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We meet Fridays at 7:00 AM
Cottesmore Care Ctr.
2909 14th Ave NW
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Slide show prior to the opening bell. A great slide show of the Wilkinson Farm Fence Project. Followed by three slides of 25 year old club roster pages of J. Harve Stonestreet, “Coach”, Steve Skibbs, and James A. “Jim” Thomas.
Opening Bell: By President Paul Alvestad at exactly 7:30 am. The regular bell was missing, so Paul used a glass and a spoon. Invocation: by Walker Allen Pledge of Allegiance: by Fred Labayan; Song: God Bless America, led by Hal Cline and assisted by Camilla Brocker and Pat Schmidt Four Way Test: by Jan Martin. Greeters: Tim Toerber; Visiting Rotarians: Introduced by Coach (Jack Stonestreet), None introduced, however Coach asked for a ride home after the meeting. Sneaking in half way through the meeting without introduction was Joyce Taylor. Guests: Dave Freeman’s grandson Evan, Peter Glein’s daughter Marty, John Gardia, Karen Robbins and Donna Lee Cole
Opening Comments: President Paul reminded all to sign in out in the hall. With the construction and the temporary entrance it is easy to forget. Paul also had Aerin put up the Rotary calendar. Please check it out on line from the above link..
  • Paul Harris Awards: Bob Martin with the assistance of Ed Lindstrom as “Vanna White” gave out the following Paul Harris Awards, each representing a $1,000 donation to the Rotary International Foundation:
  1. Keith Harris,        PH+2
  2. Mark Roberts      PH+2
  3. Steve Skibbs       PH+3 & 4
  4. Tim Williams       PH+4 & 5
  5. Rod Ladd             PH+6
  6. Jim Good             PH+ 7
  7. Mel Wick              PH+6,7 & 8
During the awards, the fire alarm went off. However this didn’t faze Bob, he just kept talking louder over the alarm.
  • Rotary After Hours: John Eddy announced that the next RAH will be on July 17th, a Tuesday. It will be held at the Blend, a wine tasting venue located in the heart of Key Center. We hope to get a great turnout for this RAH.
  • Pier to Table: Pat Schmidt announced the Dinner, which is Friday, July 27th, from 6 – 10P.M.. This is the first event for the GH Wine and Food Festival. The dinner has tickets available for $150 each (or $125 if you are a GH Rotarian). The food will come from the local Farmers Market vendors, along with fresh Sockeye salmon from Alaska. The location of the salmon catch will be announced at the dinner. All food will be prepared by local GH Chefs from Devoted Kiss. Wine will be served from Willamette Valley Vineyards, Beer from “7 Seas” and drinks from Heritage Distilling. Buy your tickets at A silent auction of 20 items will also take place at the dinner. Gig Harbor Rotary’s very own Chuck Cuzzetto will be the master of ceremonies. If you want to help with the dinner as a volunteer, contact Pat Schmidt or Lee Smith. Volunteers are needed.
  • Star awards: They will be awarded again in February, as announced by Sharon Shaffer. Please start thinking about who could be a great nominee. Forms will be available next month for the nominations.
Fines and Happy Bucks: Paul Willett was the Finemaster. Walker Allen was fined for his ”Where’s Waldo” socks. Kelley Busey was fined for the cities’ electronic speed signs, as an electronic distraction. Bob Martin was fined for his ability to talk over a fire alarm. Paul also found it interesting that the dragon boats actually had a dragon painted on the boat, as he thought it was named after ex-wives. Happy Bucks: Dick Vanberg for 56th wedding anniversary. Todd Fletcher was happy for having two children graduate with degrees from universities. Now all he has to do is get them to “launch”.
Drawing: Donna Lormor ran the raffle. The pot is $407 and we are down to 5 chips. Dave Freemans grandson, Evan won the 10 free tickets for next week and Mark Hoppen won the right to draw from the chips for the chance at the pot. He drew the white chip for $15.
Program: Betty Felker introduced this week’s program: “An Authors Story” – Karen Robbins, Author of “Flags Across America” and multiple other children’s books.
Karen has lived in Gig Harbor for three years, having moved from University Place.
Karen Robbins discovered her passion and purpose early in her life as an ice cream lady, Mrs. Claus, a kindergarten/first grade teacher, "Miss Karen" of Romper Room television program (age 24), a clown, Kermit the frog and mother of four sons. She's been entertaining and educating children her entire life. While raising her sons, she started writing in the magazine market. Her first national publication was in Jack and Jill magazine. She still remembers her joy as she screamed around the kitchen. She continued writing in the magazine market, then books in the education and Christian markets. She has over 300,000 copies of books in the world.
