hobbs and Cassidy Drew
Mike Emanuele and Fazle Khan
Bill McLaughlin and Jon Yaeger
President Fazle Khan thanking Don Millen for his service
Mike presenting the President's plaque and congratulating Pres Fazle Khan 
Fazle and the President's Plaque
AG Ceasar Gaiters inducting 2021-22 President Christopher Drew and Pres-elect Mike Emanuele
Time to look forward!  Congratulations President Christopher and Pres-elect Mike!
In mid-May we were at the new Doraville United Elementary School helping them celebrate their first graduating class of 5th Graders with a BBQ/Picnic and Games Day.  We were so busy we forgot to take many photos.
Here are a few of the key volunteers.
the Grill Masters serving up hotdogs and hamburgers
Nathan Aberson, Mike Emanuele and Don Millen taking a quick break
after the kids were served and before cleanup!
For Earth Day we participated in another event with the Chattahoochee Riverkeeper to clean up a branch of the Peachtree Creek.  We were part of a much larger group of 40 or so, and spread out along the creek bed, so no "action photos" were captured.  However we had Don Millen and Tana Guan each falling into the creek and getting soaked, and Nathan hauling a lot of the larger trash to the dumpsters for the rest of us.
It's always a fun Saturday morning working with the community and supporting Mother Earth!
Don Millen, Nathan Aberson, Barbara Bush, Garry and Tana Guan with CRK Event Director
Once again during the holiday season the North Atlanta Rotary rang the bell for the Salvation army.  It was a bit  different in 2020 under the influence of COVID-19, however we were still out there with the brave souls going into Walmart, Chamblee.  Just a couple photos to capture the moment though.
Nathan Aberson and friend, with Mike Emanuele braving the elements to ring the bell!
Barbara Bush and Fazle Khan ringing the bell at Walmart, Chamblee
Although we were experiencing a COVID epidemic we decided to undertake an outdoor evening social hosted by President-elect Christopher Drew and his wife Stacy Dres at their business A-R-T & Associates.  We had a fun time simply seeing each other and catching up while staying safe.
Thank you to Christopher and Stacy for providing this opportunity for us to gather! 
Stacy and Cassidy Drew w/Puppy       Ralph Peeler and Ralph Sims
Catherine, Nathan and Christopher
President Fazle Khan, Nathan Aberson, Stacy and Christopher Drew
Don and Starr Millen
Alex Johnson, Nathan Aberson and Ralph Sims
Catherine Bernard, Cassidy, Stacy and Christopher Drew
Around the circle: Ralph Peeler, Jon Yaeger, Alex Johnson, Nathan Aberson, Ralph Sims, Garry Guan
and Mike Emanuele
On Thursday, February 11th we honored DeKalb County Police Detective Benton as Detective of the Year (photo below center) and Chamblee Police Officer Barber as Police Officer of the Year (no photo), both for their exemplary service to our communities.  Thank you!
North Atlanta Rotarian Don Millen (photo below right) has been a guiding force and an integral part of this recognition by the club for the past 51 years.  Thank you Don for your service!
On Saturday, August 29, 2020 we had a fun time volunteering for the 10th Annual Chatahoochee RiverKeeper's "Sweep the Hooch no trash Saturday" project at the Proctor Creek site.  We joined several other groups here making up a force of about 40 people and we picked up a ton of trash, it's sad to say.  Special thanks to Nathan Aberson for organizing us, and Fazle Khan, Don Millen, Susan Kalus, Barbara Bush and special guest star Joan McGowen for spending your Saturday morning in the creek!
This year the "Sweep the Hooch" event at all the many sties around Atlanta had a total of 1064 volunteers.  On this one Saturday morning we removed 54,358 lbs of trash and 19,288 lbs of recyclables.  Folks, that's a lot of trash in our creeks and rivers.  This was up 10,000 lbs from last years' haul. We can do better than this people -- STOP littering!
Barbara, Joan, Don and Susan taking a quick photo op break 
Fazle wading along the creek
Nathan and Susan bringing up their first bags of trash.  This much trash was collected by the group in the first hour.
Susan celebrating a find!
Nathan and Joan cleaning the creek
We were at just one of the many sites organized by the Chatahoochee Riverkeeper to keep the waterways in and around Atlanta clean.  Let's do better folks and stop throwing trash in the rivers and creeks.
A New Year, A New Decade!
Many of us came together to celebrate 2020 and welcome in the new decade at our club social.
Thank you Jim and LeighAnn Greco for hosting the North Atlanta Rotary Club at your beautiful home!
LeighAnn and Jim
Good food and fellowship!
Jon and Joan in deep conversation
New and old friends getting together!
Andrea and Catherine bringing good cheer 
Kathy and Amanda getting to know each other
Fazle and Marty sharing stories
Starr and Juliet - sharing a good time!
