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Club President Peter Bennett chaired the meeting and after the pledge of allegiance read an invocation provided by Kevin Rentner who is attending the International Rotary Convention.
This is the official grace of the Rotary Club of Makindye (ma kin dee), Kampala, Uganda who were the Club’s international partner for a literacy project in 2011 and have partnered with both the noon club and the Kelso club on water projects.
For friends and fellowship,
We thank Thee, Oh, Lord
May we always be mindful
Of the needs of others.
Jo Brewer introduced prospective member Lori Bashor and Jill Diehl introduced Kristin and Chris McGlothen.
Donna Hammond has been missed for several weeks due to her husband’s three surgeries, a trip to California, a visiting granddaughter and a trip to Wenatchee and paid an appropriate fine before embarrassing herself in front of Fire Chief Jurmu with her lack of knowledge of appropriate regulations for backyard burning.    Gary Devin reported on his trip to Joshua Tree, Ron Orringer had missed a meeting but Dennis Mahr was able to brag about attending two consecutive meetings.  Diane Craft reported on the Chamber Golf Tournament and Jill Diehl was back from a marathon road trip to Banff to watch her daughter compete in a half-marathon.  Bill Marcum also talked about the Chamber Golf giving kudos to Tom Gunn’s ability to get team photos printed and returned and thanked sponsors who are club members.  Greg Luhn had received a business award at another Rotary Club’s event and Peter Bennett reported on his Father’s Day which included a detour to Yakima for award winning tamales.
Kristin McGlothen advised the Club that she is a recent arrival to the area having been a violin teacher in Alaska where she got involved in an Environmental Contest that had High School studentsidentify a topic and then address a remediationapproach.  She had been involved in raising $12,000 over the last five years and is now looking at doing something similar in our area.  Jill Diehl offered to work with her both in her professional capacity as a School District employee but also on behalf of our Club.
Peter Bennett explained that the Board had voted to introduce a new Honorary Membership category for retired members.  Club members who are retired can apply to the Board to be moved to an Honorary status that would eliminate their dues requirement although it was hoped that they would make a voluntary contribution of $100 in lieu.  Tom Gunn passed around the signup sheets for Go4th and the Highway Cleanup program.
Diane Craft then introduced  Lisa Hedgpeth from Longview Library whose topic was the history of local monuments.
Lisa stated her talk by talking about monuments in general, why they are important as touchstones to the past and as symbols of the community.  She concentrated her remarks on three specific monuments (1) The Sundial in R.A. Long Park that unfortunately has been recently stolen.  First conceived in 1928 and finally installed in 1939 by the local chapter of the Daughters of the American Revolution it commemorates the Monticello Convention.
(2) The bust of R.A. Long that sits in front of the library.  This statue was originally envisaged as a full body statue but fund raising was insufficient and Lisa gave a fascinating story about the various efforts to get funding until finally the design and cost were reduced and the necessary $2,500 spent to get the current bronze statue made and installed.
(3) The Nutty Narrows Bridge.  Conceived and financed by Amos Peters it was constructed in 1963 and its fame quickly spread with stories locally, regionally, nationally and even internationally.  The bridge was taken down refurbished and rededicated in 1983 with Mickey Mouse brining his close friends Chip and Dale to join the celebration.  In 2014 it was added to National Register and is now just one of many such structures in town.
During Q & A we learned about a connection between the Plymouth Rock and R.A. Long park and the fact that the deck of the Nutty Narrows Bridge is made from fire hose.
This year the Longview Early Edition Rotary Club will award scholarships to four local area students for the 2018-19 school year.  Awards are limited to one year and will be paid directly in one payment to the college or university following the first semester grading period.
  • Two Scholarships will be awarded to graduating seniors from R. A. Long High School, Mark Morris High School or Discovery High School, for use at the college of their choice.  To be eligible, applicants must have attended one of these high schools for at least one year.
