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ROATAN ROTARY PROJECTS....we continue to add as the need is great on this beautiful but impoverished island. We are looking for partnerships in all areas of service.

The Water Filtration/Purification Project is focused on bringing clean purified water to the poor communities of Roatan. Our current project is in French Harbour 
Many communities are similar to shanty towns in old America. Many of these poor communities live in unhealthy environments with no electricity or sanitation. A water rationing system is in place and is available for two hours every 2 to 3 days. This water is collected in any container the residents can find and many times may be contaminated with parasite's and/or bacteria due to the humid tropical environment of Roatan.As reported by a local clinic, 50% of health problems in these children are due to parasites in the GI tract. Children die daily due to Malaria & Parasites.  
List of needs:
Dollar amount needed:
Supplies needed: pipe, well drilling, etc)
Please contact the President or Service Projects Chair for further information or to offer help.

  Many students only complete 6th grade. This is due to lack of access to higher education as well as the need for the children to earn money for the family. With scholarships and literacy funding Roatan Rotary can help keep students in school by providing uniforms, school supplies and augmenting the family income so the child can remain in school through high school .
 Please contact the President or Service Projects Chair for further information or to offer help.

This project will repair, restore and build working bathrooms to all schools in need on Roatan Island. A survey was done to assess the need. It was found that of the 50 plus schools on Roatan more than 90% of the schools do not have sufficient nor working bathrooms for the students. A portion of the money raised through our fundraising events goes to the Banos Para Ninos Project. The range of costs is great per school varying from $200- $5000. This translates into a $250,000 need. Roatan Club has a 5 year plan in place to complete the project. With your help we can accomplish this faster.
 Roatan Rotary Club needs your help to provide for this great need. Thank you.
Contact the President or Service Projects Chair for further information or to offer help.

Many students on Roatan Island cannot complete their college education because of the expense of studying on the mainland as well as family circumstance.
The Roatan Rotary has established a Scholarship Fund to help financially disadvantaged students 6th grade through University attend school. To be eligible students must have a 90% average, good citizenship. Students can renew the scholarship yearly as long as they maintain their eligibility. Roatan Rotary hopes to help educate the future leaders of Roatan. To date over $9,000 in scholarships have been awarded to deserving students. Several additional special educations funds have been donated by individuals to help the fund. We encourage you to help with continuing our funding of academic success. Thank you.
Please contact the President or Service Project Chair for further information or to offer your help.