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This is a picture of Robert, Susie, Simone, and Melanie at Marti Anderson's home.
This is Melanie in her prom dress provided by Jennifer Hamilton.  Gorgeous don't you think?
Opening Bell: By president Mel Santos at exactly 7:25 am. Invocation: by Duane Fister; Pledge of Allegiance: by president Mel; Song: National Anthem, led by Hal Cline and assisted by Paul Alvestad; Four Way Test: by Keith Harris and Bob Lutschg; Greeters: none spotted; Visiting Rotarians: Introduced by Coach (Jack Stonestreet), after he had all veterans stand in recognition of Armed Forces Day, tomorrow; Dennis Buschman, Derek Floor, and Denny Wilford.
Guests: Bill Grubbs, John Guardia, Samantha Swayze, Abigail Adams, Dan Gregory, Tom Stanfield, Sally Law, and Sue Jensen.
Opening Comments: President Mel thanked, Marti Anderson for the great picnic for Melanie, and her visiting family from Switzerland. Mel commented on how great their command was of the English language. Mel asked Tom Borgen to report on the annual Gavel dinner. Tom reported that it is planned for June 29th at Horseshoe Lake Golf Club. It will include a day of golf for those who want to play. It will include a roasting of Mel and a transfer of the gavel to Paul. Mel announced the First Tee training event. See his email for the time and place. Mel also shared a thank you letter from Nina Liebner along with photos. Nina is our outbound exchange student currently in Italy. She will be coming home in a little more than a month. She looks forward to giving a report to our club of her great adventure.
  • Exchange Student Melanie Meyer told of her trip up to Seattle with her family to visit all the Seattle attractions, including the Pike Place Market, Great Wheel and waterfront. She also had a great time at the club picnic for her family. She has a dress for the prom and is excited to go. She will be having an English test soon to “certify” her mastery of the English language. This weekend, she is switching host families back to her original family, the Johnsons.
  • Car wash for Polio: Denny Wilford from the Midday Club came forward with two students from the Gig Harbor High School Interact Club to announce the sale of tickets to a car wash to benefit a polio hospital in Africa. Suggested donations for the car wash is $10-20. However if you want to donate more, it would be gladly accepted. The event is on Saturday 5/26, at the Wollochet Shell station. The GHHS Interact Club has about 30 members and they expect all to help at the fund raiser.
  • Polio: Bob Martin reported that the club has raised over $3,200 this month for Polio Plus. He hopes to raise an additional $4,000 in order to meet President Mel’s annual goal for the Rotary Foundation. Remember that the club is matching Foundation donation points for all donations over $100 made this month to the foundation. Bob had a video which promoted that we are “this Close” on Polio eradication. The video wouldn’t play, so please visit this link to see the video: a second video of bill gates message is at: . Both worth watching. The world is down to only 8 reported cases so far this year. Down from 22 in 2017 and 78 in 2016. If you want to participate in a national vaccination day, you better do it now. The opportunity to participate will end soon with the end of Polio.
  • World Possible Donations: Deb Miller announced for Jeff Harris that we are looking for android based phones and tablets to be donated for World Possible. All donations will be completely erased of data prior to use by the program. So do not worry about your data if you donate to the program.
  • Youth Services Committee meeting: Jeanie Simmons announced that immediately following this meeting, the youth Services Committee will meet nest door. Jeanie also wanted to thank Marti Anderson, not only for putting on the picnic, but for donating the use of her house for Melanie’s family for the week that they came to visit.
  • Waterfront Farmers Market: Jill Guernsey reminded that GH Rotary is helping the merchants for the Farmers Market on June 7th. Sign-up sheets are being passed around. Please volunteer.
  • Gig Up the Harbor: Mike Henry announced that this weekend is the “Gig Up the Harbor”, sponsored by the GH Waterfront Alliance. Meet at 9AM Saturday at Skansie Park. Lunch will be served to the volunteers after 3+ hours of cleaning up the town. Please bring gloves and tools.
Fines and Happy Bucks: Chris Myers collected a few dollars from the club. He started with Paul Alvestad for being reelected to the Peninsula Light Board. Paul received 66% approval from the voting members. However, only 17% of members voted, meaning that Paul was reelected with only 11% of the Pen Light member’s votes. We think some politicians would like to know how this can be done. Bob Martin was called out for a name misspell of Bob rather than Rob for today’s program and for something to do with a picture of a prom dress. Bob Ryan was asked about a bed his wife, Meg, was having Dick Vanberg build for them. Mike Pinch was fined for the good of the order. Chris went on to thank Paul for the results of the club survey and brainstorming meeting. However suggestions to improve the club from the survey were great fodder for fines. Hal Cline for a suggestion that we skip the song for expediency. John Winslow for the suggestion we have some projects that don’t require physical participation so that some of the older members could be included. Hal Hodgins for a suggestion that we hire a professional to run the auction. Chris was looking for those that made the suggestion we have projects that include more women and one suggestion that we have less long distance parking at the Friday meetings.