  • One scholarship (Rotary Past President Emery B. Piper Memorial Award) will be awarded to a Castle Rock, Kalama, Toutle High School or Three Rivers Christian School graduating senior for use at the college of their choice.
  • One Scholarship (the Carl Devin Memorial award) will be awarded to a local area student who will attend Lower Columbia College.
Applicants will be judged on academic record (40%), extracurricular activities (15%), community service (15%), financial need (20%), and quality, content, and completeness of scholarship application (10%).
You must attach two letters of recommendation that include how long the writer has known the applicant, their relationship to the applicant, and why they are recommending the applicant.  Transcripts of your high school or LCC grades must also be attached.
Final selection of applicants who are scholarship winners will be made by the Longview Early Edition Rotary Scholarship Committee.  Alternates will be selected in the event a scholarship winner does not utilize his or her scholarship.  In the event there is no qualified applicant for a scholarship in one of the categories, the committee may make an additional award to an applicant in one of the other categories.
An electronic application form is available online at the following link: documents/en-ca/7dc66be9-0d60-4e3d-b6d7-7de146733e77/1
To be eligible for consideration, all applications must be completed and emailed no later than 5:00 pm Monday, April 16, 2018, to scholarships@longviewearlyeditionrotary.com
(with high school transcripts and two letters of recommendation attached).
Early Edition Rotary Club is now accepting applications for our scholarship program.  Download the application form from this link
Tom Renaud, after an unsuccessful false start, led the pledge of allegiance and fortunately Shawn Green had engaged Gregg Luhn to ably fill in for him doing the invocation.  Scott Fischer did an admirable job in introducing visiting Rotarian and a fellow State Farm Insurance Agent Jessica Wade, her husband Todd and Pastor Mark Schmutz from the Northlake Church and the Longview Noon Club. Kevin Rentner introduced his wife and Kelso Rotarian Anne Mette Smeenk suggesting that we try and make our normal attempts at poaching a Rotarian from another Club more discreet than usual as we had multiple Rotarians in the room.
Tom Renaud paid (perhaps a guilt) fine for a story involving a package that his wife had him pick up from his daughter that he feared would occupy valuable garage space, Kevin Rentner was celebrating the return of his son from studying in London and his wife’s European travels.   Bill Marcum has a full household with 5 dogs, 2 cats, 9 people and was very appreciative of Lloyd Smith who had come by to take some pictures (not sure if the signed 8 x 10s are available from Bill or Lloyd).  Barb Sudar is still celebrating last week’s birthday bell ringing and Jessica Wade recounted that her Christmas involved a shopping list for 42 people and three events with two down and one to go.  As her son proposed marriage during one of the events we assume her shopping list has grown to 43 for next year!  Jennifer Leach’s son delivered some of the trophies of a successful duck hunt to her back porch which we hope weren’t planned for the Christmas Dinner unless she includes a local raccoon in her holiday festivities.  Apparently a trap is now set so perhaps a missed meal of duck could be offset with a raccoon roast?  Jill Diehl is still on convalescent duty for her husband Tom and his new knees, Peter Bennett had celebrated Christmas in Tacoma with his wife, daughters and new son-in-law and Kay had marked Christmas with a boat trip in Portland.
Bill Marcum started a string of bell ringing stories by thanking Scott Fischer for taking his place due to his out-of-town visitors although promptly failed the four-way test with a comment that perhaps he should have kept his bell ringing appointment and had Scott take care of his visitors!  Dave Grocott had obviously enjoyed his bell ringing although after several failed attempts to get someone to empty the kettle he called Kay Green and “viola” mission accomplished.  Tom Renaud had a similar story about an overfull kettle and Gregg Luhn explained that paying on the way into the store doesn’t work if you time your visit between different shifts (Greg obviously had a very low threshold for guilt volunteering already demonstrated by the missing Shawn Green).  Peter Bennett and Kay Green were treated to a delivery of hot chocolate by Adi from the Salvation Army and coffee by Kevin Rentner although Kay is still complaining about Peter’s over liberal distribution of candy canes.  We are thinking of trying to schedule three days of ringing next year as this continues to be a favorite Club activity.
