Posted by Kaitlin Tito on Aug 19, 2020
Attendance: Joe Bassett, Lawrence Boyle, Karen Chasse, Melissa Cilley, Paul Deschambault, CJ Dubois-Cote, Roland Gagne, Susan Gajewski, Heather Gendron, Martin Grohman, Bill Kany, Jim LaBelle, Kristen Lane, Heather MacLean, Joe Moreshead, Mark Nahorney, Bill Paterson, Don Pilon, Brenda Pollock, Kathy Shea, Kaitlin Tito, Conrad Welzel
President Don welcomed everyone
Pledge of Allegiance
Joe Bassett with invocation
Marty led the 4-way test
  • Monday, September 28th, 12-5 PM at the New Life Church
  • 8 people have already registered to give blood
  • 37 donors would be a good turnout
  • Power Red donors are for trauma - more shareable (negative) types desirable
  • It would be nice if we could fill all 10 Power Red slots (it's never been done before)
  • Volunteers are needed to take temperatures upon arrival and manage the snack table
  • More checks have come in and we have over $9,000 in revenue
  • Net profit is $8,181, which is within budget once all checks are received
  • The high school is willing to do 2 sheds - estimated expense is $900 per shed
  • Sheds can be sold for $1,200 each, netting us $600 for the project
  • We could potentially use one of the sheds as a prize for the $100 raffle
  • 100th anniversary at River Winds - need to set a date (will follow up on this at board meeting)
  • A lot of work was completed last Saturday and everyone is pleased with progress
  • There is still some priming to be done on one of the ducts, which may delay completion of project
  • Painting is expected to be completed either this Saturday or the next
  • Reminder that COVID Subcommittee is meeting this Thursday at 3 PM
  • Apex is creating a program to support remote learners
  • Additional space is needed - interested in Knights of Columbus space (Marty has contact info and possibly space)
  • Apex also asking for assistance with putting up a fence for a family in need
  • The family has acquired the fencing materials but manpower and possibly equipment are needed
  • Dr. Joe - $2 - His son signed a new lease
  • Conrad - $1 - Happy with church progress
  • Don - $1 - No one got hurt on Saturday
  • Melissa - $1 - Upcoming Apex/Chamber of Commerce event
  • Marty - $1 - Ribbon cutting at Wooven & Vieux
  • Kaitlin - $1 - For being quiet
  • Don - $1 - For being President
  • Jim LaBelle - $1 - Something about his daughter
  • Roland - $1 - Virtual background
  • Marty - $1 - Joe M. will give blood in exchange
  • Jane - $1 - Her son's internship is over
  • Note: Joe M.'s intro music for next week should be Springsteen (Born in the USA) 
  • Dizzy Birds started out as a backyard BBQ when Tom bought a rotisserie attachment for his grill
  • It's a family business - Tom's wife Barb is the pastry chef and social media manager 
  • Their son Connor is a chef and their middle son, Cameron, is the general manager
  • The restaurant's one-year anniversary was on St. Patrick's Day (they were closed due to COVID)
  • Offerings include sandwiches, salads, rotisserie and BBQ
  • Catering is available for weddings and special events
  • The menu changes with the season and everything is house made
  • Vegetarian options are offered and most of the sides are vegan-friendly
  • Dizzy Birds was featured on a recent episode of Maine Life (post COVID)
  • They received a $2,500 anonymous donation to provide meals to Southern Maine Healthcare workers
  • They have served over 600 meals to SMHC
  • COVID regulations have been a challenge, but patio dining and take-out are available
  • Hours: Wed - Sat 11:30-8 PM | Sun 11:30-7 PM | Closed Mon & Tues (catering still available)
Meeting adjourned at 1:10 PM