Happy Bucks: Juanita went to a presentation on the local Orcas and found out they may be gone within 10 years. (NO she was not happy that they may be gone) She was looking for people to help with a solution to the problem. Howard Mackert was happy to announce his wife has added a second concert since her first concert has been sold out. Bob Martin was happy to be going to Colorado for 5 days to visit with their two sons and family. John Duppenthaler announced two signups are being passed around for a fireside on June 5 at the Dunham’s house. Buck Frymier was happy to announce the graduation of a class at the prison and the formation of a new class. Peter Glein and his wife are going to Alaska for a month. He was the happiest that they have 100% booked their house out through Air BNB while they are gone to help pay for the trip. Mary Field is happy that she is a Grandma for the first time.
Drawing: Eric McGinnis ran the raffle. John Winslow won the 10 free and Duane Fister won the right to draw from 12 chips for the chance at $212. He drew the white chip for $15.
Program: The Program was presented by Dan Gregory, assistant school superintendent and Kris Hagel, chief information officer for Peninsula School District. Unfortunately, the video portion of their presentation could not be run on the clubs systems. (The reason the club needs our own technical staff.) Please go to the following link to see this portion of the presentation: .
Dan started with a little quiz: while they tried to get the video presentation to run:
  • Start with a number between 1 and 9.
  • Multiply this number by 9.
  • Add together the digits of your answer.
  • Subtract 5 from this sum.
  • (NOTE if you did this right, your answer should be 4, no matter what number you started with from the 1-9)
  • If your answer is 1, your letter is A; If your answer is 2, your letter is B; If your answer is 3, your letter is C; If your answer is 4, your letter is D; If your answer is 5, your letter is E.
  • (NOTE if you did this right, your answer should be D, no matter what number you started with from the 1-9)
  • Now think of a country that starts with this letter, and an animal whose name starts with the last letter of the country’s name.
  • Most people will have a Kangaroo from Denmark (over half of our club had this answer, I think the rest could not do the math.)
The School district is obligated to make sure that the graduating seniors meet certain criteria as put forth by the State. However the School District feels the need to prepare our graduating students with the skills to succeed in life, and to take advantage of opportunities they encounter in their lives. This requires a skill set greater than the State requirements. A handout of additional life skills was handed out for review by the club. (See the list by going to the link provided) The club rated these skills in order of what they felt necessary to succeed in life. The following is a list of the top five as picked by GH Rotary: Communication Skills; Critical Thinking skills; Personal Responsibility; Teamwork Skills, and Initiative & Self Direction. The Peninsula School District has the goal of getting all of our graduates to be successful with these additional skills.
Notes by Chuck Perry
(Note from the editor: who knows why the answer will always be four?)
PHOTO SUMMARY OF THE MAY 11TH MEETING (Photos compliments of Mike Pinch)
Melanie's family arrived on May 6th and were able to attend our meeting.  Her parents, Robert and Susie and younger sister, Simone, made the trip.
In my absence, Stan reminded everyone of the opportunity to get matching points for any donation of $100. or more to the Rotary Foundation in the month of May.  We are at $3,000 now and would love to see that be $6,000 by May 31!  Stan must have done a good job, because $1,100 was contributed that morning.
John looks like he is trying to sweep something under the rug, but in fact is announcing the next Fireside, Tuesday June 5th at the Dunhams.  This is essential for Red Badgers, but a great social event for all Rotarians.  Put it on your calendar! (ps--let John and the Dunhams know)
Looks like Melanie is hearing BLAH BLAH BLAH.....  However, I know Jeannie had to be saying something important.
Guess who was Finemaster?  If you said Pam you would be wrong; it was John Winslow.  John got some great Happy Bucks with Paul Willett announcing that his daughter Maddie has a basketball scholarship to Cal Poly San Luis Obispo and John Lantz who had polio as a child in Minnesota and is thrilled with the eradication program.
These Rotarians were the program, each sharing their experience at the District Conference the week before.  If you didn't go, sign up for next year in Victoria; you won't regret it and everything is in Canadian dollars!  The following pictures are of the individual speakers and I am sorry I did not get to hear their comments.  Especially pleased to see AnnMarie there as a new Rotarian.