The Nominating Committee has met and submitted a recommendation for Club and Foundation Board positions 2018/19.  Wendy Keegan proposed and Kay Green seconded a motion to accept the recommendation as written which passed unanimously.  Barb Sudar gave a Literacy Committee Report mentioning that we are reading on Tuesdayafternoons at the Highlands Neighborhood Association from 3:30 to 4:30 pm.  Our audience is small but we are working on growing it!
Peter Bennett then had Jessica Wade reintroduce herself and address the Club on the subject of the Kelso Club’s involvement with an International Project in Uganda.  Jessica explained that as part of the effort to “Give Back” she has got involved in this project in the North West Region of Uganda and has now visited Uganda twice as part of a group from her church.  There is a “lot of need” specifically with respect to diabetes and malnutrition in children and the situation has deteriorated dramatically due to the influx of refugees from South Sudan and the Republic of Congo.  Between Jessica’s two visits the local population of about 500,000 has been increased by 1.3 million refugees.  One of the tragedies of the situation is that natural and learned skills about crops, farming and nutrition have been lost when the resident population of Uganda were themselves refugees and relocated into camps, lost their ability to farm and instead fed a diet of aid food such as rice.  The International Projects being promoted are two areas to address this shortfall.  The project being led by the Kelso Club is a demonstration Garden where the population are reintroduced and trained in growing local nutritional crops and the second project that they are looking for another Club to sponsor is for an associated but separate training and education program.  By having two related but separate programs it is possible to leverage matching grants and take $30,000 in Kelso/Longview donations and convert that into $104,000.
Mark then talked about his involvement with the project which dates back 15 years when his church denomination was challenged to “stand with Africa” during the HIV/AIDS crisis. This “stand with” has evolved into “Touch Africa Now” (TAN) which is one of the project partners.  Mark also addressed some of the geo-economic influences mentioning that this specific refugee issue is the second largest after the situation in Syria. 
Kevin Rentner was then able to talk about our Club’s involvement with literacy and water projects and Jessica mentioned that the Kelso Club has been involved in five Uganda well projects and she was able to visit three of them during her visit.  Todd had accompanied Jessica on her last visit and explained that although he has travelled extensively and seen poverty up close nothing prepared him for what he saw.  He explained the attached handout and how the Rotary Club grant system works.  Jennifer Leach mentioned that the system being promoted is 100% the successful “Extension” concept used by WSU and other universities and colleges.
Peter Bennett thanked our visitors for such a comprehensive  presentation and promised that the Club Board would discuss this at a forthcoming meeting to determine if we could come aboard as a co-sponsor.  Dave Grocott won the raffle and contributed the winnings to a Club charity.
The meeting was called to order at 7:10 am
The pledge of allegiance was led by Terry Tack
Invocation was presented by Greg Luhn – asking us to all use our vision to create a new year ahead and to each discover our unique purpose.
There were neither guests or visiting Rotarians at today’s meeting
Bill shared excitement about his upcoming trip to Hawaii.  Phil was pleased and relieved to announce his daughter’s wedding in their home was a success.  Kevin reports how happy he was to have his kids home for the holidays.  Craig McN paid fines for having missed meetings due to family being home for the holidays.  Dennis was pleased to say his home was really noisy for the holidays, something he had missed.  He shared that he now has a Rotary connection in Liberia through connecting with family during the holiday.

Club Board Report – options for LEER member input sought
⦁    Finances – Bill shared the financial reports ytd 11/30/2017 for both the group and foundation – see attached
⦁    International Projects under review – it is reported that we are reviewing our options and opportunities for international projects.  There will be a meeting 1/19 at 11 am (Lifeworks tbd) for those interested in International projects and collaborative efforts with other clubs as shared last week by Jessica Wade – Kelso Rotary.  Pat asked Kevin to review and share some of the history of Uganda project w/ the group in the future.
