Posted by Brenda Pollock on Aug 12, 2020
Attendance:  Sue, Brian, Conrad, Paul, Joe, Roland, Heather G., Lawrence, Kristen, Bill, CJ, Mark, Kathy, Heather M., Marty, Bill K, Jim L., Don, Joe M., Kaitlin.
President Don welcomed everyone.
Pledge of Allegiance
Joe B. with invocation.
Joe M. – 4-way test
  • BLOOD DRIVE September 28th Please standby for updates ASAP. Looking for three volunteers, Sue, Marty have volunteered thus far. Please consider donating blood for this very important cause.
  • GUEST Jill Eddie, Welcome from the Bideford England Club.
  • CONGRETIONAL CHURCH Painting Project: Saturday is painting. Please try to come out and help at the congregational church. Walk around the back side of the church of the left-hand side. All supplies will be provided. We just need some manpower to help.
  • VENMO Account - @Treasurer-BSRC Please send fines, dues or happy dollars to either the VENMOE acct. with a note as to what the funds are for, or to our PO Box 298, Saco, ME 04072
  • Golf Update – Expenses $955 31  Sponsors $ 8831.33  Donation Jars Collected $1,110. Don thanked everyone for their part in making this event a success.
  • GIFT CERTIFICATES – The cards will be divided up and given to the participating mini golf sponsors to go with their thank you cards.
  • Chamber Everts – Climate change guest speaker tomorrow morning Zoom Event. Tomorrow at 5:00 two new businesses opening at 160 Main Street Biddeford.
  • BY-LAWS – A new version will be sent out to the board and will be discussed at the board meeting. Bill Kany has been working on the updates. Thank you, Bill.
  • ROTARY HATS & SHIRTS – Don suggested we place a group order will save us on shipping. Please email Don if you’re interested in ordering some Rotary.
  • Justin Chenette. – Has backed out of his race for Senator because he is running for Secretary of State.
Joe Sargent at Arms
  • Joe – $5 Happy Birthday Dollars
  • Brian – Fined for speaking out of term
  • Conrad – Happy dollars for his granddaughters visiting last weekend and for their quick wit
  • Brian D – Closed on a new boat in Naples
  •  Don – Happy about the golf tournament. It’s OVER!
  • Bill - $5 for visiting children from FL who think our weather is COLD.
  • Jill E. – She announced that her son is coming down to visit – they haven’t seen one another since Christmas.
  • Joe - $5 mini golf dollars for the event
  • Don – for president
  • Marty – For the promotion of his show
  • Brian – For promoting Marty’s show
  • Roland - $1 for your backgrounds
  • Jim L – Chamber promotions
  • Bill K – You’re here again. That’s a dollar
Meeting adjourned at 12:53