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Inbound Students

Youth ExchangeEach year the Janesville Noon Rotary Club hosts an international student or students from all over the world.

The purpose of the Rotary Youth Exchange program is to provide secondary school students with the opportunity to travel abroad, live with a host family, and experience life firsthand in a different country, school, and social environment. Exchange students will gain lifelong advantages through an expanded world view and greater appreciation of the world.

These students are between the ages of 15 ½ and 18 ½ years old.  Most students are hosted by two to three families during their exchange year.  Hosting a Rotary Youth Exchange student is a wonderful opportunity for the entire family.  Each family member is able to interact with the student, perhaps learn a new language, learn a new culture and of course, is exposed to a whole new world. 

Becoming involved in Rotary Youth Exchange is playing a part in creating WORLD PEACE.


Outbound Students

The outbound program which has always been run by the districts and is operated under the name of Central States Outbound Exchanges, LLC (CSROBE) as a wholly owned subsidiary of CSRYE.

KatjaCentral States Rotary Outbound Exchange provides students between the ages of 16 and 18 the opportunity of a lifetime! It's a chance to spend 11 months in another country learning the language and culture. Each year, about 250 boys and girls apply through their local Rotary Club and district. Students generally apply in August and September to go on exchange the next year. Outbound students and their parents are guided through months of orientation and information about the country of their exchange year. Outbound students typically stay with two or three Rotary-approved families and receive a monthly stipend for incidental expenses.

Rotary Youth Exchange outbound students need to be above average students who are eager for the chance to try new things and meet new people. You will learn about other cultures, about other people and about yourself. Contact the Janesville Noon Rotary Club today for more information.



How do I Apply?

You apply through the Janesville Noon Rotary Club. The Janesville Noon Rotary Club promotes the program at Craig, Parker and Milton High Schools year round. For more details on the application process and any deadlines, contact the Janesville Noon Rotary Club.


Application Forms

The Application and additional information regarding becoming an Outbound Rotary Youth Exchange student is available on the Central States website located at http://csrye.org .Please do not complete the application until instructed to do so (quite often there is a preliminary interview/selection process before you need to complete the full application.)

Please make sure that you download the correct application for your District.


Application Forms - How to Fill them Out...

Review the instructions provided at least once or twice before completing the application form.

It is important to answer all the questions truthfully when completing the form (even when doing so may be difficult for you.)



Relax.  Remember to breathe.  The interview that you go through to be selected as a Rotary Exchange Student will probably be more intense and nerve-wracking than any interview you have been through before. However it is important to remember to "be yourself" when being interviewed. The interview is not a test or measure of how great a person you are--instead it is meant to ensure that you are an appropriate student for Rotary Youth Exchange--and that Rotary Youth Exchange is an appropriate program for you. A year abroad is a significant commitment and a major challenge--so it very important that both YOU and ROTARY benefit from the experience.  And then what happens?  You wait....

Sometime in January you will be informed on your country assignment. After that, you have six or seven months to get yourself ready for the experience.