September 25, 2019
Respectfully submitted by Julie Villemaire
President Fausto was MIA so today’s meeting was presided over by President-Elect, Don Pilon.  Don started the meeting at approximately 12:17 p.m.  Apparently, the presidential gavel was also MIA.  It sounded like Don was using a piece of cutlery to ring the bell.   Joe Bassett was called upon once again to provide a moving invocation and Jackson Brown showed the crowd that he knew what he was doing when he flawlessly led the 4 Way Test with a strong air of confidence.
Vice President, Marty Grohman, introduced visiting Rotarians and guests.  We were pleased to have Past District Governor, Dave Underhill, and Jim Far (?-Not sure of his last name-I couldn’t hear very well.) from Kiwanis join us today. 
The 50/50 Drawing was won by Karen Chasse.  The pot reached $22 today!
Conrad announced that Classification Talks will start next week.  Due to the fact that he had zero volunteers, Conrad put everyone’s name into a “baggie” and he pulled 3 out.  The lucky winners, or “presenters” for next week, which is actually tomorrow 10/02, are: Kaitlin Tito, Bill Kany and Paul Deschambault.  Unfortunately, Paul announced that he will be absent for the next 3 weeks so Conrad had to go back to the baggie.  Heather Gendron was the lucky winner this time.  Don’t forget to thank Paul, Heather!  Each of the presenters will have 10 minutes to talk about themselves or whatever topic they choose.  Although the purpose of these classification talks is for the other members of the club to get to know you a little bit better.  Just keep in mind that someone, probably not me, will be taking notes for publication so you want to keep it family friendly!
Don forgot to call on SAA Heather MacLean so that cost him dearly.
Happy Dollars were collected for:
Dr. Joe Boyle gave $5 for 5 days of bliss during a solo stay at the Samoset, where he had an incredible room with an excellent view while his 3 step daughters were visiting his wife.
PP Joe Moreshead was happy for a Sea Bag at Whimsical ME that Andrea likes.
Brian & his wife Debby are celebrating their 15 year wedding anniversary.
Mark Nahorney & his wife Valerie celebrated their 5th wedding anniversary at the opera.
Julie & her husband Dan are celebrating their 33rd wedding anniversary.
Jim LaBelle was happy to be the Greeter today.
PP Karen Chasse gave a “poor Don” dollar for enduring spending time with her ex-husband while he power washed Don’s house. She also donated back a portion of her 50/50 winnings.
Past DG Dave Underhill was happy for his “past” title & happy to give away money as the Global Grant Coordinator. Watch out Lucie Kay, Dave is Roland’s new BFF!
PP Roland is happy for Past DG Dave Underhill & future Global Grant opportunities
Conrad was happy for having a great Birthday weekend and of course a party. 
PP Ken Farley was happy he survived “Homecoming Weekend” at Maine Maritime.
Fines were collected for:
Happy Birthday Jim Godbout!
PP Julie for 15 year anniversary in Rotary
Mark Nahorney for 4 year anniversary in Rotary
Jim LaBelle was hit up for something but I was only able to write his name down before SAA Heather was on to the next victim L I’m sure it was a doozy!
PP Keith Jacques and Brenda Pollock were the recipients of the “cute outfit” designation club.  SAA Heather named both a male and female recipient because she wanted to be fair to all concerned.
Bill Kany was fined for his “look of horror” when Conrad drew his name from the baggie for the official round one of Classification talks.
PP Roland was fined for SAA Heather not knowing why he had a “buffalo” in the back of his car.  I’m not sure if I heard that one right but it sounds like something Roland would be carrying around with him.
Our speaker today was the CEO & Founder of Our Lady of Perpetual Support for People Living with Aids and Orphans (OLPS), Sister Anastasia, also a Rotarian.  PP Roland introduced Sister Anastasia. We have done a lot of projects in Kenya & formed a wonderful partnership since the early 2000.  Office equipment for her NGO, education sponsorship for orphaned children, support for post- election violence in her community, Microlending program supporting HIV + individuals and our current educational sponsorship of two young girls, Judith and Antoinette.
Sister Anastasia said her Tribe wanted to thank Roland and our Club. We have built a strong relationship that was started in Faith and is also built on Trust.  In 2001, their priority was having a means to communicate to make their working environment easier. Our club helped provide funding to purchase a computer, printer and fax machine.
Sister Anastasia mentioned that there were many “vulnerable kids”.  These were high school age kids who were unable to attend school because they couldn’t afford it. We were able to send enough money to support 10 students.  One of the students is now working in Chicago. Juliana was born with HIV and is now residing in Boston. She is a champion for kids living with HIV.  Another student, Brian, is a land surveyor. One student went into politics. Another student is working with people with HIV & TB & helps with organizing fundraisers.
2007 was the year of the Microlending Project.  They received $10k from our Club and another $10k from the District.  This program empowered the Women & some men.  The men received support from the women.  This program allowed the women to have some independence so they did not have to rely on the men for everything.  They were able to buy medicine.  Sister Anastasia said, “No one beats you because you are able to live on your own.”  “Dependency Syndrome”, which used to be, is no longer there.  High school is expensive but they were able to go to the bank and borrow money. 
Sister Anastasia’s Tribe still honors the Bible in that “man is head of the house” but there is a big difference from then and now.
December, 2007, election for President was a very tough time. Accepting defeat was not easy.  More violence was created because of this.  People died.  It was hard for people to go out.
They started a camp & encouraged other people to join. Our club was able to send some money to help support and feed some of these people.  Some were also able to attend school.
Sister Anastasia said, “HIV/Aids is the leprosy of my time.” She said it was now harder to contract the disease due to “Prevention Positive”.  If I’m positive, I’m not going to spread it.  Their bishop is on board with promoting the use of condoms.
Sister Anastasia is good at identifying the needs but finance is not her thing.  She works with another person who is very good with money and puts it where it needs to go.
Two of the students mentioned above, Judith and Antoinette, wanted to send their Thanks and appreciation for the support of our Club.  They are very grateful and said, “You have made us what we are today!” 
Note:  The money that we raise with the CLYNK program goes to help support the education for Judith and Antoinette, so drink up and put your empty bottles in the green CLYNK bags earmarked for our Rotary club!
If you’d like to learn more about Sister Anastasia and OLPS please visit their website at www.olpskenya.org or you could tap into the knowledge and experience of our own Past President, Roland Gagne.