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The Janesville Noon Rotary Club holds two fund raising events each year.

Our Mission Statement


Creating a Better Community... A Better World!

Janesville Noon Rotary has grown to be one of the largest clubs in our district and is recognized throughout the Rotary world. It is a local service club that takes on significant projects having a positive impact in our community-- and communities worldwide.  We get things done!  Our most significant projects include Kids Against Hunger, Camp Rotamer, and Rotary Botanical Gardens.  Additionally, we are supportive of many student scholarship and exchange opportunities, as well as educational and fundraising programs which provide interaction with a cross-section of our community.  This is an approach that may not be available through any other organization.  It is also a chance to make a commitment to become involved-- and see how becoming a member can make a positive difference in the world and in your own life.  This club sets the standard for volunteer service organizations.