⦁    Meeting Location – the next BOD meeting will be held at the Monticello to determine if that may be a suitable option for our entire group in the future.  
⦁    Funding Requests – criteria for applying and awarding – heading into 2018 the BOD recommends identifying more clear parameters when reviewing funding requests as well as better defining our mission/vision, objectives and intentions with our various programs. More information to come.  
⦁    Coffee Fundraiser – the fundraiser is presently at breakeven on product purchase and money collected, however we have several thousand dollars in inventory which needs to be sold in order to put us in the profit position we anticipated.  Bill will provide an update at next meeting on current intake and identify those who have not yet paid.  All made aware of the intention and focus needed to sell the last of remaining product.  BOD will then review and determine future of the Coffee Fundraising program.
Bell Ringing for The Salvation Army -  Kay reports we had over $1300 in collections during our shifts.  She is working to secure our spots for December next year.  
Literacy Committee Report – reading today 3:30 to 4:30 HNA.  Barb reports we have an opportunity for St. Helens after school involvement, but wanted to hear from the group on whether they too felt passionate about direct reading focus.  The group was pretty quiet without much input.  This will be taken to the Literacy Sub-committee meeting, next Tuesday for discussion and recommendation.  Book marks and fliers are available for anyone who would like to take some.
 Other Committee Reports/Updates – Kevin reports on Harvest Classic.  Meetings have already begun.  Kevin reports some changes in sponsorship acquisition members on his committee and that Lower Columbia School Gardens will not be a part of the program this year due to conflicts with their busy ‘harvest’ schedule.  Group was asked to think of replacement options that kids/families would enjoy
    The classification presentation was provided by Dave Grocott and was vitally interesting.  Dave spanned his life from 1929, being a depression baby to his time in Ryderwood, Chehalis, Mudd Bay, Tumwater and Longview.  He spoke of play and hard work and highlighted that things are always ‘changing’ so we must learn from and embrace change.  Dave was only able to make it to the ‘stump blowing’ to clear the land of the home he built … so he has promised another presentation to follow this cliff hanger.  A hearty round of applause was provided, he was inspiring.
    Greg Luhn was the winner of the raffle. 
 Next meeting  Dr. Dan Zorn – School Levy
Barb presented the softer side of bell ringing and notes it is way harder than we may realize, so give Peter grace for his clang.  – Meeting was adjourned
Minutes September 12th, 2017
Longview Early Edition Rotary
Carriage Restaurant – Longview Washington
Meeting Chair: Peter B., Club President 
Flag Salute: Brian B.      
 Invocation: Susie G.
Member Updates and Introductions:
  • Alyssa J. introduced visiting Rotarian Sarah Ross from the Longview Noon Rotary and guest Brigette Bottorff.
  • Phil J. introduced our morning’s speaker Ernie Schnabler.
  • Tom P. introduced himself as another visiting Rotarian from Longview Noon.  
Dues, Fines, Happy Bucks, Brag Bucks & True Confessions:
  • Bruce P. – Recently celebrating his son’s and his own Birthdays and shared about his daughter’s exciting work trip to the PGA Tour. Bill M. volunteered to help if needed.
  • Phil J. – Paid for his endorsement for School Board by TDN and had two recent family birthdays as well – one son turned 23 and the other is now 18.
  • Dave C. – Paid for his birthday this last Sunday, not disclosing his age but providing a clue that Paul McCartney wrote a song about it…Peter B. also added that Dave is a coronation baby. Peter had a big smile so one is assuming that he may also be one himself.
  • Bill M. – Reported a great 6th wedding anniversary celebration with his wife at the rodeo. He also announced a change in date for the upcoming Chamber Business After Hours event at the new Red Kitchen. The event will be held Tuesday, September 26th starting at 5:30pm.
