Chartered in 1967, Madison South Rotary is a group of 70+ active, friendly professionals who value the Rotary motto “Service Above Self.” While contributing to Rotary International’s worldwide projects, we also provide scholarships to outstanding students and fund grants for local nonprofits.

Madison South Rotary meets Mondays for lunch 12:00 - 1:15 pm at Madison College Goodman South Campus, 2429 Perry Street, Madison, WI 53713 in room 205.  We also offer attendance via zoom.

We enjoy fellowship, networking, a delicious catered lunch ($15 per person), and informative, engaging presentations from location businesses and nonprofits. 

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About our Membership

As a medium sized club of 70+ active members, the Madison South Rotary club spans all ages and occupations.  

Active Fellowship Groups

Social connections are the biggest reason our members enjoy our club. Unlike committees, fellowship groups are organized by club members to promote social interaction and fun.

Our Brat Stand

Our fall Brat Stand across from UW Madison's Camp Randall Stadium is our primary fundraiser. The club then returns much needed financial assistance back to the community using a deliberate, thoughtful grant process each Spring.
Home Page Stories
Immigration Services at the Catholic Multicultural Center: Helping New-comers Become Neighbors
Refugees and immigration have been in the news because of the war in Ukraine, the US departure from Afghanistan and the ongoing southern border issues.  Steve and Carmel shared the history of the Center, the range of services offered, interesting volunteer opportunities, and the profound complexities of the government obstacles to aiding families in need.
Originally called St. Martin House, the Center has been open since 1946. The current building opened in 2002. Their focus on immigration started in 2009 and as an organization they shifted their relationship from The Diocese to the Our Lady Queen of Peace parish. All denominations are served in the eleven counties of the Diocese. As Executive Director Steve explained when asked about their association with the church and the families they serve, “We don’t serve them because they are Catholic. We serve them because we are Catholic.”
Carmel, the lead attorney, shared revealing statics: the Center has helped people from more than 70 countries, she and her staff of one paralegal and on additional attorney have 600 open cases, and of 189 cases files only 133 have been approved.  Sadly 85% of the cases nationwide are not approved.  If you missed it, here is the video:
Neighborhood House is Madison's first and oldest community center located in the Greenbush Neighborhood. For over 105 years Neighborhood House has offered programs and services to all people and has a long and varied history.  They have also received grant funding from Madison South Rotary!  Director Laura Gundlach shared their long history and the work that they currently do.  And there are plenty of volunteer opportunities from assistance with building projects to collection of toiletries to mentoring youth.  To watch the presentation:
Dear elves, reindeer, cookie bakers, bingo callers, and party planners, put away your hats. Hang up your jingle bells. Store the bingo cards. 
Do put on your masks and share a sigh together. A positive COVID case has interrupted the 2021 festivities. Our St. Mary’s BINGO party is shelved for yet another year. Please hold good thoughts, and until the season comes around again here’s a quick story being shared throughout the Rotary District about our treasured tradition.
~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ 
It starts with one. One man, one mom, one Christmas, and one Rotary Club. The Madison South Rotary Club.
And how do families make a holiday special? With food, friends, a few very suspicious-looking reindeer, and a whole lotta fun. And what’s more fun than BINGO? BINGO with cash prizes!! Add food, lap blankets, trays of tasty holiday treats ... a Holiday tradition is born.
For more years than Lisa Gits can or wants to remember members of the club have chosen to bring a Bingo party to the residents of St. Mary’s Care Center. It originally was because one of the club member’s moms was there. When word spread, a little Santa magic with a generous dollop of Rotary fellowship and goodwill, more than a handful of elves of various sizes and shapes, a party with food and gifts materialized. The tradition goes back far enough that there are notorious tales. No one will share the one about Juanita in B4…but if you ask Ted See, he just might share a story or two.
Other than a little, or a lot, of Holiday Cheer, what does a senior citizen want? A little warmth. Cue RSVP and generous gifts of handcrafted lap quilts. Even a global pandemic will not stay the arrival of these personal warmth delivery devices.
Sometimes service is ambitious. Sometimes it’s playing BINGO on a December evening with some of our vintage community members.
This is what the "Family of Rotary" is all about.
Some Rotarians ride bicycles for fun, some for their health, some to get to work, and some even ride for a cause. The cause that drew District 6250 leaders to their bikes on November 6th is the fight to eradicate polio.
From Chippewa Falls to Madison and Mt. Horeb riders came to Verona to mount their bicycles and stay in place. Because the goal is to get to a polio free world, and your bike doesn’t need to move to reach that goal. 
District Governor Karen Hebert arrived with her game face on, literally. She sported an End Polio Now tattoo on her cheek. Joining her in a matching tutu with flashing lights was DGN Dr. Michelle McGrath, who sported pigtails designed to bob in the breeze created by the whirring of bike wheels. 
Representing Madison South Rotary were District Polio Chair Randy Sproule and club Secretary Lee Ann Dillis, also wife of AG Mike Dillis the driving force behind the ride.

