Biddeford Saco Rotary Club Minutes
Wednesday, June 10, 2020
Attendance:  CJ Dubois-Cote, Brian Dallaire, Fausto Pifferner, Don Pilon, Karen Chasse, Roland Gagne, Ken Farley, Kaitlin Tito, Kirsten Lane, Heather Gendron, Mark Nahormey, Conrad Welzel, Joe Moreshead, Joe Bassett, Brenda Pollack, Bill Patterson, Melissa Cilley, Marty Grohman and Jill from England
Pledge of Alligiance lead by Fausto; followed by 4 Way Test lead by Karen and Joe did the Invocation
Happy Dollars $2 Joe Moreshead; $1 Karen Chasse
Rotary Foundation donations have been met.
England visit dates are mid-May, 2021 (perhaps May 13th, 14th, 15th); Jordan and Kenya may also come – Roland will get back to club.
Fausto thanked everybody for this year.  Hard since March not seeing everyone.  Zoom should end with physical distancing; miss seeing everyone face to face.  $2,000 under budget this year.  Made money for foundation; happy that kids stepped up for Essay contest; Biddeford England has joined 2 meetings; rotarians partake in weekly meetings. Thank to Brian and Don while I was in hospital and Joe in directors seat.  Thanks to entire club during my presidency – I will hand off gavel on 6/24 and would like everyone there to see Don as he begins his year as President.  Karen has helped behind the scenes with technology/emails, etc. Julie has been getting awards together (gavel); used award money for COVID-19 and thanks to Conrad for chairing COVID-19 subcommittee ; thankful I can depend on club and support is there.  Appreciated all calls when I was in hospital.  This has been a big learning journey and opened me up more. Joe/Karen sponsors and fellowship was enjoyed the most.  Putting the flags down, Christmas are most joyous even how difficult it is to see the poverty and hope this year we go more above and beyond – another big thing was my teen center donations to TA and projects we’ve done mini golf tournament to give money out to our project and international.  So thankful to everyone.
Brenda doing awards 25th anniversary – parents taught her integrity and to work hard and to pray attributes her success to them. COVID-19 what family means – we put it together Paulette, Sue and Karen did it through video conference – Fausto will ask for help to delivery packages. Certificates have been created and awards medals part of packet and check for $100 winner $75 2nd place $50 3rd place St. James matching charity – Brenda has details on where donations were made – thanks everyone for your part to make it happen.  Videos will be made – 5 videos one of each school depending or 1 video. Thanks for support.
Fausto when will help be needed?  Friday morning to deliver packets – 3 in OOB; 3 Biddeford and 5 students in Saco.  Don will do Saco; Fausto Biddeford and Joe in OOB meet at Fausto’s at 8:30. Notify families first.  Leave packets at door. Provide your own masks and Fausto will have gloves.  Parents have signed release form. Don will send us the address list prior to picking up at Faustos –
Anything mostly thankful for this year or last year, for a rotarian that stood out – verbal pat on the back would love to hear everybody’s take. Brian thanking everyone contributing to Foundation.  Sue needs checks by Friday to send to international.
Conrad – 2 things – thank Kaitlin for jumping in with subcommittee – new to club willing to be there and anticipating what needs to be done and working with me re: agendas, etc.  2nd is Brenda with grant process was very quick and we did in 2 weeks got it out with help with Roland and others spending hours over weekend; follow up with teen center meeting with Donna this Friday to get moving again.
House in Biddeford Jim will have completed by end of Don’s year is anticipated. Still physical work needed
Helping Bon Apettite process – kitchen needs some repair work Jim and Conrad will check out for Sat. over the next few months – will need some help.
Heather – COT scholarships gone out – yes worked with guidance councilors and students got copies.
Thanks to people from Jordan great to hear their interactions.
Anyone else have anything:
Roland shared screen for a few images club sent $1,500 to Jordan for food distribution.  Showing a few photos.
Jill – was it same project?  No, it was a spinoff project that developed from COVID-19.
Dr. Joe – send in fine for being in late happy dollar classmate from dental school that is why I was late; helping her aunt celebrate 100th b-day –
Bill Patterson – haven’t reported out on district’s recovery initiative. Chief Mckenzie working behind scenes with David Underhill to explore adverse childhood program and how it impacts young people tie into red ribbon = uptick in state – issues with substances scene an increase because resources are not available due to COVID.  Club still involved.  Also, once a week volunteer at Saco Food pantry – not enough people coming in so food is given to pig  farms.
Fausto can it be delivered to them?  Instead of zoom next wed we can all deliver if people are afraid to go pick up due to COVID
Melissa – mental health seeing started in person programs yesterday; grief training already showing up also, seeing that numbers have gone down from food distribution – hearing that families don’t always like what is being offered.  Might be specific needs that food banks don’t carry. Food certificates seem to be well received. Some feedback received.
Fausto feels we are a spoiled country and folks should accept what they get.  It’s wrong.  Melissa appreciates what is being said – some cultural differences
Karen, don’t eat meat due to culture.
Brenda, thank you for an amazing year.  Made year fun in light of crazy tide we’ve gone through.
Fausto and Don will coordinate transition.  Bill and Conrad wills stay after meeting.
Potential fireside chat:  Brian still interested?  Mentioned last week and Brenda has also offered as well.  Either way we can use the beach – week of 6/24th – Monday practice social gathering/physical distancing taking a photo of Don getting gavel – have some fellowship and gathering – Ok?
Can discuss later.
Thank you everyone – Jill -Cheers peace the world over!
Meeting adjourned 12:43