Rotary Speakers
Pam and George Morey - February 7
Speakers, Pam and George Morey, volunteer coordinators of our mountain fire lookout towers, shared the history and current use of the towers as both fire spotting and visitor centers.

Captain Dale Gregory - January 31
Dale Gregory, Captain of the Twin Peaks Sheriff's station, discussed the challenges of being a Sheriff in today's world.

Corbin Pickett - January 10
Corbin Pickett with the Youth Action Mentoring Network talked about his organization's Mentor Training and the benefits for both Mentor and Student.

Sue Walker - January 3
Sue Walker, Senator in the Senior Legislature, explained the ins and outs of the Senior Legislature.   Their main role is to advocate for Senior issues in California and work with California legislatures to seek new laws addressing issues of importance to our Senior population.

Cassandra Soto - November 29
Cassandra Soto with the Blue Jay Library, provided an overview of the many services the Library 
provides in our community.  Of particular interest was learning about the free literacy service program.

Jim Grant - November 22
Jim Grant, ALA General Manager, provided an overview of Lake Arrowhead and how it interacts with Papoose and Grass Valley Lakes.  

Aylene Popka - November 15
  Aylene gave a excellent presentation on ethics and the four way test.

District Governor Bob Duistermars - November 8
 All the latest news from the District.

Rim of the World Comfort Pets - November 1

Carol McBrady (Moma Carrol) - October 25
Carol gave us an update on her work in Zambia.  Her mission "is to bring the street children back into family life within the community..."  Thank you Carol for your work in Zambia.

John Trammell and Heidi Fron - October 4
John Trammell, Administrative Assistant/Conservation Advocate, with the Wildlands Conservancy and Heidi Fron, Reporter with the Mountain News, discussed the new Sand to Snow National Monument that extends from the desert to the San Bernardino Mountains.  For more information go to:

Charlie Harrison - September 27
Charlie Harrison, CEO Mountain Community Hospital, shared the status of the current hospital renovation project.  He also provided a glimpse of some future projects.  One of those being an assisted living facility.  On this he was asked by members - "when he would be taking reservations"!.

Laura MacFarland - September 13 

Laura McFarland, President Mountain Thrift Store provided an update and overview of the store.  Jo Bonita Rains and Lori Bialecki modeled samples of the garments received by the store.  Laura also wore items from the store.  Of note, the Thrift Store has been operating for 26 years and is run exclusively by volunteers.  Over the last few years the store has generated profits of over $200,000 each year.  All of the profits are used to support 9 non- profit organizations in our community.  All the items received by the store are donated.

Russell Keller - September 6


Russ gave a fascinating presentation on the Overell Murder and trial.  The trial took place in 1947 and lasted 133 days.


Christopher Fisher - August 30
Christopher recently returned from a year in Switzerland as a Lake Arrowhead Rotary Exchange student.  He shared his experience and the impacts his year has had on him personally.  A future Rotarian in the making.