Rocket Bicycle with Madison South Rotary Club hosted the first annual District 6250 Ride to End Polio. Rocket Bicycle and SBR Endurance provided high-tech bike stands that transform moving bicycles into stationary bicycles, temporarily. Rain or shine Rotary would ride to end polio on November 6th.
The teams arrived by 8 AM to check out “the course” and calibrate their bikes to the sophisticated tracking equipment that would provide second by second feedback about speed, miles, and more.  Ahead of the riders, spanning nearly the full length of the wall, was a dynamic display of information projected in giant numbers. A graphic silhouette of hills (more than one) revealed which rider was leading and how the team was progressing as they raced to add miles as the minutes ticked up to the limit of 45. Only 45 minutes had been allocated for the ride this year. Pledges rode on each push of a pedal. 
And just as can happen on the open road, only ten minutes into the ride Lee Ann realized this just wasn't going to be her day. Like the athlete she is, she listened to her body and got off her bike. Never fear. The ride was not over for Team B.R.A.T. As she dismounted her bike, Lee Ann spied Club President Erin West, who had stopped in just to cheer on the team standing there watching. In the true spirit of a team player and without missing a beat, Erin shed her coat, handed off her coffee, and stepped onto Lee Ann’s bike. But the next 35 minutes were far from the biggest challenge for President Erin.  Lee Ann is of modest height and Erin towers over her. So the fit was awkward. Add to this size mismatch that Lee Ann had clip-in pedals which require clip-in shoes, of which Erin had none.  So pedaling on her toes for the next 35 minutes Erin West rode one for the team.
Riding on the open road nine cyclists from West Towne-Middleton met in Verona in the afternoon on November 6th and rode for 14 miles.  
And in the end what did the District 6250 Ride to End Polio achieve?
Team Tutu:         $12,534.00
Team B.R.A.T:   $13,053.00
Team M-WT:      $1,520
Total:                   $27,107.00

With the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation 2:1 match, the event raised $81,321.00!


In 2019, Madison South created and held our first Pints for Polio event on World Polio Day. It was hosted at all four Great Dane Brewing locations around Madison, WI. 

The concept was pretty simple ... for every pint, growler, and crawler sold from lunch through dinner, The Great Dane donated $1 which will then be matched 2:1 by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation.

In just a few hours, $1,689 was raised and with the Gates Foundation match, that total rises to $5,067!

Afterward, when we were announcing the success of the event, the event branding went viral. Pints for Polio logos, T-shirt art, social media posts, and posters were sent to Rotary clubs around the world - literally from Australia to Europe! 
In 2020 we didn't hold the event due to COVID, but we came back in 2021 at a new location - Headquarters Bar in Grill in Oregon, WI
Guests enjoyed the Rams take on the 49ers that evening, and about 30 Rotarians from various clubs attended.

Though the event was much smaller in 2021, we still managed to raise $225 which was then matched to become a $675 donation to End Polio efforts.

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