Posted by Reegan Hebert on Aug 28, 2019
Rotary Tack Notes 8/27/19 from Reegan Hebert
Visiting Rotarians- Chris Soulias, visiting from Middletown, CT.
Jackson Brown wins the 50/50
Sargent in Arms, Heather M., begins with happy dollars:
Brian is going to fine himself because of no lobster bake, Jeremy is happy because school is open!, Brenda is happy that Madison’s last doctor visit went well and she has full mobility of her hand and started school today.  Jim is happy to be leaving for vacation tomorrow.
Heather M. Then moves on to fines:
President Fausto is fined for boxers or briefs, Mark is fined $2for being away on vacation and enjoying anchovies.  Gross!  Brian is fined for his gracious lead in the 4-way test, Alicia is fined for having a birthday recently in which she argues was over a month ago!, Brian is also fined for being away for so long and Heather shares that she is never able to pay a fine again because she has adopted a very sick German Shepard and the vet bills are costly.  Brenda is also fined. 
President Fausto moves on to housekeeping related topics:
Conrad shares that moving forward we will begin to share classifications one time per month.  Someone will be reaching out to individuals to schedule these presentations at least one time per month to help us all get to know each other.  Fausto took the lead by volunteering to do his during todays meeting.
Wine Tasting- save the date for February 8th.  We will host at Duffy’s again and the event will run similar to how it did this year.  There will be an auction as well.
Julie would like members to share volunteer hours as soon as possible for the board meeting next week.  Email your hours to Julie!
Jim provided updates on the next Rotary House project.  Saco River has signed off and we have obtained certification of no Asepsis.  Plan to begin demolition soon. 
President Fausto shared that there is a board meeting next week on Wednesday morning and all are able to attend.  He also shared that Karen Chasse is doing well since her recent surgery and is back to work part time.
My Place Teen Center is hosting a high end dinner fundraiser at their location in Westbrook.  60 people can attend at $1000 per ticket. 
United Way of York County has toiletries to donate to organizations that need them.  Reegan will make sure Biddeford School Dept and Seeds of Hope in Biddeford get these resources. 
Fausto shared his compelling story of how he ended up in Maine and a leader in the catering industry.