On Thursday, January 9, 2020 the Rotary Club of North Atlanta dedicated a bench at the Ashford Dunwoody Cowart Family YMCA in honor of Spurgeon Richardson, a long time Rotarian and past President and CEO of the Atlanta Convention and Visitor's Bureau. Spurgeon passed away October 18, 2019. Spurge and NARotary Club member Mary Frances have been long time supporters of Rotary and the YMCA, along with many other community organizations.  This bench is given to honor their dedication to community service and to commemorate the life and accomplishments of Spurgeon.
Mary Frances with two of her grandchildren Katie and Noah, and son-in-law Charles Gerrick
Katie, Mary Frances and Noah cutting the ribbon
NAR Dedication Organizers Don and Starr Millen, Mary Frances, NAR President Nathan Aberson and District Governor Jim Squire enjoying the bench at the dedication.
Welcome 2020 and our first new club member of the decade!
On Thursday, January 9, 2020 District Governor Jim Squire inducted Aryeh Bondy into the Rotary Club of North Atlanta.  Aryeh, a graduate of Emory University School of Law, is an Estate and Business Law Attorney practicing here in the Atlanta area over the past 30 years.  Welcome Aryeh!
(l to r) Club President Nathan Aberson, PP Barbara Bush, Aryeh Bondy and District Governor Jim Squire
At our regular meeting on December 19th we welcomed three new members into the Rotary Club of North Atlanta.
left to right: sponsor President Nathan Aberson with Amanda Stewart, Mark Howard sponsored by Jim Greco (not present), Dr. Awal Khan sponsored by Dr. Fazle Khan and Membership Chair Jon Yaeger.
Again this year North Atlanta and Brookhaven Rotary Clubs joined together to help out the Salvation Army raise funds during the holiday season.  With holiday music playing and candy canes shared we all had a fun tie at the Lenox Mall.
WOW - Whiskies of the World was a Fantastic Success again this year!
Held on Saturday, October 26, 2019
at the InterContinental Hotel, Buckhead
5th Annual Whiskies of the World Atlanta 
Benefitting the North Atlanta Rotary Foundation
Whiskies of the World® Expo brings together distillers from around the world to share their finest spirits and knowledge with whisky enthusiasts. Discover the Art of Whisky in the company of connoisseurs and whisky celebrities.
Hundreds of whiskies to sample
- Styles: Scotch, Bourbon, American Craft, Malts, Ryes, Grains, …
- Origins: Scottish, Irish, American, Canadian, Indian, Australian ...
A chance to meet Distillers and Brand Ambassadors
Delicious Foods 
Whisky Masterclasses: Guided tasting and educational experiences.
Whisky mixology
Cigar and Whisky pairing
Supporting the North Atlanta Rotary Foundation
Many thanks to all the volunteers for your hard work and support!
Whiskies of the World Atlanta, a world class event
WOW, a fantastic night of delicious food and drink, along with good company! The evening was enjoyed by all who attended the 4th annual Whiskies of the World Atlanta event held at the Westin Buckhead in November 2017. This event benefitted the North Atlanta Rotary Club Foundation!
Special thanks to the WOW organization and all our volunteers and guests for making this event such a wonderful success!  We hope to see you all again next year!
District 6900 LT Gov Candace Klein and Matt Metts enjoying the tastings
Rotarians Kent Gipson, Burnell Pitcher, former club member Spencer Gandy, and Tom Friedrichs having fun volunteering at WOW!
District 6900 DG Alec and Donna Smythe showing off their WOW goodie bag
NAR Co-President Barbara with PDG Alicia Michael enjoying the festivities!
Volunteers with WOW Event NA Rotary Club Coordinator Nathan Aberson, the man of the hour!  Fantastic job Nathan!
NA Rotarians Jon Yaeger, Catherine Bernard and Bill McLaughlin enjoying the evening.
Yummy yummy yummy bourbon infused chocolates, a delicacy found at WOW!
Rotarians Supporting FODAC!
One recent Saturday morning Rotarians, along with family and friends from eight (8) Rotary Clubs and one (1) Rotaract Club came together to disburse into the community collecting home medical equipment for refurbishment and re-distribution through FODAC (Friends of Disabled Adults and Children).  The value of the items collected was estimated at over $250,000!  This is absolutely fantastic for FODAC and its clients.
Volunteers from the Rotary Clubs of North Atlanta, Dunwoody, Brookhaven, Emory Druid Hills, Decatur, Stone Mountain, South DeKalb and North Atlanta Retract Club enjoying fellowship on the back patio of the 57th Fighter Squadron Restaurant, July 22, 2017.
L to R: FODAC CEO and Stone Mountain Rotary PP Chris Brand unloading just one truck, along with Dunwoody Rotarians Jennie Stipick, PE Rick Woods, and Tracey Carothers, aided by N A Rotary PP and Event Coordinator Ralph Sims.