Opening Bell: By president Mel Santos at exactly 7:30 am. Invocation by Chuck Perry; Pledge of Allegiance by president Mel; Song led by Hal Cline and assisted by Annmarie Huppert; Four Way Test by Sophie Perkins; Greeters – none spotted; Visiting Rotarians – none.
Guests: Ian Warren (who introduced himself as “Jeff Harris” but the joke went over most everyone’s head including this scribe’s); Joanne Bucholz and Susan Jensen (Al Bucholz’s wife and daughter); Dave Holsinger (Sophie Perkins’ friend) and Oliver and Rocky Pinch (Mike Pinch’s young sons).
Opening Comments: President Mel thanked Dick Vanberg for presiding over the meeting last Friday while Mel and thirteen others were at the Rotary District Conference in Tacoma. Next week a member from the noon club will be present along with several Henderson Bay students to plug a car wash, the proceeds of which will go to fund polio eradication. Lastly he indicated that our club has so many projects but needs younger workers (which made Peter Stanley and his scribe breathe more easily). At this point Jill Guernsey jumped up to remind all that there will be a work party at the Rosedale street project tomorrow at 9 am.
  • Exchange Student Melanie Meyer told us of her exciting week which included indoor skydiving, attending the two day Rotary District Conference in Tacoma and welcoming her parents Robert and Susie Meyer and ten year old sister Simone from Switzerland to Tacoma. She then introduced all three to the membership. Both parents spoke briefly and sister Simone assured us that in a few years she will apply to be a Rotary Exchange student.
  • Polio: In the absence of Bob Martin, Stan Eastberg made a plea for contributions to the fund to eradicate polio. Contributions of $100 or more made during the month of May will count double towards Paul Harris award status.
  • Guatemala Project: The real Jeff Harris advised the group that the club is in the final stages of securing a global grant of up to $150,000 to place five computers in each of 500 Guatemalan rural schools for basically 4th, 5th and 6th graders.
  • Firesides are back according to John Duppenthaler as one is scheduled for Tuesday, June 5 at the home of John and Beth Dunham.
  • Annual Year End Party: Past president Tom Borgen informed us that on Friday night, June 29th at Horseshoe Lake will be the club’s annual year end golf tournament, party and installation banquet for the new officers for the July 1, 2018 to June 30, 2019 club year. Mike Pinch and Tom are to provide much more information at our next meeting.
Fines and Happy Bucks: Handled by John Winslow who fined about ten members (and one nonmember) for various minor transgressions. Two important (at least to this scribe) Happy Bucks were contributed by Paul Willett whose daughter Maddie just received and has accepted) a basketball scholarship to attend Cal Poly SLO and, most importantly, by John Lantz in honor of the polio eradication program because he had contracted polio as a 14 year old while living in Minnesota.
Drawing: Dave Freeman won the ten free tickets for next week and Marti Anderson pulled a white chip to miss a pot of $179, all as handled by Larry Olson.
Program: The Program was led by president Mel who discussed the Rotary District Conference which was held in Tacoma last Friday and Saturday. He was proud of the fact that out of a club of 135 members, 14 (over 10%) had signed up to attend. The club was given two awards, one for literacy (a project headed by Jan Martin) and the other for member retention. The Friday sessions had four different workshops while the Saturday sessions had four amazing speakers: Scotty Smiley (a blind Pasco Iraq veteran), Nancy Hughes (an inventor of a stove which reduced smoke emission), Paul Kingman (an Olympic silver medalist backstroker) and Susan Ershler (a motivation speaker who had climbed the highest peak on all seven continents).
                President Mel then had eight of the fourteen conference attendees give short comments about the conference. Those speaking were Hal Hodgins, Jeff Harris, Annmarie Huppert, Cindy Reed, Tom Borgen, Mark Hoppen, Jeanie Simmons and Cindy Reed.
Adjournment: At about 8:35 am.
Notes by Al Weaver
PHOTO SUMMARY OF THE MAY 4TH MEETING (Photos complements of Rod Ladd)
Past President Dick was filling in for President Mel and he thinks he has got it down.
Howard has to be the happiest person doing the Invocation we have ever had.
Looks like Hal thinks he has a choir to lead.  I am not sure our singing has reached that level yet.
Speaking of Birthdays, looks like someone just told Walt how old Eldon is!
I am announcing that during the month of May, all contributions to The Rotary Foundation of $100. or more will be matched with PH points, so $100. becomes 200 PH points. All donations will go to polio unless otherwise specified.  Looked a few people were interested.