Robbins obtained a masters degree in Early Childhood Education, and went on to teach at the University of Puget Sound. She's a "Right brain creative" specializing in creating toys and books for the young child. She created two toys for Discovery Toys and holds a U.S. patent. Karen never plans to retire. Writing and creating books and toys for children is her passion and purpose. Her most recent book was a book of US flag photos that has been a number one Amazon seller. Her co-author on this book is Dale Baskin. She finds this to be funny, as it makes the book from “Baskin and Robbins”.
Robbins stayed and autographed books for those who wanted to purchase a copy.
President Paul ended the meeting at 8:31.
Notes by Chuck Perry
The first slides will be about convention presentations and the following slides about the social benefits
Laura Bush gave an excellent talk about the Bush family and service.  It was informative and entertaining because she used a lot of humor.  Sorry about the light bar in her face, but this is what we saw.
This is the couple who sat next to us at the Opening Ceremonies.  He is Buen Castillo and his wife.  Buen is the President of the Paranaque Club (Fred's old Club) in Manila and we had met them in February when we visited there.  Made the world seem a little smaller having them next to us.
This is how much the Annual Fund has raised this year.  The goal was $360M, so great success indeed.
This is RI Director Julia Phelps presenting RI President Ian Risely with the honor as the first Non Profit to win the "Billion Acts of Kindness" award.  Just another feather in Rotary's cap and a reason to support the Rotary Foundation.
RI President Ian with Canada's Prime Minister, Justin Trudeau.  PM Trudeau's comments were very laudatory of Rotary's works and that the Canadian government has been very supportive financially in the Polio Eradication program.  He was an excellent speaker and the Canadians were very proud of his presence.
This is incoming Ri President Barry Rasin from the Bahamas, with his theme, "Be the Inspiration".  He was most enthusiastic.
This is President Barry's announcing that Rotary is committed to bringing clean water to all Haitians by 2020, which is a daunting task.  Ask me about why this is happening; it is an interesting story.
Here is Jan getting wet from the spray of Niagara Falls.  The boat goes right into the mist.  The next picture shows why the mist is there.  I was surprised to learn that Niagara has a greater flow than Iguazu Falls in Brazil.  Having seen both, Iguazu seems much greater.  There must be a dry season in Brazil when the flow is much less.
You can see the water hitting the rocks below and creating the mist.  The rocks are from the collapse of the rim of the falls and that rim is slowly moving back toward Lake Erie.
This is a sunset on Lake Ontario.  Rotarians from our District and District 5170, Silicon Valley, chartered a dinner cruise on a three masted sail boat and it was great.  Left at 6:30PM and got back about 11:00 PM so we saw the sun set and then the lights of Toronto.  The temperature was perfect and the water was unbelievably calm.  74 Rotarians from our District.
This is the nighttime view of Toronto with the CN Tower dominating.  The restaurant in the middle is just unter 1100 feet, almost twice the height of the Space Needle.  Fantastic views!
Here are 9 GH Rotarians and spouses, along with Tacoma 8 President Barry Benson and his wife at the Trattoria Fieremosco Italian Restaurant.  Had a fantastic meal and even better Fellowship.  You had better mark June1-5, 2019 on your calendars so you can attend the RI Convention in Hamburg hand have this kind of experience.
This is the observation deck at the CN Tower.  It is a floor below the restaurant.  Our Hostel room is to the right of the trees just off Jan's left elbow.  The trees are Clarence Park.  Needless to say, we had a grand time in Toronto, as did all of the other Rotarians from Gig Harbor.
With the temperature in the 90's, snow doesn't seem as bad!
This was the first shift, Tom, Larry, Mike, and Jeff.  They had most of the work done before the next shift.
Rod is the picture man, so I made it into this one.  Tim is showing off some fo the books, while Jan gets more.
John, Larry, Tim, Jeff, hard at work and Rod hard at work on his phone.  Lots of books and lots of clothes headed for the Philippines to be distributed in the Kayapa/Bayambong area under Father Vic's direction.
Jan and Tom show up in this one.  We got there 15 minutes late and 5-6 boxes were already done.
John is kind of looking like he wants in the box, but everyone kept an eye on him.  Great to see a "rising star" like Tim front and center.  For those of you who want light work, these packing parties are about as light as it gets.  Pay attention to when the next one is so you could help.
Things are winding down (except for John still trying to get in the box).  Looks like Jeff has retired.  Just in case you hadn't noticed, John managed to be in every picture except the last.
The boxes are all addressed and labeled, to be picked up 2 days later and on the ship within 4 days which is unusually fast.  After the packing we has an abbreviated International Service Committee meeting while we enjoyed, wine, beer, and fresh made Lumpia, provided by Carina Pinch.  Service, food, drink, and fellowship.  Can't imagine why anyone would want to miss that!