  • Kay G. – Gave a cheer for the Coug’s grand victory and shared about her memories of being in Vienna during 9/11.
  • Jennifer L. - Had two brags and bucks(!) to share about (1) Longview School District’s article in TDN and (2) the Coug’s weekend win.
  • Donna H. – Read aloud a text she received early that morning, 5:58 am to be exact, from a one Ned P. who had to miss Rotary due to dental surgery. He gave great detail and the club has no concerns about Ned’s pain level or dedication to return to his Columbia River Reader delivery duties. Get well soon Ned!
  • Gary D. – Gave a brag buck for the productive week he had, catching 3 salmon and offered zucchini and spaghetti squash to interested members. Thanks Gary!
  • Pat D. – Shared with great pride that Gary D. will be showcasing his wood workings tomorrow from 10am – 1pm for anyone interested in joining.
  • Ron O. – Paid with his apologies for missing last meeting.
  • Tom G. – Shared about his son and family that were impacted by the hurricanes in Florida. They are all safe and the house survived the storm but they have been without power since Saturday. Tom asked that members send prayers and well wishes to all impacted by the disaster.
  • Jill D. – Paid as well for the article the TDN covering the graduation completion rates that the Longview School District has gained. The membership offered well-earned congratulations to Jill and her efforts. Great job Jill!
  • Brian B. – Gave a shout-out to Tori S. for her minutes reporting of his classification. Awe, thanks Brian J
  • Peter B. – Thanked Lloyd S. for taking membership pictures which are now being uploaded to the club website. Peter commented on Barb S.’s marketing creativity in utilizing Lloyd’s photography skills to become the poster gal for our Rotary Coffee Fundraiser. Lloyd S. reported, and I quote, that is works when you have a “sexy look in a torn shirt.” To which Barb S. replied, “It’s all about literacy!”  Got to love our Barb!
Committee Reports:
  • Coffee Fundraiser – Tom G. – Starter kits are currently being distributed and orders are starting to come in! Tom gave a brag on Barb S. for selling 3 boxes already! (reference section above for sales strategies) The club is brainstorming more ideas around specific labels for the holidays, etc. and Tom will update the club accordingly. For now it’s sell, sell, sell!
  • Longview Noon Rotary – Visiting Rotarians Sarah and Tom shared about their clubs’ raffle basket fundraiser and encouraged all interested Rotarians to buy tickets. Proceeds go to literacy efforts at local area schools. Sarah shared that Jill D. was a previous raffle winner and thanked her for the support. Peter B. admitted to (1) promising to purchase a ticket, plus (+) (2) not having the money at present, which equaled (=) he would IOU and subsequently fined himself for. Sounds fair.    
  • Literacy – Barb S. – The committee is reaching out to the Highlands Neighborhood Association and Barb will provide updates as they occur.  
  • Spray Park – Craig C. – The club is due for a September park clean-up and Craig will update as it is scheduled.
  • Road Clean-up – Tom G. – The club needs to complete 3 more roadside clean-ups before the end of the year but has been postponed due to construction. Dates are still TBD.
  • Treasurer – Bill M. – Brought the credit card machine and welcomed members to pay for the Coffee Fundraiser Kits as well as any remaining membership dues.
  • Harvest Classic – Kay G. – Currently collecting prizes!
Meeting Speaker: Ernie Schnabler, Cowlitz County Director of Emergency Management
Phil J. introduced our morning’s speaker, Ernie Schnabler. Phil gave a thoughtful intro, speaking to the recent natural emergencies that have occurred regionally and nationally, and that moving forward it has been recognized that greater challenges will continue to come while we experience climate change. With that, he was glad to introduce Ernie who came to speak about our region’s efforts towards emergency management and words of advice on the subject matter.  
