Posted by Robert J Martin on Jun 22, 2017
TThis was the Sunday morning interfaith service; had a minisermon befitting Rotary and some great music with the RI choir, seen here, and the Voice of Atlanta choral group.
And this is the Voice of Atlanta, definitely a southern Baptist choral group.  The blonde reminded me of Whoopi Goldberg in Sister Act.
This is the Atlanta Aquarium where we had one breakfast and it was great, although I don't know about being number one.  Definitely better than Seattle but Monterrey Bay would be competitive.
Couldn't resist a picture in picture, but this is Arch Klumpf, the Father of the Rotary Foundation which he initiated at the Atlanta Convention 100 years ago.
This is Andrew Young, former Mayor of Atlanta and then an ambassador.  He also chaired the Olympic Committee that brought the summer Olympics to Atlanta.  He is 85 years young and still going strong.  Gave a great talk on how we all need to be involved in our communities and that Rotary is a good way.  I loved it when he said he hadn't started preaching yet, but that was his whole presentation.  Hearing people like Andrew is why you should be  in Toronto next year.
Jennifer Jones, an RI Director and possibly the first female RI President interviewed one of my favorite people, Jack Nickalaus.  Jack is a polio ambassador and a new Honorary Rotarian.  A very humble family man considering he is probably the greatest golfer in history.  Again, another reason to go to an RI convention.
This was the view of the Olympic water park from the Atlanta Wheel.  It was warm and the kids were having a great time.  Wish I could have been in the water.  It was hot and humid.
Had a great Toronto promo although we missed the picture with the RCMP guy in the red suit.  The Conference is late next year so our installation will need to be earlier or really late, like June 30th.  Keep that in mind Tom.