Sorry this is so blurry, but I wanted a picture with President Paul using his new Ranchers gavel.  The Cowbell is a little quiet.
Debbie Miller is enjoying her retirement and Paul has replaced her with Aerin, an intern in Paul's office.  She can obviously do the technology better than most of us.  Welcome and thanks for your help Aerin!
President Paul spent the meeting talking about goals and objectives; like the article in the Gateway talking about the tiny home we paid for and the trades class built.
Lot of July Birthdays, and here  Walt gets us going on the right key; ar at least tries to.smiley
Peter Glein was the Finemaster and though the attendance was down, he managed to fine Tom, Betty, and AnnMarie.
Now I don't remember if he got fined, but it looks like Hal is saying "Who, moi?"/
Derek, managed to pull the white chip so the pot continues to grow, around $400. now.  There will only be 5 chips next week, so the odds are improving.
President Paul started off his program by reminding us of RIP Barry Rassin's theme this year, "Be the Inspiration".  Paul made it clear that he expects each of us to be an "inspiration" this coming year.
Here President Paul points out that this Club is member driven and if anything is going to happen it will require member action and participation.  To be really successful this year, each of us will need to be an "Inspiration".
Now doesn't he look Presidential?  In fact, President Paul is asking if we agree that the following two slides represent reasonable goals.
The highlighted areas represent the focus of each of rhe goals.
Speaks for itself.
Slide show prior to the opening bell. A great slide show of the international convention in Toronto. Followed by a couple of slides of 25 year old club roster pages of Paul Willett and Mel Wick.
Opening Bell: By President Paul Alvestad at exactly 7:28 am. The regular bell was missing, so Paul used the cow bell on his new gavel. Invocation: by Duane Fister; Duane also announced that he is putting together a new invocation list. Please read his email coming out this next week. Pledge of Allegiance: by president Paul; Song: God Bless America, led by Hal Cline. Four Way Test: by Fred Labayen. Greeters: none spotted; Visiting Rotarians: Introduced by Coach (Jack Stonestreet), Judy and Tom Hoséa, and another Rotarian that the scribe missed. Coach also noted that he just celebrated his 50th year in Rotary, his 65th wedding anniversary, and his 85th birthday! Guests: Dave Freeman’s grandson Evan, Vickie Rosalie (SP?), and Aerin Ginsberg, President Paul’s intern and also happens to be Brett DeSantis’ niece.
Opening Comments: President Paul introduced Aerin and said that she will be helping him to schedule the meetings agendas. If you have something for a meeting, please email Aerin at Paul also indicated he plans on showing the upcoming Rotary calendar each week as it was posted up on the screen. He had multiple requests from the crowd to increase the font size. If you missed the slide, just go to the link above to check out the calendar on line. Paul also shared some Gateway articles that involved Rotary, with slides of the articles; PHS Tiny Houses with help from GH Rotary, Vaughn 5th grade dancers with support of GH Rotary.
  • Birthdays: Walt Paulson announced the July birthdays and we all sang happy birthday..
  • International Convention: Bob Martin gave a detailed report of the international Rotary convention just held in Toronto. Our club was represented by 11 members and many spouses. One night the club members went out for a great Italian dinner. Another night included a cruise on Lake Ontario with over 100 people from District 5020. There were many great speakers including Laura Bush and Justin Trudeau. Many breakout sessions were held with additional interesting topics. The next international convention is in Hamburg Germany and then in Honolulu Hawaii. Let’s see how many club members we can get to 2020 in Honolulu.
  • Exchange Student Report: Bob Martin’s report on the convention was interrupted by a video chat call from Melanie Meyer, our exchange student that just left and went back to Switzerland. She called David Cather’s phone with video chat. Bob’s report was placed on hold as Melanie said hello to everyone and we all said hello back. We live in an amazing time, when we can video chat live to Switzerland over a cell phone. Melanie reported she is already planning a trip back to visit. Everyone enjoyed hearing from her again so soon.
  • Rotary After Hours: John Eddy announced that the next RAH will be on July 17th, a Tuesday. It will be held at the Blend, a wine tasting venue located in the heart of Key Center. We hope to get a great turnout for this RAH.
  • No Fine Button: Keith Harris auctioned off the no fine button. Bob Martin was the purchaser. No Parking spot was sold, as the parking lot is all torn up with the construction.
  • Wilkinson Park: Randy Barcalow announced a work party for this Saturday morning. Bring ladders and cordless drills.
