Our club meets at noon on Tuesdays.

Mary Mahoney's Restaurant
116 Rue Magnolia
Biloxi, MS  39530

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Rotary Club of Biloxi      P.O. Box 303      Biloxi, MS  39533      USA

Rotary News
Healthier lives ahead for South Pacific children

Rotary’s Give Every Child a Future program vaccinates 100,000 young people

At convention find breakouts tailored to you

Take away bold ideas about how to improve your club experience, your community, and the world from breakout sessions at the Rotary convention in Singapore.

A labor of love

Supported by a Rotary Programs of Scale award, an initiative in Nigeria seeks to remedy the country’s high instances of maternal death

Heat is on for urban planners

As temperatures rise, cities transform heat islands with tree cover, “cool pavement,” and other adaptations.

Food of the future

Breadfruit, a starchy fruit long a staple in the tropics, is attracting new interest globally as farmers and scientists search for crops that are hardier while still nutrient dense.

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