Posted by Jim LaBelle on Aug 21, 2019
President Fausto opened the meeting with the customary Pledge of Allegiance. Jackson Brown was so good at leading the 4-way test the prior week that Fausto called on him to do the honors this week and he crushed all four of them once again.
Joe provided us with a heartfelt invocation.  Two guests attended: Conrad's granddaughter Whitney, who wore a striped shirt that was similar to her grandpa's (planned ahead of time?), and Paul, a visiting Rotarian from the Saco Bay Sunset Club. 
Kaitlyn Tito is a potential new member that Jackson is sponsoring.  It was noted that this meeting represented her second posting. If any Rotarian has any comments/objections to the posting they need to reach out to President Fausto as soon as possible.  If there aren’t any objections the next step in the process is the “Induction Ceremony”. 
We were disarmed by the lack of a Sargent at Arms, as both Heather and Heather's designee Sarah were absent (possible self-fine next week?), so Fausto asked who was happy, eliciting the following:
* Joe Moreshead was thankful about the successful auction item redemption of a lobster bake with Jim Godbout... he was impressed with Jim's wine selections and had nice things to say about everyone's contributions, especially his own.
* Mark Nahorney was happy about his successful singing tour of the Netherlands with wife Valerie. The group performed 5 concerts, saw fantastic sites, and met many people including the Dutch and people from Holland too. It was helpful for Mark that this wasn't a country our President wants to buy currently. 
* Jim LaBelle was happy to invite all fellow Rotarians to the Chamber of Commerce's annual appreciation event on Thursday, 8/22 at Mechanics Park in Biddeford. 
* Haley Thompson recently celebrated both her 15th wedding anniversary as well as the birthdays of her sons aged 8 and 10 - a big August.
* Bill Patterson was proud to announce that his daughter got married last weekend - a storm passed through just minutes before the event, which was fitting since his daughter married a meteorologist.
* Dr. Joe was thankful to be back after a 5-week absence due to what we inferred was excessive demands on his gracious hosting by summer guests.
* Fausto shared that Sophia turned 13 recently - the teenager years are marked by grace and gratitude so he should have no problems going forward.
* Bill Kany enjoyed working the mini-golf fundraiser with Dr. Joe, and also announced that he recently celebrated his 35th wedding anniversary.
* Not to be outdone, Conrad was happy to trump the others by sharing that he recently celebrated his 38th wedding anniversary.
* Jeremy was happy that his kids are heading back to school and that daycare bills are a thing of the past. 
* In addition to winning the 50/50, Morgan Stoner announced that he (well, his wife technically) recently had a baby boy, with a name that makes it likely this child will be famous one day: Vaughan Banks Stoner!
* I believe another guy was happy too but I couldn't keep up with all the excitement. 
The only fine levied was Fausto who gave himself a blanket fine for all past, present and future transgressions on his Facebook account. 
Our guest speaker was Maine State Treasurer Henry Beck.  It was an engaging presentation, with Henry detailing the many responsibilities of his office, including cash management, board participation, trust fund account management, and inviting bond rating flunkies from New York to Maine to be wined and dined on microbrews and lobster rolls so as to maintain our strong credit rating.  The state's cash reserves are strong, as are monthly yields on balances in the 2.4% annualized return range.  Some of the state's demographic challenges were mentioned, though it was noted that York County and Biddeford in particular are bucking the trend.  Henry concluded by reminding everyone about Unclaimed Property that the state is more than happy to return to rightful owners. Marty Grohman indicated that he's got about $25 he's been working to retrieve for a while, good cash for future club fines potentially if he can navigate his claim successfully.  Overall, it was an interesting presentation - the club thanked Henry and welcomed him to Biddeford as a recently arrived resident living now in the Pepperell Mill.
Meeting adjourned by Fausto.