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The Rotary Club of Roatan was founded by following past and present members:

Mitch Cummins - Paradise Computers
Evans McNab - Island Cable
Butch Wade - The Bulk Gourmet
Paul Gatlin - Pineapple Villas
Richard Warren - RECO
Ilias Scott - Pineapple Villas
Herb Morici - Pineapple Villas
Jim Bob Burdett - Mango Land
Gary Evans - Bay Island Equipment Rental
Mandy Wagner - Anthony's Key Resort
Bill Zindler - Caribbean Pizza
Tim Lamin - Fossil Beach
Russ Summerell - Flying Fish
Peggy Stranges - Clinica Esperanza
Betin Rosales - Pineapple Villas
Ana Svoboda - G & S industries
Ken Marema - Elite Systems of Roatan
Romeo Silvestri - Honduras Promoter
John McNab - Safeway Maritime
Kyle McNab - Turquoise Bay Resort
David Elmore - SOL Foundation
Curby Warren - South Shore Adventure
Luey McLaughlin - Blue Seas Companies
Edward Ake - Island Concrete
Cristiana Carbajal - Independent Lawyer
Joe Peterkin - Retired Firefighter
Matthew Harper - RECO
Dr. Noel Brito - Medical Clinic
Edward de Monceaux - Roatan Real Estate