John reminding us of  the Rotary After Hours at the Tides.  We had to miss it because we were in Portland.  I am sure those of you who went had no regrets.
As our STAR award recipient, Kurt Grimmer was given about $1300. to be given to the charity of his choice.  That happened to be the GH Waterfront Alliance and here he is handing a check for that amount to Mary DeMarais who is the executive director of the Alliance.  Thanks Kurt, for supporting this community.
Jeff Stillwell is announcing the Wings and Wheels event at Tacoma Narrows Airport on:
Saturday June 30 from 4PM until 9:00 PMAll day Sunday July 1Food, music, car and motor cycle show plus aircraft air show both days. 
Almost looks like Pam is sorry to take your money, but don't you believe it.
After our Philippine trip, Mike found an extra item of clothing that didn't fit him.  He thought whoever this belonged to should have to buy it back.  Can you believe Pam has gone this long without her sports bra? Not exactly sure how Mike wound up with it.
Joan Toone was our program speaker.  She was a polio victim and now has post polio syndrome.  She has a presentation that "puts a face on polio".  Following are some slides that speak for themselves.  I hope Joan's presentation will increase giving by our Club to the polio eradication program.
Do you suppose this town had no 16 year olds in it?  Can you imagine such a sign today?
As a child, the most frightening thing about polio was the thought of spending my life in an iron lung!
DDT had nothing to do with polio, but it was visible evidence that "something" was being done.
This was the doll that Joan couldn't have as a child because of fear that it might harbor polio.  Fear generally makes bad decisions.
The Gates Foundation has given over a billion dollars to RI to fight polio.  Bill recognizes the importance of Rotary in starting and finishing this fight!
Please give generously during the month of May.  We need to finish this fight!
Hal was complaining that the churches in Milan were so "rundown".  I guess he has great expectations.
He said this "little arch" was just outside their AirB&B room.
Not man made, but just as spectacular is this Fresno sunset that Rod sent in.  Some may say it is the best thing in Fresno.
We are up to 5 cases now, all in Afghanistan.  Nigeria is a8 mos. polio free and the last case in Pakistan was November 2017.
Now does this look like 370 people having fun or what?  In my mind this was our best auction ever and kudos to Hal and his committee.  There was energy and excitement the entire evening.  Put it on your calendar for next year!
Now this picture of Veronica and Jeff may look posed, but I know Chuck only  photographed  spontaneous happiness and joy.  We all felt this way the entire evening.
These were some vegetable skewers from Morso that were delicious, but there was lots more great food; pulled pork sliders, burger sliders, chocolate covered bacon, crab cocktail with mango salsa, and much more.  You could not begin to eat all of it.  And all of this while you are socializing and bidding.
Chris and Keith had the stage for the live auction and as usual did a great job.  Keith really knows how to work the crowd and keep the bidding going.
Now I don't know if she had the winning bid, but her number is up with authority!
Each year there is a little game at the Auction called Heads or Tails.  This picture shows me using my head and winning the $500. pot.  I am not sure what Juanita was thinking.
We had lots of VIP's at the Auction.  This happens to be District Governor Tom Carroll and his wife Laurie.  Very nice of them to attend since they get so many invitations.

Sorry I haven't sent anything for a while now I have been terribly busy with the end of your school semester! I what to let the club know I am participating in most of my classes now and am contributing to the class work.

Over the holidays I met both sides of my host family for Christmas dinner and New Years!

I also have been skiing with my family as well. I enjoy it very much and would love to continue to get better.

We had a meeting with all the exchange students in our district and had a "cook off" my friends and I cooked s'mores over the fire for all my friends and there family.

I also visited Milan to help my brother move into a new apartment and we were able to see the church of Milan.
I hope everyone is having a fantastic holiday and I hope to hear from the club soon! Please pass this along to the other club members!


  Annina Liebner
Here is Ricky and Cassie about to attack the root ball of the flowers which were long gone.  Cassie is not at all intimidated by the machete.
Cassie is discarding the flower foliage which now is kind of like a raisin to a grape.  We have been disappointed that no flowers grow in our pasture.
I hope Cassie gets her left hand out of the way of the machete.  Since she left with both hands, she must have.
And look at the power of that blow.  Completely severed the root ball!
I guess this root ball was a little tougher and took them both.  John Winslow was taking the pictures, but he also worked on the dismantling.  I don't intend to cast aspersions, but Cassie was the only one who was wet from top to bottom.  John also left out the pictures of the family of voles that were dislodged in the recycling.  No animals were injured in the recycling process.
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