Posted by Kaitlin Tito on Aug 26, 2020
Attendance: Joe Bassett, Joe Boyle, Brian Dallaire, CJ Dubois-Cote, Jane Foley, Roland Gagne, Keith Jacques, Jim LaBelle, Kristen Lane, Heather MacLean, Mark Nahorney, Fausto Pifferrer, Don Pilon, Brenda Pollock, Kathy Shea, Kaitlin Tito, Conrad Welzel
President Don welcomed everyone
Pledge of Allegiance
Joe Bassett with invocation
Roland led the 4-way test
Guest: Jill from the Bideford, England club
  • All work is completed and it looks good!
  • Church before/after photos are included in the tack
  • Brenda put together a press release and sent it out yesterday
  • Photos are also posted on the club's Facebook page
  • Mini golf: $9,988 taken in to date / $1,105 in expenses - just short of $9,000 profit
  • Marty still working on blood drive - all Power Reds slots might be filled
  • We should look into Red Cross brochures that can be put up in storefronts
  • COVID-19 subcommittee meeting new time is immediately following club meetings - beginning Sep. 2nd
  • Heather MacLean and Don Juan (Italian Greyhound) filling in as Sergeant at Arms this week
  • Dr. Joe - $10 - Ogunquit Rotary Club holding online raffle (more info available on their website - drawing is Dec. 13th)
  • Jill - $1 - Going to see youngest grandchild play cricket this weekend
  • Fausto - $1 - Downed tree didn't damage anything but power was out and people were forced to talk to each other
  • Conrad - $5 - The people at Bon Appetit were very happy with our work
  • Roland - $15 - 30-year wedding anniversary (his half)
  • Roland - $1 - Son evacuated for hurricane
  • Jill - $55 - 55th wedding anniversary is coming up (she will pay the next time she's in town)
  • Don Pilon - Church painting participation and a successful mini golf tournament
  • Brenda - $1 - Sarah and Heather MacLean enjoyed a speech she made several years ago (at All Day Buffet?)
  • Don - $1 - Crooked paintings in background
  • Jim LaBelle - $1 - Scruffy beard
  • Conrad - $1 - Reason unclear
  • Keith - $5 - Happy to see him at a meeting again
  • Fausto - $1 - For attending the meeting
  • Dr. Joe - $1 - For calling Facebook "Face Page"
  • Weddings/events/live performances were first to shut down and last to re-open
  • 12 million have been laid off in the event industry so far
  • Events are a $1 billion industry in the state of Maine
  • The state is still working on guidelines for events - similar to restaurant model
  • The situation in Millinocket set things back - 60 people became ill and 1 died after attending wedding
  • The event industry encourages couples to postpone, not cancel weddings
  • Fausto has created "COVID kits" with masks, gloves, and thermometers (gloves are changed frequently)
  • Seating charts are created during typical wedding planning and are useful for contact tracing
  • There is no substitute for in-person meeting - emotion is lost on the digital platform
  • A possible solution to reduce risk of liability is to use Disney model (by entering the venue, you assume risk of illness)
  • One positive outcome of shutdown: Fausto had first summer off in 35 years
  • Weddings influence other industries in Maine - restaurants and hotels are losing revenue, too
  • There is no definitive re-open date for weddings in the state of Maine at this time
Meeting adjourned at 1:10 PM