Ernie came to our region with a strong professional background in emergency management and currently oversees a team of three for Cowlitz County. Emergency response management can be broken down into four sectors: (1) preparedness, (2) mitigation, (3) coordinated response and (4) recovery. Their team oversees 5 cities and is constantly in a state of preparedness; facilitating trainings, coordinating with volunteers and practice, practice, practice. Ernie sees communication as one of the largest parts of the position and they use ham radios, emergency broadcasts to personal phones and radios, and information share as much as possible. Ernie provided handouts and details about emergency preparedness that encourages citizens to plan for two weeks without assistance to ensure complete safety in an emergency.
For more information, Rotarians are welcome to checkout their website at www.co.cowlitz.wa.us/DEM, like them on Facebook at www.facebook.com/cowlitzcountydem  , sign up for emergency alerts at FlashAlert http://flashalert.net or text Follow CowlitzDEM to 40404.
Raffle Winner: Ron O.       
And then, without warning, an incredibly powerful CLANG sounded the end of the meeting. I believe a few jumped from their seats (I know I did).
Tori Skinner
Longview Early Edition Rotary
Minutes September 5th, 2017
Longview Early Edition Rotary
Carriage Restaurant – Longview Washington
Meeting Chair: Peter B., Club President 
Flag Salute: Kay G.     
 Invocation: Susie G.
First part of the mornings Rotary adventures started with a picture, courtesy of Lloyd S. for updates on the Club Runner Website. Thanks Lloyd!
Member Updates and Introductions:
  • Kevin R. introduced visiting Rotarian and wife, Anne Mette Smeenk of Kelso Rotary.
Dues, Fines, Happy Bucks, Brag Bucks & True Confessions:
  • Peter B. – Fined the club (many IOUs pending) for our inclusion in The Daily News, courtesy of Kay G. Way to go Kay, great representation.
  • Bill F. – Shared about his visit to Hood River, OR that ended with making his way out of the area just before the fire closed the highway.
  • Jennifer L. – Paid for her absence and 2 week vacation.
  • Kay G. – Gave in celebration of the Cougar victory
  • Anne Mette – Shared about their youngest surviving his first official week of college and that another son will be leaving soon to England with Kevin R. joining the trip.
  • Peter B. – Celebrated his 39th Wedding Anniversary while also getting to celebrate his daughter and new son-in-law’s recent nuptials. There was also mention of a chili cook-off with his daughter and the Auburn Police Department. We’d love samples??    
Committee Reports:
  • Harvest Classic – Kevin R. – Next committee meeting is scheduled for Thursday, September 7th, 7am at Lifeworks. All interested in the Flaggers Training are to contact Kevin for details and registration at this time. And lastly, Kevin will be sending around a Version 2 of the Volunteer List closer to the event date.
  • Literacy – Barb S. – This month is Literacy month and Barb will be sending out invitations to the next committee meeting shortly. She also mentioned receiving book marks from the District Governor’s wife which she will be sharing with the club as well.
  • Vocational Committee – Peter B. shared that the District Governor seemed very pleased with the Rotary Summer Social and the club turnout.
  • International Projects – Peter B. reported the club’s progress on a partnership with the Kelso Rotary’s Ugandan project. Wendy K. has reached out and offered to support that club in applying for matching grant funds. Anne Mette confirmed that Kelso Rotary has allocated funds and are in the process of pulling things together for the project. Peter B. confirmed that they have been asked to present to our club on the project as well.
  • District Governor – Tom G. – Shared the very professional information sheet that was presented to the District Governor last Tuesday before the social. The Dist. Governor’s feedback was positive; Tom G. stated that he was impressed with how active our club was, especially given its membership size, and complimented our dedication to collaborating with other local clubs.
  • Coffee Fundraiser – Tom G. – Sitting at the front of the room, looking professional and inviting, stood proudly our Longview Early Ed. Rotary Coffee Fundraiser Kits. Tom reviewed the contents and the instructions on our official fundraising kick-off. Each kit is worth $108, which members can opt out of selling for a $100 donation. Each member is charged for a kit and responsible for selling the product. Included in the kit is an order form for more purchases. The turnaround is looking to be 7 to 10 days and the board has authorized the piloting of this fundraiser through December 2017. Peter B. lead the club in a big thank you to Tom for the donation of all the impeccable printing and hard work he gave through this project. Members are to pick up their kit at Rotary Meetings moving forward.