The success of the event would not have been possible without the leadership and hands on involvement of North Atlanta PP and Event Coordinator Ralph Sims and the support and participation of our partners, including the 57th Fighter Squadron Restaurant where the event was staged.  Thanks to Ralph's organizing, our team of volunteers had the right equipment to facilitate the pickups - a mix of SUVs, Trucks, Trailers, and even a Box Truck - to go along with the 46 volunteers and two very hard working FODAC staff members.  Many thanks go to all those that persevered through the heat and humidity of the day to gather and transport and then unload all the donations.  And special thanks to the community for giving of the equipment they no longer needed, so that others can make use of it.  Kudos to all!
L to R: Rotaractor Gilbert Vazquez, Tucker President Ed Warner, Gary Bush, FODAC staff Lloyd Ames, North Atlanta Rotarian Kathy Monacelli, FODAC CEO Chris Brand, Emory Druid Hills Rotarian Pravin Kakadiya and President Ravi Singh, and North Atlanta Rotarian Joan McGowan waiting to unload our largest truck and trailer pick ups of the day!
L to R:  Moving one of the heavy hospital beds, FODAC CEO Chris Brand and Staff Ron Hess, Sam Gipson, Vraj Chhabhaya and FODAC staff Lloyd Ames in truck.
L to R: Brookhaven Rotarians Tony Schafer, President Tom Prior, PP Karen Kropp, Mister Schafer, and Patrick Lewis taking a moment before unloading a full truck and trailer combo.
L to R: Decatur Rotarian Mark Burnette, Dunwoody Rotarian Louise Barden, Kathy Burette and Tucker President Ed Warner unloading one of their deliveries.
L to R:  North Atlanta Rotarian Kent Gipson with son Sam, Jim Aberson, Burnell Pitcher and North Atlanta Rotarian Nathan Aberson caught in the middle of unloading a truck and trailer.
One almost full FODAC truck! L to R, North Atlanta PP Ralph Sims, FODAC staff Lloyd Ames, Tucker President Ed Warner, FODAC CEO & Stone Mtn PP Chris Brand... the bosses overseeing the load!
Many thanks to North Atlanta PP and Event Coordinator Ralph Sims for his leadership and hands on oversight of the event, to FODAC staff Lloyd Ames, Tucker President Ed Warner, and FODAC CEO and Stone Mountain PP Chris Brand for all their support with this event and their ongoing every day support of FODAC!
To find out more about FODAC go to
We had Fun at and around the Rotary International Convention!
With so many rotarians in town for the Rotary International Convention, North Atlanta Rotarians took the opportunity to meet up with old friends and make new ones.  Several of us volunteered to meet and greet fellow travelers at the airport directing them to their luggage, pointing out transportation options and where they could get their Convention badge right there at the airport.  Others spent time volunteering at various convention event venues around town, including a stint at the Braves Baseball Game on Thursday night and the NA Rotary Club co-sponsored Host Hospitality night in Decatur.  We also held our very own reunion/social at the Millen's house on Friday night where several past rotarians and GRSP students were able to attend.
Fellow Rotarian Chris Brand, CEO of FODAC with NARotarians Nathan Aberson and Joan McGowan visiting at the House of Friendship
PP Tore Knos at the Disaster Aid International booth, House of Friendship.  Tore is a Disaster Aid volunteer.
RI Convention Assembly: Bill Gates pledging to match Rotarian donations 2 to 1 over the next 3-years, up to $300,000!
Ashton Kutcher of the Thorne Foundation sharing insight into the Human Sex Trafficking issues that face all of us today.
Ashton is committed to finding ways to bring light to this issue and help stop Human Trafficking now.
NAR President Barbara with PDG Alicia Michael and the 1st female Rotarian/1st female Club President Sylvia Whitlock of California.
The World of Rotary in pictures out side the World of Coke
Greeters at the Airport - looking for fellow Rotarians
Outbound Youth Exchange student Nikki Aarts, Former GRSP students Anton Tyber and Stephen Turban with future Youth Exchange Student Ms Guan getting to know each other at the Club social!
Fellow rotarians Pat Thomas & Jim Barker enjoying the social.
PP Ralph Peeler, Julie Reising, and PP Ralph Sims enjoying the beautiful evening on the back porch at the Millen's
Past YES Sonia Pedersen from Argentina, Andrew Lovitt from Australian enjoying good conversation and local faire with new and old friends.
Cocktail hour at the Host Hospitality Night at Decatur Square and Historic Courthouse. Some of the guests went on small group tours of Historic Decatur while others stayed and socialized until dinner.  A nice mix of local rotarians and convention visitors in the crowd of 200.  A very successful event co-hosted with the City of Decatur and the Rotary Clubs of Decatur (lead), North Atlanta, Brookhaven, Dunwoody, and South DeKalb.
Decatur Rotary President Amy Nash making introductions with fellow Presidents Ceasar Gaiters (S. DeKalb) Barbara Bush (N Atlanta), Tina Philpots (Dunwoody) and Bonnie Hadarge (Brookhaven)
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