Madison South Rotary meets Mondays for lunch 12:00 - 1:15 pm at Madison College Goodman South Campus, 2429 Perry Street, Madison, WI 53713 on the second floor.  We also offer attendance via Zoom.

We enjoy fellowship, networking, a delicious catered lunch ($15 per person), and informative, engaging presentations from location businesses and nonprofits. 

Nonprofit Grant Application Now Available!
The Madison South Rotary Foundation Inc. in conjunction with the Rotary Club of Madison South will be considering requests for funding in the Spring of 2024.
If your non-profit organization would like to submit a request, please complete our online application, along with proof of your organization’s non-profit tax-exempt 501(c)(3) status by the end of the day, Friday, March 15, 2024
Up-coming Speakers
Brett Weiss
Apr 22, 2024
Weiss Scholarship Foundation
Fifth Monday
Apr 29, 2024
Regular meeting and revisiting members
Joe Balles
May 06, 2024
MPD and the "Madison Addiction Recovery Initiative"

Our Brat Stand

Our fall Brat Stand across from UW Madison's Camp Randall Stadium is our primary fundraiser. The club then returns much-needed financial assistance back to the community using a deliberate, thoughtful grant process each Spring.

Active Fellowship Groups

Social connections are the biggest reason our members enjoy our club. Unlike committees, fellowship groups are organized by club members to promote social interaction and fun.

About our Membership

As a medium-sized club of more than 60 active members, the Madison South Rotary club spans all ages and occupations.  
Meeting Recaps
Samantha Rubin spoke to us about the Madison Mallards Baseball and the new
Madison Women's Softball Team. The teams are part of the Northwoods League.
Currently the Softball league will have 4 teams.  The name of the softball team
will be unveiled on Saturday, April 20th at 5:30 at the Orpheum.  The final four
choices are Thunder Chickens, Lake Muensters, Swamp Angels, Night Mares. 
Head Coach Raquel Savoy and players will talk about the season with 21 home
games and 21 away games.  The first softball game will be on June 16th. 
There will be nights when both softball and baseball will be played on the field. 
Sam has been with the Mallards since October, 2019 after having played with
the Tampa Bay Rays and obtaining a Sports Management Degree at the Univ
of Florida.  She is the General Manager of the Mallards and the new softball
team. Upgrades have been made to switch between baseball, softball, and youth.
The entire in-field has been changed to turf.  The out field will be grass.
There will be a fence on wheels. The capacity is 6700.
Monroe Street Arts Serves the Whole Community
Madison South's contribution to Monroe Street Arts is helping "neuro-diverse children" by giving them a backpack filled with special items, including headphones, weighted lap animals and timers. These items help kids on the spectrum who struggle with anxiety issues.
Center Director Carey Zawlocki says the organization's goal is to "engage a community of learners," be it for guitar lessons, voice instruction, art classes or various workshops.
Zawlocki says the Center serves about 2,000 students per year, with about half being grade school kids.
Funding for these efforts is always a challenge, as Zawlocki says Wisconsin ranks dead last for arts funding. The State provides 18 cents per capita compared to Minnesota, which spends $9.67 per capita.
For more information, visit
Basket-Making in Kenya Fuels Resources to Save Girls from Mutilating Surgery
When Leslie Sager visited Kenya in 2012, she learned of an unhealthy, dangerous practice known as female genital mutilation. Incredibly, almost every young girl in Kenya is subject to this unnecessary practice.
“In Kenya, the belief is that you’re not a woman until after female genital mutilation,” says Sager.
In subsequent trips to Kenya, Sager vowed to help inspire an alternative right of passage for these girls, but it would take education and resources. With her background that includes an undergraduate degree in social work and a Master’s in design, Sager helped develop a program to promote the sale of baskets made in Kenya. In 2016, she began marketing the baskets, providing a stream of revenue for these families that leads to better education and no unnecessary surgery!
The organization is known as Merry-Go-Strong via
Tenant Resource Center Serves Dane County
The Tenant Resource Center distributed $8 million dollars in rental assistance in 2023. Those federal funds helped people stay in their homes by getting apartment owners paid. The non-profit organization provides services both to tenants and landlords.
There are a great many issues related to housing disputes, with the TRC fielding 11,000 calls in 2023. In addition, there were 4,800 drop-in visits to the Center.
Mary, who is president of the Board, says there are a variety of ways to help the TRC accomplish its mission of serving people’s housing needs:
  • Make a donation.
  • Host a fundraiser
  • Join the Board of Directors
For more information, see
Kay Wilson reported that the Triangle Ministry Dinner last Monday was enjoyable for both residents and Rotarians. Deacon Meg Nielsen was pleased that time was taken to visit with the residents. The food was also delicious!! Thanks to everyone who participated. 👏
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