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2nd Congregatioal Church Kitchen
19 Cresent St
Biddeford, ME 04005
United States of America


Please sign up if you are interested.

The Covid-19 Crisis Relief  Subcommittee has found a need for a community service project that will help the Bon Appetit meals program.


It will be to paint the kitchen at the 2nd Congregational Church in Biddeford this Summer and we need volunteers  to plan out the program.. We are also asking if any one wants to take on a role of helping to manage  this project.


It will take several different days because it will need to be done in sections, first scrape and washing, then painting. Lots of area to paint but not a lot of space to do it.


Saturday’s work well for the church and a couple of hours most weekday mornings if they have enough notice. 


We encourage all club members to participate and to bring family(spouses) to help.


Although we don't have a specific date and time (after the 4th), Brian will send out an event invitation to gage the number of interested participants.


Thanks for you help!