Classification Speaker: Brian Brault, Walstead Mertsching  
Peter B. introduced our morning’s Classification Speaker, Brian Brault. Brian has been in the Longview area for roughly 18 months. Originally from Othello, WA Brian shared how his professional and personal journeys lead him to settle in Cowlitz County. Since 7th grade Brian has wanted to be an attorney (I guess when you know, you just know). He attended Gonzaga University, Spokane, WA – GO ZAGS!! for both his undergrad and law degree. He continued his educational pursuits by attending the University of San Diego and earned a Masters of Law in Taxation. Evidently studying taxes can be…a bit… taxing…Brian gave a true confession that socializing with fellow students in the master’s program was interesting. Only two invitations to grab beers were accepted, which I am sure he has more than quadrupled with fellow Rotarians, cheers! Anyway, back to the story… While working in Tumwater, WA Brian began dating his wife, Allison Brault previous Allison Millard. Allison is from Longview, WA originally, which brought them both to the area. Brian joined Walstead Mertsching in February 2016 and has enjoyed transitioning to his life in Longview.
Professionally, Brian focuses on estate planning and business transactional work which he reports fits well with his planner, type-A personality and his desire to help people achieve their goals. As an industry insider, Brian spoke with caution over online tools to manage estate planning. He has found it to be a common tale for many to have challenging and costly probates when assets are organized through a generic internet-based tool. He takes pride in working for a firm that offers flat fee estate planning, making the service more accessible and supportive to area residents. He approaches his work as a personal collaboration with his clients, with the end goal being to provide peace of mind.
For his free time Brian enjoys his summers packed with Triathlons, is a great general laborer to his handy wife who loves home demo projects (currently work is underway on their master bathroom), is a passionate home brewer and has a true heart for volunteerism. When moving to Longview, Brian prioritized community engagement and was recommended to look into Rotary. He has a great example in his mother whose spirit for service keeps her very active in his home town to this day. Brian has already jumped into his role as a Rotarian and we are proud to have him in the club!
Raffle Winner: Pat D.       
Before the conclusion of our morning’s meeting the bell mysteriously walked off the podium, leaving our beloved President without resolve. Thankfully President Elect, Barb S., was fast on her feet and offered for Peter B. to lightly chime an upside-down coffee mug.
Tori Skinner
Longview Early Edition Rotary
Minutes July 11, 2017
Longview Early Edition Rotary
Carriage Restaurant – Longview Washington
Opening - Pledge of allegiance
Invocation – Barb Sudar
Brag / Happy Bucks
Craig M is celebrating his daughter’s marriage
Scott – missed is commitment to volunteer at the lake
Craig C paid $100 for missing a shift at the lake
Kay appreciated Stef for her 4 grueling hours on the cotton candy machine, but Steph noted it was all a payback for missing the earlier shift
Pat D was celebrating 3 generations of Devin’s at the Installation banquet
Tom G has a 60th birthday and made his contribution and announced an upcoming Car show at Calvary Church
Kevin announced he won and Uncle Sam hat and Apple Pie for his completion of the “Firecracker Run” and is currently ranked 6th in State for his age category
Susie recently went to Montana on vacation, where she was able to experience an earthquake.  Her mom has recently had a serious health issue and she is feeling grateful for both her recovery and the tenacity of her mother and her genes.
Jennifer placed anIOU and wanted to celebrate sleeping in, and sleeping all night as this is her first Tuesday meeting as a past president
Peter celebrated a great show of attendance as his inaugural meeting and a business meeting at that.
