Welcome to Rotary
So you are a new member... now what?
This page is designed to give you the information you need to help you get involved and get the most out of your Rotary membership.
Timeline for new members:
  • Approved for membership by board (within 30 days of submitting application)
  • New member induction- President should present you with certificate within 30 days from approval by board
  • New member orientation- A mentor will be assigned to you within 2 weeks of approval. 
    • They will schedule new member orientation- within 30 days of approval. 
    • They are your "go to" during your first 12 months if you  have any questions.  Of course, you can always ask anyone, but we hope your mentor can provide one on one meetings to help educate you on "all things" Rotary.​​​​​​
    • New Member Checklist- this is a checklist of items that will help you get involved right from the get go.  Please try to complete this within the first 6 months of membership. The sooner you get involved, the sooner you will see all the great things our club does for our community. 
  • Red Badge Talk- one of your items on your checklist is to give a short 2-3 minute talk to the members. This is an opportunity to introduce yourself, your family, your interests, your work and or your education.  The President should schedule this within your first 45 days of being a member. 
  • Join a Committee- a list of committees are described below but you can also download a Committee Sign Up Form.  We encourage you to get involved right away.  There are plenty of areas of passion and interest you can choose from.
Obligations as a Member
The Janesville Noon Rotary Club has two simple requirements... get involved and have fun!  Because of all of the service projects and fundraising we do, you will often hear solicitations for your help or requests for donations.  Don't get overwhelmed!  Here is a summary of what IS expected of you.  
  • You should try to make 70% of weekly meetings (3 out of 4).  If you miss a meeting, there are lots of ways you can get credit for a makeup to count towards your membership.  
  • Participate in opportunities- whether financially or by volunteering, Service Above Self is the reason we are all here.  Our club supports a lot of good causes.  All require fundraising efforts and feet on the ground.  But we all have our limitations.  Feel free to pick your causes.  You may prefer to volunteer and be active in committees and fundraisers, or you may wish to write a check to support the cause.  Some members do both depending on their situation.  As long as you are participating in some fashion, then you are showing Service Above Self.  Because the Corn Roast is our biggest fund raiser, Rotarians are expected to donate or raise through sponsorships a minimum of $175 each year.  Your mentor can explain how to solicit sponsorships if you prefer not to write a check.  
  • Have Fun!  This club is your club and there are all kinds of networking and social opportunities to be involved with.  Whether it's supporting a fundraiser, attending the weekly meetings, being a part of a committee or attending one of our many outside Social Functions take the opportunity to get to know your fellow Rotarians.  And if you have an idea for a Social Outing, our Social Committee is always open to ideas.
Make-ups for Missed Meetings
There are several ways that you can get a makeup credit for a missed meeting to help achieve your attendance requirements.
  • You can attend a meeting online (see home page for link).  
  • You can attend a board meeting or committee meeting.  
  • You can attend a meeting at another club
  • You can attend a club event or fundraiser or that of another club
  • You can attend a district conference, district meeting or international conference
It is your responsibility to notify the secretary of your makeup.  Forms are available at the check in desk. All makeups should occur within 2 weeks of a missed meeting.
Getting Involved
The Janesville Noon Rotary club has a wide variety of service projects, committees and fund raising opportunitites for you to get involved with.  With such a variety, we hope you will find something of interest and will seek out opportunitites to participate.  You can feel free to sit in on a committee meeting to find out more about them.  Meetings are usually announced a week ahead of time and are generally immediately before or immediately after our regular Monday meeting.   You can see an updated list of committees here.