Posted by Mark Nahorney on Apr 28, 2021
Don Pilon presiding
Pledge of Allegiance - Don Pilon
4 Way Test - Bill Patterson
Prayer - Jen Fullmer
Guests - none
Mike Burman - UNE Interact volunteered at the Covid vaccination site. Last week the club met with the Bideford UK club
Heather Gendron - Scholarship update...
getting the application out but so far only 4 submissions - very low. Wondering if the lower amount per grant is the problem - wne from $4k to $1K.
Don asked if we need to redo our process. Also the possible effect of remote learning. Place applications online and allow online submission?
Mark mentioned contacting area colleges financial aid offices, they are always alerting students to p[ossible aid. Also mentioned the change on amounts given the price of attending college.
Dan offered the idea of video submissions.
Roland said if we open applications to kenyan students? Don will discuss with the board.
Roland Gagne - Maple Syrup Sale reaped over $11k (estimate) - way above expectations.
Conrad Wetzel - Covid meeting today
Raised garden beds - 9 -10 families to get beds.
Food pantry sign up - tbd
Bill Patterson - Ocean Park Org. needs masks
New Member Induction - Don with Cheri Sullivan..sponsored by Bill Patterson
Sergeant at Arms:  Joe Morshead
Don was fined $? from promoting the use of paper which has been known to kill trees.
Happy Dollars:
Joe - $5 - went to his bank and made a deposit of $89 million - didn't have $89m blames the bank for the error.
Dr. Joe - $5 - cut a meeting and outside robins are nesting.
Bill - $5 - Welcome Cheri
$5 - Sheriff King to speak
Heather McClain - former member Ellen Ford gave $5 to the club
Conrad - $10 - for a lunch with 2 clollege buddies
Jess - $5 - brother had surgery
Julie - Cold hear her?? Wrote later - $20 for honest bank customers (Joe?)
Dan - $5 - 91 year old grandma had surgery
Marty - to be fined every week until he becomes president.
Conrad - no excuse for no sign up sheet
Roland - syrupy smile?
Jen - for having a prayer ready
Jess - new member
Cherie - new member
Mark - for supporting education
Guest Speaker - Sheriff Bill King
Introduced by Bill Patterson
Sheriff since 2014
Powerpoint presentation
Last August the county jail experienced a significant covid outbreak.
Since then they have become the model on how to manage a jail outbreak.
Mitigation measures still in place.
Spoke quite a bit about the difficulty in the  recruitment of officers.
Drug trafficking is still a problem in York county. Only jailing serious offerners - diverting minor offences.
Covid has been a major contribution to overdoses - isolation during the pandemic.
Cornad asked how Rotary can help...Sheriff mentioned the possible building of a walking tail - he will be in touch.
Mike Burman asked about the $40 mil coming to the county from Covid funds.
Joe asked questions regarding hiring - marijuanna use - case by case ...High school diploma - long at the academy? 5 weeks...
Joe adjourned the meeting - cause Don left early - @1:17pm