Dave G shared the passing of his daughter and our hearts go out to he and his family
Bill shared the success of the weekend Chamber Event at Silver Shores Resort at Silver Lake
Kay shared that she visited with John Schapman and his in-laws haven’t moved out YET
Bruce shared that his mother in law passed away at 94 and his daughter is currently vacationing in the Dominican Republic and fingers crossed she comes back with a ring.
Dennis announced Phil’s breakfast was getting cold because he had to leave for a fire. 
The meeting began with
Jennifer sharing some awards and acknowledgements for individuals who were not able to attend the installation banquet
Skip Urling - an Unsung Hero Award for always being someone Jennifer could count on
Barb Sudar / Tracy Robbins – Shining Star awards for their work on literacy
Kevin Renter and Tom Gunn – Community Service
Craig Collins – Presidents Award for Revitalization including the Spray Park and his contributions to our various boards.
Tom announced – Harvest Classic Posters are available as well as promo cards. 
4th of July Report - Tom Thanked Gary Devin for his help w/ the Rotary wagon relocations as well as repairs to the tongue storage unit.  And Tom Renaud was appreciated for his continual maintenance of the Cotton Candy Beast and his connection to the St. Vincent de Paul for cold storage. In appreciation, left-over food products were donated to St. Vincent de Paul.  Craig McN was appreciated for taking on the role of Day Forman and Donna appreciated for her countless hours of concession craziness.   The health department gave us a complete pass and there were no issues this year.  Dennis Weber and his family posed for a lovely photo opportunity but unfortunately posed in front of the Elks cart and his obvious confusion about various food carts perhaps explained his late arrival for his shift. 
Last year – this year comparison on profit/loss
2016                                                       2017
Day one  $3643                                  3458
Day two  $2807                                  2799
Day three 6529                                  6372
… and we ran out of food between dinner and close, the perfect storm.  Volunteerism was up, with all but 6 members participating this year.  Great job everyone. 
Donna shared a few stories about the crazy three-day event.
It was reported that Tom had long hair at one point in his life and played in a rock band …
Barb provided a literacy update – Archie Anderson Food for Thought Program started yesterday.  Volunteers are still needed.  The sign-up sheet was distributed.  We will also have a reading event July 19th, Lilac Place in Woodland.  Volunteers sought.
Craig reported on an upcoming Spray park meeting this week.
Kevin reported on the Harvest Classic – there is a meeting this week.  We have 9 individual sign ups, but 10 high schools and 9 middle schools are on the docket.  If you want to be a flagger for the event education is required and if you have a specific flaggin location you really enjoy, let Kevin know.
Peter shared his ideas for successful goals in 2017.  Literacy is our driving force.  He plans to share more details about the dues of $175 we pay annually, therefore helping us understand the cash flow and the need for successful fund raisers.  Speakers are needed for 3 of the 4 weeks each month and program chairs are desired.  Additionally, we need volunteers for invocation each week.  Our 1st meeting each month will be a business meeting.  Board meetings are the 4th Thurs of every month and members are welcome to attend.  Socials will continue and it was noted they are a part of successful recruitment of new members. 
The raffle was won by Dennis - and maybe he’ll use it to pay for Phil’s cold breakfast
Outgoing Club President Jennifer Leach presented the "President's Award" to Craig Collins highlighting Craig's leadership in the Catlin Rotary Spray Park revitalization project and his numerous contributions to Club and Foundation Boards and activities.
Thank you Community Service Chair- Tom Gunn, your able Lieutenant Donna Hammond and all the Club members who volunteered for the food concession at Lake Sacagawea helping to make this event the success it is, building camaraderie within the club and raising funds to use for Rotary projects that benefit the community. 
Pictured our favorite County Commissioner who brought his visiting daughter and wife Kris for a "selfie" although unfortunately he posed in front of the wrong Club wagon!
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Shari Storm
Oct 09, 2018
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Reef revisited

A giant artificial reef in the shape of a Rotary wheel restores marine life and protects the livelihood of several fishing villages in the

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