Posted by Mark Nahorney on Apr 21, 2021
Don Pilon President, presiding (noted:  term ends June 30th)
Zoom meeting comes to order at 12:15 pm
Pledge of Allegiance - on Pilon
4 Way Test - Brenda Pollock
Prayer - Bill Patterson
Guests: None
The new member Jessica Muise was sponsored by Roland Gagne. Jessica is the Executive Director of Engine.
Marty - Earth Day is tomorrow and we will not have any organized thing to do but maybe something in future years. Rotary is focused on sustainability.
Marty - Volunteer day at Westbrook Skating Pond this Saturday.
Also cemetery flags for Memorial Day will be done again this year. There may be an expansion of the places. Day and time to be announced.
Conrad - Covid committee is meeting after and had met last week.
Saco Food Pantry is seeking volunteers - Jen Fullmer, who volunteers there, added information about the possible tasks and times.Sign-up sheet will be sent. She said they need help from folks on a consistent basis for tasks that most can find easy to do.
Garden Committee, Ken Farley reports that 10 raised garden boxes, 3' x 8' , have been made. Seed list done and loam secured - thanks to Rob Moody. The approach is - pre build the boxes, deliver to site then loam and seeds on another day. 
Ken will send out information and a volunteer sign-up sheet.
Don Pilon then presided over the induction of new member Jessica Muise, sponsored by Brenda Pollock.
Sergeant at Arms: the esteemed Joe Morshead...
Joe noted that though close to the budgeted amount he is to raise, we aren't there yet. He said that just $42 dollars a week, until the end of June, is all he has to raise to meet the budget for the club and the children.
Brenda - stepped right up and offered the $42 for time spent with her grandson. Also for the volunteer work of her granddaughter, Madison. Madison created the Brave Bees .org to raise support and money for the New England Shriners Hospital. She invited us to visit the website.
Brian - $2 - for the 2 newly inducted members - and that these new members significantly lowered the average age of our club. Which Brian said was a good thing.
Jill Eddie - will give us some amount $$ when she visits us in the colonies for being able to make a hairdresser appointment.
Dan Reed - ?$ - cause he was vaccinated!
Bill Paterson - $10 - for all the folks doing Zoom meetings
Brian Dallaire - $10 - for 2nd vaccination and heading off to the Virgin Islands.
Dr. Joe - $5 - grand daughter's wedding in September and Peggy is at the Zoom meeting!
Marty - $10 - the Biddeord solid waste committee has 2 new members.
Conrad - ?$ - time with grandchildren
Mark - $5 - just got back from visiting the daughter at UNC Med school and for the vaccine 2nd dose +14 days
Jen - $10 - just to join in the fun of giving!
Randy - $20 - Yeah new members!
Guest Speaker - Conrad introduces Lori Gosselin speaking on Creating Community
Powerpoint presentation on the basics of community building.
Made special mention of building community within the workplace.
Noted the importance of building not only physical communities but emotional ones as well.
Shared the 7 characteristics of community...
Outcomes of community building are always relationship building! It makes everyone part of "us."
Bill noted the Robert Putnam  book, Bowling Alone - Lori recommended his later one - the followup to Bowling Alone.
Conrad noted that Rotary is a solid community...
Brenda mentioned her granddaughter's work in Brave Bees .org in building a community.
Don adjourned the meeting at 1:13 pm