  • Gig Up the Harbor: Mike Henry announced that this weekend is the “Gig Up the Harbor”, sponsored by the GH Waterfront Alliance. Meet at 9AM Saturday at Skansie Park. Lunch will be served to the volunteers after 3+ hours of cleaning up the town. Please bring gloves and tools.
Fines and Happy Bucks: Peter Glein was the Finemaster. Since we had such a low attendance due to the Independence Day Holiday, he had few victims for fines. However he did extract a few dollars from those attending. Happy Bucks: Annmarie Huppert for the rising star award; Tom Borgen for the installation banquet; and Betty Felker for the upcoming GH Film Festival.
Drawing: Larry Olson ran the raffle. Marti Anderson gets 10 free next week, and Derek Young won the right to draw from the chips for the chance at the pot. He drew the white chip for $15.
Program: President Paul was this week’s program. He had a PowerPoint presentation “Strive Towards the Rotary Vision” about the direction of Gig Harbor Rotary for this Rotary Year. The slide show started with a Bruce Lee video. As usual, there were sound problems with the video. This gave Paul his first goal for this year……to get a better sound system that works all the time.
Paul showed the Rotary International Vision statement: “Together, we see a world where people unite and take action to create lasting change – across the globe, in our communities, and in ourselves.” Through the avenues of service, with the club members and with cooperation of the three Gig Harbor Rotary Clubs, our goal is to exemplify this vision. A series of Objectives have been formulated from the board and club. The 2018 – 2019 Gig Harbor Rotary Objectives were presented as follows, the goals to meet these objectives are being developed:
  • Continue Transparency and Opportunity for Member Input.
  • Continue Frequent Reports from Avenues of Service.
  • Continue Recognition of Members for their Efforts.
  • Continue Autonomy of Avenues of Service.
  • Continue use of Clubrunner for Members Communication for Club Officers.
  • Continue Mentorship Program.
  • Continue Having Fun and Positive Social Interactions.
  • Strengthen Connection Between Club, Interact and Earlyact.
  • Strengthen Member Familiarity With and Use of Dropbox.
  • Strengthen Ties to Other Gig Harbor Rotary Clubs.
  • Strengthen Club (esp. youth) Input into Distributions From GHR Foundation.
  • Strengthen Community Recognition of Efforts Made by GHRC.
  • Explore “Rotary Only” Social Media for the 3 GH Rotary Clubs.
  • Explore Partnership with Other Rotary Clubs to establish Community or University Based Rotaract.
  • Explore Consolidation of Committees/Boards within Club/Foundations.
  • Explore/Examine/Implement/Delay Ideas raised in Brainstorming Session, Club assembly and Survey Monkey.
  • Examine Rule of 85 and Degree of Member Involvement.
  • Complete Efforts of Study Group to Make Recommendations to the Board to:
  1. Revamp Clubrunner and Create a Donor Focused Website.
  2. Develop Endowment Fundraising Strategy/Tactics.
The slide show ended with a BIG BANG slide.
Paul ended the meeting with a ringing of the cow bell on his gavel.
Notes by Chuck Perry
Fashion maven Dick is adjusting Walker Sandlin's shirt as Walker Allen looks on.  This may be my first double Walker picture!
My and her mother Camilla seem to be enjoying the festivities, and no drink in their hands.  Dick seems to be hogging the camera.
Mike is working hard to get the golf scores organized, and with as many strokes as our team had, that was a lot of work!  The golf tournament was a lot of fun!  Be sure to sign up next year.
Had some First Tee equipment set up along with some of President Mel's advertising.  BTW, has he been fined yet?
This is what I meant about President Mel liking BIG trophies.  His team won the golf tournament and this was the reward.  Do they each get the trophy for 3 months?
One of President Mel's Best Buddies, Fred Couples; so it is no surprise that he might win the trophy.
President Mel's HS graduation picture for the before, with his current picture.  BTW, has he been fined yet?  I think the sales talent was real obvious in his graduation picture, especially with the hair style.laugh Great that President Mel's Mother could be there.  None of my pictures of her turned out unfortunately.
I guess with an attorney taking the Presidency, Mel administered an oath of office to incoming President Paul.  That is a first for our Club.  Some clubs to an oath of office for all incoming officers; glad we don't do it routinely, but with two more attorneys coming maybe it will happen again.
Here Dave is presenting a very elaborate gavel he has created for President Paul; complete with a cowbell.
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Jeff Langhelm, City of Gig Harbor Public Works Dir
Sep 28, 2018
upcoming City of Gig Harbor projects
Hon. Debra L. Stephens
Oct 12, 2018
Challenges to Access to Justice and Independence of the Courts
Ivan Harrell Ph.D./, President of TCC
Nov 30, 2018
Report on TCC developments
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