Posted by Mark Nahorney on May 05, 2021
Don Pilon, President presiding
meeting began at 12:15 pm
4 Way Test - Marty
Pledge - Don
Prayer - Conrad
Guests - none
Mike Burman -  UNE Interact has been busy...classes are over but the club has been thankful for our support. They did the greeting cards for Maine VA, volunteered at the vaccine clinic in Biddeford and they are working on their charter with the Rotary District Governor.
Marty - at the FEMA vaccine clinic in Biddeford (BHS) the club had over 8 members involved taking various shifts. Paulette reported that it was a very productive time for the community and club.
Mike - he was there for the 1000th shot of J&J. FEMA members were from all over the US.
Don - Club data - 7 new members....4 of 3 new members
59 active club members
Don is going to have a fireside chat with the new members in June at his house - TBD
Marty - Flags at St Joseph's cemetery for Memorial Day on May 28th at 8:30 am. Club info and sign-up to come. There will be student participation this year and it will rain or shine.
Heather Gendron - Only 5 applications for scholarships.
Conrad - Raised beds to be placed at 10 locations in May - help will be requested.
Sergeant at Arms - Marty - filling in for Joe
Marty - $5 - for Randy's article about the club
$5 - for all of Carl Goodman's help at the Westbrook skating pond.
Matt Tulley - $5 - for being vaccinated
Dr. Joe - $5 - great call with grandson
Conrad - $5 - spend nights at hotels with his wife
Jess - $5 - happy to here
Jen - $5 - for sitting in her car and listening to all the things Marty does
Bill Paterson - $5 - family birthdays and Cinco de Mayo
Randy  - $5 - celebrate the return of his newspaper column in Saco Bay News
Jim LaBelle - $5 - More Chamber Activities ride today starting from behind TA @5:15 pm
Don Pilon - $5 - for Randy stepping up as a new member
Brian - $5 - on the island of St. John and being rested
Melissa - $5 - new staff started at Apex
Keith - $5 - not happy - "I'm a lawyer."  But happy about club activities.
Bill Kany - $5 - father would have been 90 - happy and sad.
Guest Speaker:  Kate Colby, epidemiologist to speak about ticks
Mt Holyoke grad
Emory U - global health degree
Worked at US CDC
Powerpoint presentation on Tick borne diseases in Maine 2021
14 different tick species found in Maine in spring to fall and they are moving north/east through Maine
Cautioned to do tick checks every day - use products to repeal and/or kill ticks - she reviewed how to remove ticks.
Careful ticks are not falling off in your house
For more information go to Maine CDC of UM cooperative extension
The powerpoint was shared with club members via e-mail.
Meeting adjourned at 1:12 pm